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xe THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CLASSIC GAMES | THE SCARIEST « MOMENTS OF STAAD | COMMODORE | SEF NOD | ATARI}: GINCLAIR: 1: NEOGEO: < WORLDS APART. CELEBRATING TWO DECADES OF SEGA’S OUT-OF-TOUCH 32-BIT CONSOLE GreatDigitalViags: A ¥YISUAL COMMPEXNDIUM BUY IT NOW Only £24.99 5 Se A = & | 644computer and Commadore 64 games. Each spread features a beautifulimage and a select few words, Printed lthographicall in magnificent quality with ‘elegant design and layout + Extensive volume with over 232 pages + Book edited by Commmadore Format and Edge launch exitor Steve Jarratt a viens mMOdore 64; ‘sual Commpenditim funsteck.... G3 txeoockconfursioctgames Ej twiterconfinstockgares Commodore LOADING THE RETROBATES ny of you know that | have | thing for collecting. Mary of you wil also know that | aely ‘maintain my interest for very long. Several years back | was amassing ‘8 complete collection of PAL Dreamcast ‘games and | was doing very well thank you very much. ran out of stear though, reaksing the remaining games | needed were ‘and pricey. My collection is much but im happy with what Ive kept While there are some aspects of collecting "never understand (buying inferior PAL ‘conversions over thee NTSC counterparts) | oertainly do love the th of collecting, | love discovering a rare game, or picking up ‘a bargain. Hel, sometimes i's more exstng than playing the actual game, This month we speak to a group of colectors who have ‘managed to amass far more impressive colections than Ihave, Wel find out what fives them, what others thnk of his ‘obsession and it wil hopefuly inspire you to build your own colecton. My own colecting needs (andi is @ need for mysel is naw confined to snapping the UK's 270 mast common birds, but that doesn't mean Ive forgotten my games. In Stone see bee ret wrt ry, rermmome WA * op ol ara as ee = CeTSTUN Tea ena a OO EL) Is David Braben gaming's greatest icon? CONTENTS >> Load 134 Brating new life into classic games RETRO RADAR § FEATURED ©The Making Of land Gaming Obsessions Don't forget to follow us online for all the latest retro updates Er. The scariest moments in gaming ial) Pees earaiand etn End/Game eee Desert Island Disks: od ‘Andrew Hutchings [eases coed JOHN ROMERO~{ GETS RETRO " ie CONTENTS JOHN ROMERO RETRORADAR: READERS WEIGH IN WHAT DID YOU THINK OF REVIVAL? Ene sar Revival was great... lots of fun. It compared very favourably to ws TOAVEYOURSAY —setnocamen | 9 rot ereda news wall D/GENERATION GOES NEXT-GENERATION ‘cc KONG HAS A NEW KING OTs TO Microsoft at pr’ FOBSA 6 Open itp ia atu massive open wold Lh i eee "Visually, Forza Horizon 2 is a thing of beauty” TrustedReviews “It’s hard to not marvel at the glorious graphics” ~Pocket-tint fo @radar fe CONIMIN es RETRORADAR: DISCUSS Do you collect and why do you do it? py oteradar I we Vau rr MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY NAME; Legh Hills MOST EVER SPENT: nthe PAL ANNES version Up FAVOURITE CONSOLE: Netendo 64 COLLECTION chico! cans Sere eaeciceca eal errata ee pea brace: See een peacoat Hapectctep letersi Poetic deren Beret leltel ei lprersosnatienrny penance eter beeresnnioetneeniiie ribet “| PAID: £145.50 F eI id SORD MS ere poe ee atic i Hee eee td ee enone ane ny been unrleasedin Europe. “My! glass cabinet, the majority of systems ee a ere ar eee ae es a eee ct Peed oa a ee eet pserey pe eare’ eet Ee er arr eee ee forthe preservation of videogame eee ena Parrots een Pee er errr " enter) eee ta ercnnberrrare torene sot readar a monnent vith... e Zools graphic artist discusses his first mobile game, Bounce Vortex ETN SRT Se Sane eae HISTORY 25 Available from all good newsagents and supermarkets, CEA ty Lincoln vs the South ~ Norther Ireland erupts — Victory at Agincourt > World War | wuts) MILITARY MACHINES alse tea eae Ae Ld | dee [ |" ie BUY YOUR ISSUE TODAY Print edition available at Digital edition available at LB okies nn ee donee SATUIR PAU eel emer MaeC Reale ete eRe ue OR oli ea eee Ue EDA e telomere ce lie RRC (el-re le) Nel ame re Mie ECM eral tae ca steele AUB) failed to run rings around its competition — and why it can still stand Peeler lees R ula)

sre snag Soong ato Havin of Sop Pe 500 Seguat Amores popmeoda. prs wth Sony, nach arn thts ware stared nd ste ‘leon Grghes he prov haar reached Sap nina pomisng alee casas was eect the ose fer easons explored omer Sega Tom Keaton 02 Sats tar very prodod & rraet shane over te 16: cored (Stormer uaa cde Soe Sra RAN speed sound rd gacios monty no eu ‘ety goed sand hada ‘on zt te andor dieu wor wh con ‘Sum ors Staton conersors. spat Nek Burcombe cons wh Teckel tas of cur reer PySton ahaa versonarved fe mons befor the ‘Suan gime ht shoes, oto The Sa (qt ‘rr 20 rae Aewoprer tard ator uneerecsd wh th machina, Ste lott prone corn tat tse came Cerrghed never derstood tat The prvi corel ave oy Rare WESTERN PAD Rey aoe ame. tes) a aad Sioa of herder worn ver the 3D harder. The dam ‘cau of der got