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Survey of Literature College Prep
Semester One Final Exam Study
Grammar Practice
Part #1: College Readiness English Grammar Skills Focus: Run-ons, Fragments, and conjunctions

Ray Bradbury: Literary Prognosticator

By Marianne English
When Ray Bradbury died recently the
literary, tech, and thinking worlds
mourned. Bradbury used his imagination a growing
love affair with technology his stories
examined what humanity gained -- and lost -- by
being plugged-in.
The people in Fahrenheit 451 wear electronic devices
called seashells these devices have
a striking resemblance to earbuds and Bluetooths.
Although this futuristic society has a scary
obsession with wall-size televisions today's,
consumers seem headed in a similar direction.

In the novel, people use televisions to talk with their

friends and they use them to stay
connected to family.


b. died, recently the literary,
c. died recently, the literary,
d. died, recently, the literary,


b. technology; his stories
c. technology, yet his stories
d. technology because his stories


b. called seashells. These devices
c. called seashells; and these devices
d. called seashells, these devices


b. wall-size televisions today's
c. wall-size televisions; today's
d. wall-size televisions, today's


their friends, and they use
their friends and, they use
their friends and they, use

Determine the need for punctuation and conjunctions to avoid awkward-sounding sentence
fragments and fused sentences.From: (The New York Times Upfront, Vol. 143, September 6,

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You might soon be paying more for your

beverages. Such as Pepsi or Sprite or Red Bull.

6. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. beverages such
C. beverages, and such
D. beverages. Such as,

That's because two very different groups, for very

different reasons, are pushing for soda taxes.
Public health advocates are concerned about
the impact of sugary drinks on the nation's obesity
problem. They want soda to be more expensive so

7. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. expensive, so
C. expensive so,
D. expensive, or

you'll buy less of it.

And states, trying to close gaps in their
budgets, are looking at all kinds of taxes. Including

8. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. taxes including
C. taxes, including
D. Taxes. Sin taxes

"sin taxes which are taxes intended to discourage

undesirable behaviors. Politicians have always liked
sin taxes. In theory, sin taxes not only raise
money but also promote healthier choices.

9. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. money. But
C. money but,
D. money, but

Since January 2009, twenty-three states have
increased their tobacco taxes. Seven states have
either enacted new taxes on alcohol, or have raised

10. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. alcohol or,

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

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existing ones. As for your soda, the District of
Columbia in May 2010 approved a tax on soda, and
other drinks with added sugar. Colorado and
Washington State approved taxes on soda and

C. alcohol. Have
D. alcohol or

11. Which is the best choice? Why?

B. soda and
C. soda. Other
D. soda and,

candy and New York and Massachusetts

proposed soda tax increases.
One reason politicians turn to sin taxes is that
they often face less public opposition than other
kinds of taxes. "It is more politically attractive to tax
these kinds of things," says Peter L. Faber, a tax
lawyer in New York. "No one can get mad at you for
taxing people who drink too much."

12. Which is the best choice? Why

B. candy and,
C. candy, and
D. candy, but

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Date of Final: ______________________
Directions: Prepare to review and practice for the final exam.
Refer to the Fahrenheit 451 Questions and Vocabulary. Make sure you are familiar with
all vocabulary. (20 will appear on the final exam.)
Apply word wizard strategies to the vocabulary practice below.
Create more vocabulary practice sentences on your own.

Practice: Apply word wizard strategies. (See 3 steps below.)

Step 1: Determine the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb)
Step 2: Use context clues to determine possible meanings
Step 3: Determine antonyms what the word does NOT mean
Example: The dog had an odious look in his eye before he bit him
Step 1: part of speech= (it describes the look, so it is a.....
Step 2: Possible meanings: The dog bit him after, so it likely has a ...... look
Step 3: What the word does NOT mean: Clearly, the dog does not have a .... look

The empire state building was erected in 1931.

One of my proclivities is to eat a lot of sweets, so I have to remind myself to eat

The dog had an odious look in his eye before he bit him
By advisory, at the end of the academic day, I am ravenous and cant wait for lunch.
The humor on Tom and Jerry involves a lot of pratfalls, like someone getting hit with a
frying pan or being pushed down a flight of stairs.
6. Everyone paid attention when the President spoke because they wanted to hear the
important dictum he would share with the world.
I made sure that the material on the babys clothes was noncombustible and would not
light on fire if it came in contact with flames.
8. I knew just when the drums were going to play once I listened for the cadence of the music.

In retaliation for the injury he caused me, I hit him back.


