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1998: PlanetAll, a reminder service based in Cambridge, Massachusetts;

Junglee, an XML-based data mining startup based in Sunnyvale;

[,a UK online book retailer, which became Amazon UK on
October 15, 1998.
1999: Internet Movie Database (IMDb);Alexa Internet,, and[34]
2003: Online music retailer CDNow. By 2011, the website was
defunct and in use by a different company.
2004:, a Chinese e-commerce website.[
2005: BookSurge, a print on demand company, and, an eBook software company.[ (formerly CustomFlix), a distributor
of on-demand DVDs, based in Scotts Valley, California. CreateSpace has since
expanded to include print on-demand books (POD), CDs, and video.
2006: Shopbop, a retailer of designer clothing and accessories for women,
based in Madison, Wisconsin.
2007:, a digital photography review website based in London;
Brilliance Audio, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the
United States.
2008:;; Box Office Mojo;AbeBooks; Shelfari; (including
a 40% stake in LibraryThing and whole ownership of,, and FillZ);Reflexive Entertainment,a casual video game
development company.
2009: Zappos,an online shoe and apparel retailer Lexcycle, SnapTell, an image
matching startup, Stanza, a rival e-book reader to Amazon's Kindle.
2010: Touchco., Woot,Quidsi, BuyVIP, Amie Street.
2010: Toby Press[
2011: LoveFilm, The Book Depository, PushbuttonYap,
2012: Kiva Systems,Teachstreet Evi
2013: IVONA Software, GoodReadsLiquavista