al for averse the ce tha deta the PC. Dadmcarcete att totes tess wen ain tage tt ocr od, Nove 00 hows ay blab Four bem we te rmysery Wen Comec mt the presence of some ap ‘estuseste wth Eape gong cal be “he est te hes gone Hoses te FoySaton aie ran wo weeks fee Sonar sengads a tavarg cornersonct Naneas ge Race "rama pretype PSone and berg oan ay rcs Do" SEGA SATURN: 20TH ANNIVERSARY a Sou your headin Uses” ut nent pan Nes acts hide ‘tebonerbow ame when Sine —et vas hedieenceinsoraH2 Race, afomer Saga ereloyee. made par Sarpy boone some Sexls ncedtiy sot wen abou thea pares mtd mown pan ne PoySateris ren "§200" he teed, UK Va Fier 2s lady the ‘le wang seat ck he ge, asf Mean Mais Sapy od CUS ‘ds el ora Satur gre nse, hesurrise Amarin fos 9mir slepgrenarenen launch eased amumber of Tove youa rughen ot ow much creer ts: 3 2006 pot Cae were selected ASeary, td ‘tes werent gwen adequate me tollas ol Sec To Hooton Sizer {oprenreseftare er to machne, Maro Wert and Tes foomg ists Soospieshed gimes That aoneis wufiert olan he avalbe a lurch Eay adopters were Souris Joprese success Howe, furtersanved of sotore cry two becomes much ener understand ‘more games Wer scheduled tolaunc) weno corer tay he ec tlre ogi September te Tee 1296, Seon ad thes of As ring elitutumeien Exons turen bougttfavarsio Jay mxceve RPGs aahas San Megane Fest 1905, saty under rome a ‘De Sunenenerter be Satin 8 Pat ‘ren A 1605 crew tos ce $208 ss kody hung ft back aaeet larch. Known rat Sony woud prove the the PayStaton whch had ecoked ferric crpetten, Sagi eaden— aurgesow burch Hayao Nalayara wanted get on “rally, ogi tars had managed cempaisons When O scheriage wih esy copies by binging ‘0 get gis wan te Sat ended {he Saum ployed walla showedthe the Satis lanch Gat onan for testheg sau thet ere werehang the enncuncedSepembe 105 ste, “reat tom ato tame atm marr Despe resctrce fem both eran poyoen popup sues enditebened and Eucpean bcos of the company, [eseriaton rove ofwich faced ie Nakayama woul gethis vy Tor vetsbest hrs PyStaten We, Bate era Tateson, a : ope te tt ara ere, a PySiaton ging gine clered Y e ‘ecanvesin was abeua pace of tere mopped bok ch st apart sot, rnnieg tO foes pee ca from Via Fghot Asa resi te Stun estues ands pice ara seep nthe Saurishgh scuten rode Gihedaneatyrepstontortang tad $200-tutako cided he wnegeced Sepa ay Gnmporano wa a ria ‘peaiceg 3D vans serexncoment athe corsse wasn poet set bac at axzstons of 3D “he system's sanding wast So far vey dy Sony sport the show adoauy. aswel asbang ono te Telbedby adessto.s nentenakng te windout of Sepw's bested cng gues ever rade AE ‘rations toh Koray whens fines Yee hae comereret pat, party Segse ment infittie Save and Sage aywficnbecaa th test ‘igus, by reteg ties wt sling CD-ROM softer oe bad SEGA’S NEXT TOP MODEL The Saturn has a surprisingly high number of hardware variants... _ _ | fa SA RESUS ELL MS EU sa UES chat EAT Pee re cece ee Tree et eee ecm Loree) ee ee ee ee te Peete errant am ett reat ete Mind (Wegner teen ene ert eae enestite ito or perieriy prereen peer a’ Coated. > pag Ean asia she ~ 61 got a call from John Carmack, who said that under no circumstances could | use the 3D hardware 99 —E CLF Te SRL me ES Uy A eS ee ee ee eee err mmr) ene eee | TSS suai perce cara erage tale ocean ins strengths did't lie in 3D graphics, some THE THIRD DIMENSION $2tres usted tt! hard NIGHTS INTO DREAMS BURNING RANGERS SONCTEM, SORICTESA TEEN. sedligngeece senso. Hower he Sotricy Sndsoaty torasngsare rss tes when he sd “be Satu sot our ue” cng a keyete peat rg on ca assets Ste SS eae Pee ee aoe eee shooters, but plenty of other genres are also represented, from racers to RPGS, Dupes Sco ae ae) fens piarerdarinriniye aornaeieny peminalnenmrnoane vention AERO RAO Patra aod Secs URC G ened Fraysse SoTan 7 at | re el pperarenaneeniner oti pincoreyaneaniieeinetnocety: TSC area CONUS g Fee essa Fol teou MANZO a rata iia Tos eA = | ’ “Q&A: TOM KALINSKE ‘Sega of 's former CEO tells the inside story on the erShton and launch of te Sat ” h A When di Sega start ook \ Schutt, who was pesident of Sony Arete, fd we'd worked on a number of thngs est of Bt dog Sega CO games. Anyway, lar we sac 2, le’ do 8 Marware plator together” £0 Ost gat is R&D guys, an had Joe Miler and wo ut together a se sheet and sid e's mato ths the next hardware syst’. We went © Japan and mat vith Sony est, bd Sony si 'eah, that's 900d, tied of aways losing money on hardware, and so much beter at dong software than Sony was we each make profits onthe software we sel ‘money! We went to Sega Japan an Nakayama want © heip Son. they don't know Row te do 9 the console busines ond {rath wel witht. Thay had GGAIl the other we would baal have my opinion. just cit of software afferent categories of games, Al ot Saude | get ths cal rom to launch it atthe show’ wel, we're not (ong © Ship over and I sad that wast enough for [ut ok couple of retalers and 3 wth hem Sol peed retaersto dot wth and ve anounced itat the show, sid # wat on shes that ly