They gathered the water in a receptacle so they could use it later.


When it came time to fight, he ran and showed cowardice.

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________

I had to run for the bus and simultaneously pull out my CTA card.

13. My organizational problems manifested in many ways: late work, lost papers, and missing
14 Instead of being brief, he used a lot of verbiage when he talked.

Read the passages from Fahrenheit 451 and select the best response to the questions or
statements that follow.
(p. 3) It was a pleasure to burn.

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________
It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With
the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the
world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing conductor
playing all the symphonies of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of
history. With his symbolic helmet numbered 451 on his stolid head, and his eyes all orange
flame with the thought of what came next, he flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a
gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black. He strode in a swarm of
fireflies. He wanted above all, like the old joke, to shove a marshmallow on a stick in the
furnace, while the flapping pigeon-winged books died on the porch and lawn of the house.
While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned dark with burning.
1. It can be reasonably inferred from the passage that
a. The character has prepared an enormous campfire to cook food and
wishes he had marshmallows to roast
b. The character is a firefighter and is enjoying this moment of
successfully extinguishing the biggest fire he has ever had to put out
c. The character is a firefighter whose job is to set fires, and he is
enjoying this moment as he watches the house and the books burn
d. The character is a firefighter whose job is to set fires, and this is
the moment he begins to question the value of this job and decides to quit
2. A reasonable title for this passage would be
a. Montag loves snakes and fireflies
b. Books bore Montag
c. Montag has a barbecue
d. The death of books
3. What is the significance of the number 451 on his helmet?
a. It is his unit number
b. It is his house number
c. It is the temperature at which paper burns
d. It is the number of books burned

Passage II: Fahrenheit 451

Pages 16-18 (top) 766 words

dont need an M.D., case like this; all you need is two handymen, clean up the problem in half
an hour. Lookhe started for the doorwe gotta go. Just had another call on the old ear thimble.
Ten blocks from here. Someone else just jumped off the cap of a pillbox. Call if you need us again.
Keep her quiet. We got a contrasedative in her. Shell wake up hungry. So long.

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________

the men with the cigarettes in their straight-lined mouths, the men with the eyes of puff adders,
took up their load of machine and tube, their case of liquid melancholy and the slow dark sludge of
nameless stuff, and strolled out the door.
(3)Montag sank down into a chair and looked at this woman. Her eyes were closed now, gently, and he
put out his hand to feel the warmness of breath on his palm.
(4) Mildred, he said, at last.
(5)There are too many of us, he thought. There are billions of us and thats too many. Nobody knows
anyone. Strangers come and violate you. Strangers come and cut your heart out. Strangers come and
cut your heart out. Strangers come and take your blood. Good God, who were those men? I never saw
them before in my life!
(6)Half an hour passed.
(7)The bloodstream in this woman was new and it seemed to have done a new thing to her. Her cheeks
were very pink and her lips were very fresh and full of color and they looked soft and relaxed.
Someone elses blood there. If only someone elses flesh and brain and memory. If only they could
have taken her mind along to the dry cleaners and emptied the pockets and steamed and cleansed it
and reblocked it and brought it back in the morning. If only
(8)He got up and put back the drapes and opened the windows wide to let the night air in. It was two
oclock in the morning. Was it only an hour ago, Clarisse McClellan in the street, and him coming in,
and the dark room and his foot kicking the little crystal bottle? Only an hour, but the world had melted
down and sprung up in a new and colorless form.
(9)Laughter blew across the moon-colored lawn from the house of Clarisse and her father and mother
and the uncle who smiled so quietly and so earnestly. Above all, their laughter was relaxed and hearty
and not forced in any way, coming from the house that was so brightly lit this late at night while all the
other houses were kept to themselves in darkness. Montag heard the voices talking, talking, talking,
giving, talking, weaving, reweaving their hypnotic web.
(10)Montag moved out through the French windows and crossed the lawn, without even thinking of it.
He stood outside the talking house in the shadows, thinking he might even tap on their door and
whisper, Let me come in. I wont say anything. I just want to listen. What is it youre saying?
(11)But instead he stood there, very cold, his face a mask of ice, listening to a mans voice (the uncle?)
moving along at an easy pace:
(12) Well, after all, this is the age of the disposable tissue. Blow your nose on a person, wad them,
flush them away, reach for another, blow, wad, flush. Everyone using everyone elses coattails. How
are you supposed to root for the home team when you dont even have a program or know the names?
For that matter, what color jerseys are they wearing as they trot out on the field?
(13)Montag moved back to his own house, left the window side, checked Mildred, tucked the covers
about her carefully, and then lay down with the moonlight on his cheekbones and on the frowning
ridges in his brow, with the moonlight distilled in each eye to form a silver cataract there.
(14)One drop of rain. Clarisse. Another drop. Mildred. A third. The uncle. A fourth. The fire tonight.
One, Clarisse. Two, Mildred. Three, uncle. Four, fire. One, Mildred, two, Clarisse. One, two, three,