scnoyed that they dn'thave and ofcourse, we the way to launch a hardware platform a ‘The advantage contered by ‘the surprise auneh seems very smal a you wore Sone sesh : “iv oningour months as the Seo Satue's retailers were octet harver ve drastically annoyed, and Of — tepetocctievin ister ‘edengnd in esponse 08 iety Te tearo nope vos competitor’ product? course, we didn’t eis sss ex ws cate, Joe Mile and when we fluted Satan we thought the specs shoud be bette han they were = for exp, Joo was very much atthe fretrort ‘thor tng | ont ea. dnt bee any of oe Suggesters were nowrperatad i the Satu design You've mentioned that you didn’t want to launch aly, that you tlt it was a mistake todo so. But Japan considered that this was not up for egotition, correct? Yeah | was bicng and scresming, forced Yo do thes i wan't ergy about he Saturn ator © stat with, and when youte gong to launch a pintorm you have to hve ste software, Ou frig pan wast launch nthe fal and then have any for it} Teen Kalnske onthe Stslaunch Sony launch and we'd have captred the cream of he software id you hve any contac with your European colleagues about the Saturn? What was their take onthe system? (Oh yar wat in touch with guy the Bary Jato none of us wanted to be forced to lunch ey were very much algred on tat. | tek thy da You were granted alot of freedom when you started at Seg, but by 1995 you seem tohave beer ‘getting overated ‘ot ft soems ike ‘there was a change ‘of atttade what do you think caused that? Yeah, somathng happened over there tp go mothe meeting n Japan and 97 t the Soge Japan guys why ar" you as success ‘as Sage of Amara ana Sega Europe? Why ae ‘You gos ing?” And you tok tthe atl ober, wen bythe way |i ay fous “apan = they weren't sling very much hardware, iney wete never successful wh Sone they rent sveonstl wth many sports games or ‘other eatgotes of games, ty were somewhat know, after 8 while f you're in mide management ‘over here and Nakayama and chars ae coming athe US and Europe. So then they started to try to undermine wet we were dong and worked (on Nakayama and other members of senior ‘over there do these things, they're not doing tthe ht way - theyre not dng the Sega vay’ Aer 2 hie, hat apparent influenced Nakayama to sng wat we wanted the West ‘what was Sega trying to do to fightback against the PlayStation going into the 1995 noidoy season? We wore ying to got proper ies To fhe back, as bast we hada convreaton about tat | tik t was ht sound Css ten, wth Nakayama He flow over and ted © wt have Fgh regard fori {as apparently happen in pan - you cant Sure ab CEO. So understood hs suion and \ Rian She NL yar! rs ps Vag ear TM Asie WHAT itt vy} ss Mee 0 EVERYTHING AND tet he ce ‘Se FeGhom! eet eres areal cere poietnens ore aerated ae cee Cette) cetera ecu ncerentd Deaton el eee reo eter ete Reet eee ee) eran rr tor anne eicearenret ren oricabretenerean’ ects er es Cee ee cea ei Cea prereset nas Peter) ener Centred aoe Ceres eee eet Sab semetheginivesing Bor eseorert ery Se ear reer ee ea eee cert Loser enya Soperemenereneed Poke eeiocae! Seer Perret eee er paareneeier aes) eter ak ueaincal ees ote Frebiietrveiry ier) Serre e oe eer tors ee Le eee) coer pal eee tl eee anes ed Poneto eas eterna rope Pe etry Prana reer ate ea ents atten aeons eeretet) Se een te Sree rr errs Woetuee eter cea’ perereerra tere in pat aetna Sees ete uu Seta pore earner] Sate peroneal ee ee) ee eee listed Cet paerer eemenratenrny teeetorers tn oc peeereer ee arrete) ee erent) mate tiny Prenperer er any ee ed a Perr eee ten Hotei amis aera! Saleen Perereeeny ues Wace’ etter) Created exter ti eee peed reece C pene Rtas Rocce ene Tae ae Lenten) poeeerinrsas| alll} etd St es ard eo kart meme tat! ed eel “othe wane oreo ee eet Seer Poseonernern aera ts ae prea a etree cr) eee Set Cee ed eee) paresis pierre) Pate Scan re Reread re ered Cr ore) are ec teceet Parent oneness ieee) Sear eee raeeretey iota aa Paneer Peeters Bi aaa See) Si men feared ‘ecsoace eater tC od a ‘he squeak of many rats echo hollowly n this empty room. eae! tears eee eee ey eter peer ener foe eT olden ltd ee ete Pee teat cere Peretti ia eter rel Peni ora pe Tes Dee oe tie is nd Paemeereeorcry eet hand errata ee eee) eect _UYEARSINTHEMAKIN« Deen ee Ce eee To hc Cetteaecuk der an tacemeaetad pe peor nara annnranennerey erect ae tenes peat frewesienneruney} aber sirens annoying oreo petits ochre aca g [etre anteater eae Ce meee eee rin or Ss ee eee eee ee eed poe erat eaten eta tee tere ero Cerrone ue eer ial Pere ty ere era ee ea ek ee en PRE toy perro ety Pecunia ted penetra teen een ited Cae sald leery Str ere cates Cee eer tet neki Seer peeett cw mentatal eter ts Potente errs coe ite but... Pennetta ee Peat) eee tes Creer ated oe eens Ce ere pee ebeart re peereneen ere eee es caren era ere paeeeniery Ubee toy Paieterorl tokens Pane “hs rei) eer Se see eee re um tae ep etree Cet) er ma) eR eee ee nee) rts cai ern ee Co een) eer pinta teem ete sd etry Ce ees piacere mars a roe eee rer ren tt hee ‘puto te couess ad Soe ren renee ieee [et ete ater reser ere ee a beeen mec aes ae eS ey) Sas eT Se a ee als tid Pee erty , tl (a 4 \ > Dea EUG a Fone ag h' - Ser : bint Up throughout gaming's alternative histories? » > Se ete ee ed ete etter Cee ier steutcaueardetiec? Trowintme | mightrotbewhere we a ey. Wi Perret Time Pt aarenet erro ete eet et recess Cee re Coe ers eet tee Ce etn eee eit ns eer ae me coer ere ere ren ee ator ented Pee ener Cente ner ted cere retrercor tar) . pees emorene & ener eens lect eu eee ed ate | THE LATEST NEWS FR launches Game. Com, Blade Runner dreams of a new release, The Fifth Element planned and panned while Frogger jumps onto PlayStation, nurses his THIS MONTH IN... COMPUTER & ELECTRONIC VIDEOGAMES GAMING MONTHLY seertpignepetcacteesite Moar asennad an gran ovelprent matt Sedat begnbeoeteode tently ook 1 Vay Ocean) Seporstr Socoe Pro (Konami 3 Syeicate Was (Eocwenc Arts 4 Rage RacerSory) 15 Fate Too Petru EecriA) Of Aly McBeal a com Storing Calta Pocthart inthe yer ot Cage & Fish 3 fem 11 Dungeon Keeper (Gecrone As) 2 Comogesson SO '3 FFA Sono Marup Beco rs) 4 Carmard& Gorges Fedor Vier) 15 Thera Hospi Eecsonc Ars) fed develop tet word. The cry tater leveled ot Uta Onine wes cemmurtis offered pony of player ‘Tiger Electronics launched is new ranchld cone, the Game Com, ‘eth Ropes ot chalorgn Nevend's mgt Game Boy, The going word proretyyonned, ponte aughod ec went on with ts bases, The (Gama Com hada smi monoctroe Flotexorganse” Concent, the (Game Com also has handy orgeriser fesures ring acassaton, dary tec phone book Exting tl, reteased fort such 2 Baran & ob 2, Mortal Kombat Tioay end Sonic clam Whie rose Scand oer Seurded impressive, every Gare. Com ite was creatd n-ne and was consist poor Thee was Sal pedestrian gaming and 11 King OF Fars 95, Crd in The Wied (SNK) (Gon Jom) 2 Feques Mogan (Soon) «2 The Dupe Dar ia (The Von) ‘3 Sane TT Superb S098) TLushanpng (Cumbavarba) 44 FFAG? (Eectonc Ars) Man in lok (i Sth) 1 Shing The HoW Ark Soma) ‘Sunde Dero) Pontess fates woren't enough the. | release, Baod in the Blade Aura Urrespaneve manocwomse screen | word of Rey Scotts mov her ‘would comecund your misery. The | than as a ret merpretation ofthe ‘rahics ware fne when sta but ee | maa, he pontand-lek advert Scan as they moved everything busted, | cast you the rl of Fay McCoy, (Games wore vital rp hor Bae Roney, ang The Game Com dd hve couple | repicants na new sexe. citeresing features tat seemed, Blade Ruse was unique with its ‘epsces on sia ple of 9 combiraten of 30 graphics andrea Tier ngenousy gave the handheld | tme progression mekg fhe fest of ‘wo crtdge sit for ease of game | As knd fran advert, wae very Schng and there was ao memet | wel racaived when lased eng access va a cable comecton 13 hy wth magasne evwers and ‘modem However ths didnot make | ler ecehng several evards, bucking UplorTgers seroutyhezncaved | the werd fran ail Seances Foray nt veeogaring. ‘move e-n game, ‘an veda fom Westwood Susie | "Contin withthe mavie them, cn Bade RumerPC game bode | thre was news tat tha ecety ‘wot wah the peje fished and | rlesod Le Bosson move The ith ment sting Brace Wits ws 20 te toceme a veogame on PlyStton sna PC. ous atid pereon feed verte ne sty of Tomb Fade: Sedy& woud be novere then released ate 1908, the PayStaton the month wath the role oa est upbted version of Frogger om Hart. Gone ware the coigal and in came 23D eneronment ‘usicto ay you ang the 38 evels ‘Opinion was slit on Frogger wth seme tang ts on reoatve fake on the od avourte whe ches perfect up detection Gen tht 2 ‘erson even came oto the Ga Com, wate rine to ay towards AG THE COMIC BOOK HERO CELEBRATES HIS 7STH ANNIVERSARY, MARTYN CARROLL REVISITS THE VAST AND VARIED ARCHIVE OF BATMAN VIDEOGAMES AND SEPARATES THE 6000 FROM THE BAD, THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF, THE KEATONS FROM THE CLOONEYS. To THE BaTMoBiLe! = r —_ .. ame 7 MMe ee Peeks Pea nee Batman emerges rom behind the wheel Batman generally ape ee eee eee ene er eransy path through the throng, could be charactrsed by Michao! re eens Por ie a em i Cameo eel ei Ceres Pe ea ee meee ior Peer eee manent es ee et ee nents Pater eee ee en ea ene ee Pent pest eer ey ee nett meer ceed ees Se een Pe oe veonanarec yon nrc earrinrd Ce ee eters eaten eee all square jawed and soious. 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Le Peer ane eo een inert) ‘consoles arrived in 1883, courtesy surprising to discover that they Seer en eee eon ne ert eatery Tem en ey neice Tien fearineee Pee ene eas eeeepen ees ety end eens ee earerey lee ceo eee) freee not a een eae Leena tet Ce ee ec oe es ee nt eaten ee Perr nats ore es remap Pet ee ee rite Lear ad ed er ay SUMMON =0 cua ate b OE 6 ice Wes ee ere eet Ceey Lserstied Pee ren serra Lorene nearness platform games inthe mould of J - ‘So many previous Batman ties. 