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________
four, five, Clarisse, Mildred, uncle, fire, sleeping tablets, men disposable tissue, coattails, blow, wad,
flush, Clarisse, Mildred, uncle, fire, tablets, tissues, blow, wad, flush. One, two, three, one, two, three!
Rain. The storm. The uncle laughing. Thunder falling downstairs. The whole world pouring down. The
fire gushing up in a volcano. All rushing on down around in a spouting roar and rivering stream toward
(15) I dont know anything anymore, he said, and let a sleep lozenge dissolve on his tongue.
(Supporting details)
ALL of the following details illustrate the happiness of Clarisses family EXCEPT
a. Was it only an hour ago, Clarisse McClellan in the street, and him coming in,
and the dark room and his foot kicking the little crystal bottle?
b. Laughter blew across the moon-colored lawn from the house of Clarisse and her
father and mother and the uncle who smiled so quietly and so earnestly
c. the voices talking, talking, talking, giving, talking, weaving, reweaving their
hypnotic web
d. ...coming from the house that was so brightly lit this late at night while all the other
houses were kept to themselves in darkness."

(Inference: infer meaning of supporting details)

2. It can be reasonably inferred that Bradbury included the quote from Clarisse's uncle in
paragraph 12 to show

That it's impossible to be a true sports fan in that society.

That it's not even safe to walk the streets late at night.
That technology has caused people to act in an unhygienic way.
That the society doesn't value things that can't be easily replaced.

(authors approach)
3. The author includes details in this passage about Mildred and Montag for ALL of the
following reasons EXCEPT

To illustrate Montags growing dissatisfaction with his life

To compare and contrast Clarisses family with Montag and Mildred
To illustrate Mildreds poor mental health
To portray Montag as an unloving husband

(Inference: infer meaning of supporting details)

4. It can be reasonably inferred from the passage that

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________

Montag realizes how deeply he loves his wife Mildred

Montags view of the world is beginning to change
Clarisses uncle is plotting to overthrow the government
Montag wishes he had never met Clarisse

From Our America (LLOYD: p. 66)

I was born in Michael Reese Hospital on March 3, l979, and lived in the Ida B. Wells all rny life. I
have two brothers: Mike is one year older, and Lindell is younger; and three sisters: Sophia and Precious
are older, and Erica is younger. My mother died in 1991. She was thirtyve. I d0nt know the date, but I
know she died in June.
Her name was Lynn Newman, and I think about her every night. I wasnt here when she died. Me and
my brother Michael were selling papers downtown. Our boss, Lonnie, picked us up and tolcl us to get in
the van because he had some bad news. I said, He said: First give me my money! (He thought he wasnt
gonna get his money if he told us the bad news rst.) Then after we got through counting his money, he
told us that our mother had died and he just drove us home real fast.

Sometimes at night I lie thinking about my mother~I stay under the covers so my brother
wont know. When she was here I used to wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs
and just lay beside her, and wed watch TV and laugh. Sometimes when I wake up, I think I see
my momma standing right there before me. But now I have to get over it, because shes gone and
I cant do nothing about it.
We live in a row house in the Ida Bees. lts pretty junky. The plasters not xed on the wall. No

Name: ________________________________ Teacher: ______________ Block: __________

Date of Final: ______________________
lightbulb in my room. Toilet been messed up since we been living here. About ten million roaches
running all over everythingyou see them crawling around now.
1. The authors tone toward his mothers death could best be described as...
(authors approach)
A. Angry
B. Apathetic
C. Resigned
2. The author includes details in the passage in order to...
(authors approach)
A. Illustrate the web of family relationships
B. Illustrate the death of his mother and others reactions
C. Illustrate what life is like in the Ida B. Wells
D. Illustrate the depth of his feelings and memories of his mother
3. According to the passage, ALL of the following are TRUE about his mother except...
(supporting detail)
A. She was thirty-five when she died
B. She died in June of 1991
C. Lloyd and his mother used to lie on the couch together while watching TV
D.She died at thirty-five of a drug overdose