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Preeregneenatieupesian omen rats eer Eire erent eC ore on eens eer i Ce nd eects a al La al La | r / ol af anal In 1985, videogame compilations were still something of a rarity, and charity compilations were even more rare — read: non-existent. Graeme Mason speaks to the man behind the cassette that changed all that resertons fom same rf agenceson of compistns in the music nds, hor the money woiklbe charraled. but notin softwar, cis Rd Trrouiecrseed meds coverage, Cousens ht upon andes at woud te deruons rose huge toe pnt not ny ean wt funds fr the fain ‘he Uk portion aoe conte len sppea but ao vansfrm he games| ‘rare tom Etione whore food prands thn jt eee de indisey n be misono Eats, caso eatasuophic poporions was Twomen who fad ato seen Michael "The famine deraned acon ‘cain Thefomee's ges cous uer’s fou BEC report wore Bob bogs Rod, ard that was rer be rcedtecko eater he ecace Gl ow Sr Bab Gale nd Migga beter demented an byte waren mutpe douhis eadeatese Ue. ofthe tarde The Boomtown Rats actors ole muse rusty art Ses of cps endtheimpicaions an Uravespecivey, end they Band A Ingressd bythe efor of is was enhanced byte poiied ‘sty decided they sou use ther ofthe Boortown Rats fortan Siuatonn hopa vith he couneys backgrounds endfae todo someting ands esteemed coleagues Rod Mansst itr ogre ighing # vous about Galil and Ure pened song that aout Now he cal 9 sat Civivar ard prise suptes'o Send Do They Krow i's Cvstmas? _Cesing sometirg Ta wou corpo syed pusponedyusng its ands before rerutinga slecton of popular deogsme far o contre the way ‘obs woapors By 1964, end win artstsunder tbe menkar Bond Adi» muse fans were. “Conputer ard ‘eothe poor harvest aceaty.od econ anerwerBe ack The ne deogares were aang rey, fgences auch as Oxtem were predcing became amasive Crista Mt sling cen by the ces of ha young \®t26 milon pone wore stk om owrarriioncrples nfs fst Wook ho wert to beng sou crn” ‘tion and aated dense ‘ore ac gathrng via furs forthe nots ed, “andin da so, mero Te Wisten gowrmers pateps cause. The sues Of Bar Ad land eveyone’ fel the rcty was ‘eae by Ennis otc ens. the ssequent Lie Adczreersin cose kt and coud bo aid the ‘wo slo ron te ern 1965 re ny persuaded he Westen cause” Rad's lon vas 0 Gest 8 Soptoibr 1884, Om rents 9 do mere itaeo cmplsontpa, sued with a mary to stow the way by gv £00000 ance an atirgtthe op games a possible, dorste by sone Ehepars ahora be ‘smooths own ndusty: the farous swore Poses ofthe ChettYslgest le deraton deste eogames, nar ote popatty te, Other han Tears Sect GENESIS OF A COVER Soft Aid's cover artist, David Rowe, took us through Poe cea ot ct ied 64We weren't looking to rip people £ off and it resonated and was bought in droves at the price Fm THE MAHING OF: SOFT AID te “=== | OTHER CHARITY =p | COMPILATIONS Ss More collections that were released in the name of good causes KIDSPLAY Graeme Mason revisits every e found on both the Commodore (64 and ZX Spectrum compilations. How many have you played? COMMODO BEAMRIDER seein cestatarg alec teeing ‘i Agee nH bon GILLIGAN'S GOLD on Pek Sperone paps ate Secpresen ect Sefogsman genes soy gmenay cn OT aaa reson ered preineieereenenpeany ee ene eed ‘rothecoplaon Yr sas eed peeiniciety ets proenet FALCON PATROL vis GYROPOD taicet ‘Dees nv aon spec peer ets ney eed enone) Cerrar Pasir ay ees Pers cd FRED axe tress aig sha rae as wb Ake STAR TRADER 2.00 ‘op toh scampedby HORACE GOES SKIING ‘THE PYRAMID Fara ‘SPELLBOUND s2jont " ECC s Modern games you'll still be playing in years tocome ed 60 DEEPER eee pct Fett powasntns peers THE BACHBROUND Toagh vas Hat canal gamers samt boen vorbengon Mac end PC secs te ety Nets wit | THE BATE tone games at need Paves ro Danes, Maton ona iy | Burge apse many fans ing E32000by Bungetamoss among | Bingo bass “song be tases bs costen eke ne of PySaton2coreles.Noton fat but rasan ‘2 shot aera much you son tar | proses Syst trescod several stxeshebes urge we scar by Moet nine le the P52 pon was Randod by Rosita Tro. | "Wats ineresig fr fon of Bunge's ouput once Onis tat mary of the Bungie West tsamjored hoe boyord Despofrst ppoarancos, hs kung ching ‘thet has mare rncommon wh he Mase most 2nd FUTURE CLASSIC: On! 7 FROM THE ARCHILES: ORIGIN SYSTEMS: SYSTEMS € ‘We had asimple statement which was let's just run a good business in addition to making good games... | didn’t know what the compan' was until | showed up to work and that’s when I realised ‘Holy crap it’s Origin! a — cfs oot e tm emorace re upcoming ra ‘We wanted to do a Wing Commander Online, and take a lot of our other properties: and do online versions ‘jects. That's what edo games ike coming ito exstnce atthe moment SBofove and Gide No Remorse. arany te tr ha his an we wil te nether £8 or Org even has looking at hat as beng done Noverwinty Ngtsand Ar Warr on AOL. There hed been pr tangs hae att casi tk nove hace rene had boon realy atshed 08 Se ‘rlecualpropety ike Uma Pacing the concept was quite a chaleng. ane poe Richard td Lay Probst. he hee Wore se BOTS We spun ovo se the htt of dy. tit Ihe Uma Undewertd wii nas developed by an extra ed by Waren Spector bpp eren wa a highly IAL) tert ores at WY) otiin producing WW tretestewo wing Commanders the ct fir sen shasta Stem Shack, and ening coavaly to mary athe: CEO of EA Tm not goma kav he tes, "When lok beckon wt tink tom un you ge me some money thebest Utms were my facut tobulda prype!” Evenly we oot ‘oes wee Vand Vit which were the money bal and 2 production pre” ade Ricard “I Uta Onna” thn very igh of Wren ar tk When we produced Utne Onine working wih im made tose predicts wo beloved ht we Fad acaured tc en ogee han PC slope mes Whe the Uti francis had Says chard. “We ward to do bins atvys ben the presre of so lhomake a ng Conmander Orie (imo a sera decson costo an _andtato atl au char prperees ‘ine verona he ean df Brn, an do cree versa Cusado ors below Wrt/ OF Wirt tought Onine woud aso have ben gh on Idler RPGS ery toe pule out EA hd ust eed pogo eneooveness. “What's nesting ie and were mach mere terete in [get alot tcc fr Utes Oring. srr Jaze foram games. beng Lord iin end the restrot So EA wera pcting ust do hs was scaly Star ard who ptcedit realy mach he kndot seabites we inrequer contact with Kesra an ther thought we should go nasa compay. people tatwor dong dabuptulein Soa buncvol us sowy wandered oa games locking a theides of out nd formas new como, “for some years. ut eas Star who on masdvel»muttioyer predicts He siya FROM THE ARCHIUES: ORIGIN SYSTEMS: chr the company i 2000, whch proved tmey when EAbeDeN lyng of he Aus ofte's employes £2001, The carry vas foray ‘dstanded by Eacwoic Asn 2008, Fert, rary ex Oson sa ound epojment at iter now star ‘ering Star, oe of Destratins the Korean developer NCS he irs alorgade fs erro ponct Tana Ras Toy, Stato Rear Ponaltum. ts cron fundng camosgn ‘alced $1.9 milo, reel bl the ‘igre amount thd requested. "Since then we've ras another $25 mln fd are carenty ona budget of curd 45ron” ys Reh. “Whi 96 Of MNOs these eye cot $100 mien ismakng us more dscplred.. wae {mepay and aoding vast than we ter Pd prey, Bi rk tas aes workng topeter, on ha much- goad for Us asa cory ad gos or “rteipted Svoud Of The Avtar te consume gamer to, We hve Fasaton Vues 2Kikstrtrfurded 3 tonof pele weve wots wih PG whch thy dsenbe a. spntual decades sce the Og dys, we srt th Ua sores. have many new oto ibe whch s penned by Dapanince recy Hekate projets bring developed by thar new sudo heathy as possi. Arif rave © Pink what was Org — hat wa the cleat offspring of at company — the WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Richard Garriott tr iirg ron estates Chris Roberts rateomstin tai wheetepoanedte Warren Spector ter Oran Haren ete be Azan tranche Rom ‘otra tke erg ies eve renter ery ace Nod, Starr Long ‘ern caer 6 Clerc) totes Co eee pratiiseesnre: eenteartory en aerate ee enta ier pork etree’ hin erreaeeeenetey prone enna) ed Peter eee ance ny poprenerenaentionmtes Pivarives ieee riers Perrone eee parecekeatis ponent arent er eae a Eee CSrantahed Protec) ert Pee ee tory eater Porat cnet Pence peeeermateeie Peoria trated Pence res pemermaererrn) nsesiatenr eer tee Poor eratts Serer sca een oreeeet Bea Ee ty Re ee Rey ee un: ue RT foe Tou al ot coer re me Poet neat ad peeinar teen coer ee ee ror ee ett time had only just got into 6502 eee nes prerrinra erny ‘Commodore 128 version, that was peer errand eee oe Srecreerri Re ted {or Commodore machines the eects perenne ny Petey peer ner teed Parent Pere aay Paar eres eet eer ne paseo oun re emanate ree ete ene eee peered b seonebansiareee nein one eT ey ToT ry ome US MU a COLL Cn Pear rma ee eee eee Sey z § peter mT fae eg Perrier nannies perro ‘les de pata yng. Poe nee) crete eee ern re ts eet a eet Cr otra) E ponerse’ Good luck ining acopy ce toni” FE pet frets” ll a: KIKSTART You've got tohandit to Mastortronic there was lack of games on your computer you could ‘count on the budget publisher to take up the ‘sects business model meant that could test {the water on les-popular machines twos one of the frst publishers to target the 128K Spectrum, {he C28: The Last VBand Kistr. the C28 version of Kikstart wos actualy conceved {and tho game's now ganeraly known a5 Kkstart, followed in 1987), The game inches some new to chalonge a computor controled Re Oe eee Sy crgalnedagtwnereas ev aa of27 Creme Berd reasonabie 1499 but sles wee appointing 8 that's just thre per cont of » THE LAST V8 » THAI BOXING » TRINITY » TETRIS 80 ‘PThistitlets best emembered Tis edieted C128 version of THis was one of he Io 1 Very few graphleal games wore tstantase Rob sora music, Ago Oot baw peks exva that van newer released fer the COS, wtf the 80-colune mode in that regard te C128 vers punch nthe presentation department. proving C128 many because the VOC chip wasnt 9 1:inch mic I While yousnd'yourcpponent pummel | 2d erie ex asi cared Ga caro mind. This version of Tee shows ‘srustpiay Author Bran” | thw BOscoumn games wee not ‘whan extra roan feoch othe’ fates Ie seanes pay ss.ertve wt ‘colect up fuel rods Before the men | eutaround the'ing'=enodawy | Ten (me begs, an there se acctoral shulfieson and watches hefgnt _Movarty‘aks he payer hough ony but edt have fo suck samples The contols oe the endadog nis about I addon, tne, vist fren features a varety of gome ‘omancewring your ofthe iting letons loadin one story of mucin ars cevelopment. tons you cn even set the with ‘lnghimaves. go, whereason the C68. multiond I's any, beak andra, dof the lay areal ond plays pefocty rea acton system is used. andthe steen areas succandsnladgrg tain the mind wal hough does eer sight (ight per can ofthe CB version. | sigh lager too long ster you've frshed paying. | ds tote kof any msc BEYOND ZORK Infocom was truly prolife on Commodore Pree a ee Pare eer ey ees Pee aes peveubieertrmabrensnte earn eae eta te i} Prvbealte teontenneanernar ng {and the 80-column C128 version on the other. Butthen along came Infocom's Pus’ range of rear eer ee etd ee ee ena Pe te Teer evar Pans yt een ree sence en Ear (Of he fur aforementioned games, adventure Pensa eo rea ee) rie rere retry Cn ee ace ters Prat omer ene er eects Pern re eo eee Delicate Lon ‘Beyond Zork an entertaining entry inthe et ety cote erecta ay praetor apnea aeeehatliiy Pence enti ered » ULTIMAV. ‘Here was one case tat showed how the 128s extra memary could be Clevery used. The game loaded ‘on both he C68 and the C128 ts ative modo, and wih th ater the ‘on! RAM wos fled to reduce tw amount otek swapping requred {tis enc RPG came on four doutle- sod disks). Thore was aso w-game ‘music that was exsve tthe C128 cron the Cbd twins sent save forthe (0d sound toc. CSR as tts eee) E) 8 S| 2) one of the est fama ofall Cacanters’ Gils, x car noeun ae tked i thst a eat Ee ae a i r Pree me seer a Pe ere omc oie Srey ee) Pe coe ed Se SR ee cy Cera > t= D 2 Setanta een eaters aa eee eet preted eal Hirsi Pa lommei lone ata » FERRARI F1 {© This 064 sim hod enough dosh to sasty the most ardent racing fan, but thoraces themselves wore 2 Suogshletdown, However, when running ona C128, players coud it ‘the F kay to switch of he stats ‘and course spay at the tp ofthe ‘cren, thereby neressng the vets ‘laking interval and tapping the ‘Nie clock speed fr longer, This ‘sults in smoother, faster races more befting of an 1 te Wee CLASSIC MOMENTS Desert St Strike a” Rescuing Valdez From blind panic to anticipatory dread, videogames are capable of mepiing all sorts of fear in their players, and they can do it in ways that no other medium can. Join Nick Thorpe for a look back at some of the most stressful pleasures gaming has to offer... SPARE MOMENTS THE SCARIEST MOMENTS OF ALL TIME CAUGHT! tasty snack 71,9 FACTOR G6The ZX81 was in the bedroom and | was coding late into the night. Suddenly the monster leapt out at me. | jumped out of my skin! My wife was in bed reading a book and she burst out laughing... 99 TTACK OF {HEPANG ‘SUPER MARIO 64 ‘SFORAT Nin ARTS em Psa (ore) Seorasicooe THE SCARIEST MOMENTS OF ALL TIME FAILED FEAR jot 2 ceive Raw AE CLOCK TOWER iss THE HOUSE OF THE CLIVE BARKER'S LUFELINE 2003 DEAD 2 76 eerrors a UNDYING 201 Thee In most versions of Doo yoveant hap butte etl approach with the hoor themed Doom 2 YOUR GRUESOME END BEYOND THE FORBIDDEN FOREST FORMAT; COMMODORE Sm YEAR: 15 se has been converted ‘sctualy the least of you nd creates a sense of foreboding. at ran ji eR FEAR [7:(m (91:9 10) MAKING THE MOMENT How George Lucas helped create aan epic gaming experience it's ther lingering traces ‘SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Mins DUNGEON MASTER you ty to leather. Rockple, and now te AT PROJECT ZER eee ‘SFORMAT NS AON EOS EAR Tecmo’ offbeat that one with he ETERNAL DARKNESS: SANITY’S REQUIEM |S FORMAT GAVEDUGE w EAR, 202 eye happy lying tral ariness have success Glatd al of SCARIEST While we haven't done a ranking ‘of moments, some of you be dying to know which series is the scariest of all, So, judging the number of different moments are the awards... jomninated, here i a GoRmAn retro Subscription AIVIER Voucher ‘YES! | would like to subscribe to Retro Gamer YOUR DETAILS Tie Firstname Surname adie. Postcode County Telephone number Mobile umber. Emaladress. DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT {will only pay £15 for issues (saving 50%") aang Society top oye best CDBTETE one arm ‘UK £51.90 (Save 20%) Europe £70.00 World £80.00 < SUBSCRIBER Ley 15S coat | meet (Ame ee ee eg LLL} LLL al eee Pury Issue number! (if Maestro) Date Code: PAL143Q . ‘ytepone sem Peseta you se oth orev ny romani mteraltorethe cpa ot | ‘ tytn Rese you DO whore auhlfomaflon a ema? ' amitcmstons engwimetioad smindcirdt2emyesesentethpomert # roc utsorbesan oncltisabsegenatany time Newsibcrgeaswisantontienet tinue Orercaae PALO mantoequsedtorcaretipecntabrgten ce Demet Rencdeicgimewemauiconreges Steegee tiara se mgrencn, tiount ype oer toe pr aud } ‘ ' ' ' ‘Return this order form to: Retro Gamer Subscriptions Department, 800, Guillat Avenue Kent Science Par, Sitingbourne ME9 AGU or malt to retrogameraservicehelplinecouk ‘You can manage your subscription account online at www.imaginesubs.couk Retro Gamer is the ONLY magazine in the UK that’s 100 per cent dedicated to the fascinating world of classic gaming. poet The UK's ONLY monthly magazine committed to classic gaming, Retro Gamer's pool of prestigious games industry retro experts work tirelessly to bring you a eo te oe ut Ce od 3.Post or email or debit car just ist ase complete and past the form to —__ Retro Gamer Subscriptions Department 800 Guillat Avenue Kent Science Park 2 -Telephone Sitngbourne on th 0844 848.8412 | om 44 (0) PALI43Q retrogameraservicehelpline.c co. 5k GAMING OBSESSIONS Chances are if you're reading this issue of Retro Gamer at home, there's a shelf full of lovingly arranged games nearby. Most retro gamers collect in one form or another — but why do we do it? How far are we Pts ared to 0? And what can be the consequences? Graeme Mason chats to experts and collectors alike to attempt to find out... he made word of soial media 6COwning something that only a few people in the world have? That’s an exciting prospect 99 James thea a) 2 no appre chances 2 at er es op tena ord cl? 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Ed Smith talks to the men who proved that it was possible to treat ith the utmost respect Pan] rn wc ee es B tances THE REAL MEDAL OF HONOR eer eons for Ne el Fas oneat ashore Medal BF Hones ease ra ha oro mong because some of ats se ae sting There's Sete Ra Pw mae gl ‘baa dig a 9 the absent skyboxes and ‘minimal enemies gave Medal OF Honoris mosphere, the op (GGINSTEAD OF FIGHTING THE LIMITATIONS, YOU EMBRACE THEM AND GET TO WORK 99 4 THENEVERHOOD ° SKULLMONK BOOM BLOX e evtoer Mat Os longsde Saving Private Ryan nd latter Band OF Brothers, ‘MOH spearheaded the was oma you fea fare were ten mote ngs between You he Gorman Yeuld need steryiting chops. 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Andrew Hutchings had his eureka moment coding games for the Acorn Archimedes and now makes sweet music on consoles. Paul Drury listens in... Andrew in the Stxth Fermi of Eulesbeurne school in Derbyshire, shortly before cvapig Le or Archimedes J, goones coding {cng the Heavyweight Charon the tong in, 10 a0 fs trurpirg aginst he oss. Ancren Hutchngs ‘seers fo hve apd ths ge to goes deveogrert Fist he chose he Azam Achmedss when the Amiga ard ‘ton ST wero nthe sscondoy ne coded or the ted 300 console. When he begin ‘mestine, he urped forthe Soga Satan rer Son/s akconqurng PayStaton sit at {Shout champoneq the te guy arhas Pe an Chlorate habe o! baceng he wrong hte? “That's probly st the wey fam” hs dk "Ido soem o be atte ote. oss popula. Thor might be a a ‘eablerment thea there as we. Bak Ne 9 ‘ge. Thay wore al my decsrs! tyacal of aka groweg up in te Seventies ‘cade, a Specsum bought by pret fo harewer’ ad roganmng Cone PET school Howes, hash (sua moan he sruggled acaderncaly ann is wer, Lees "wor comple daase” He ended up wong in fctoresandoffees after leaving schoo but hays Geamedol sometheg mare Exning 2 wane moan Ace cou afford to buy an Joimese AST after Ns Spry but out at ee of he ceeds ae ep by aneary dam of Dav rabers ‘acting he was eager got cadng Hs frst prot wos ‘zrhemage oe sere blone dls of Comber on the ‘ar VES wich aed fim £50 in 1969, Wit re sa mtn, Andre deed tke fs game othe td > Although Christmas is just around the comer it's a surprisingly eocty xh as impressed us, while we've also found time to sit down with the Sims 4 Veloci RULES Si 'S SHOOTERS BACK AND 2X LEARNT SOME BRAND NEW TRICKS When Veet frst ters ao come nto poy. meanng — ‘appeared on PSP it rock om sch 0A ABLEO Injected fresh new Me PICKS OF ‘eves THEMONTH fg beeper nave Mecereah, te ongescins recs posstle DARRAN Gawtetcnbemoedwihtelst charges ange oyu eary od eat : » twopering Prous stages sat sasoeinonta I ribet Sque btn 6 mee trecine metas een toronoupatyouwt nba down reaming passageways you sp if OPUELOCITY 2H RE TROROUND-UP >> Every month we look at all the classics and latest releases that are available to buy or download Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call * Spe 205» 217» te rie, 25S eal ‘Te original Theahythmwas an ire ong vith DLC, eectvely entertaining rhythm action game Sees wart gern that arguably pt fan service before adc pry of ew tacks pci ‘the musi t's pleasing, thon, fem alone natbe of genes end arr that Square's sequelisaformore cfs nang Fra Fara Xl Lohr balanced game that proves youcan Artur ad Cysts Overs Gata hha youreake and eatittoa tere pes ba he ers of Thos how the the game s repeating ise ‘that feature dass FMV sequences eamreyoWlunockove 2D son, ric ype ply. Bate Serge youtfanna agent shane cn ddnnte cnc — wheeyarimedtartcsctannt cept Tames tereenrd 5S tates athe covet tom te ongnsl Stages that see a sige cra orion the separa game modes nto sient wetuihres nt realy makes te animparars Sten cas rd Crtan Cal becomes or ieee Soa~ 6, Hyrule Warriors The Sims 4 » System: Wii U » System: PC Ball Bounce an oe >to pee arren (leet oan rire) | | Zationoeennmtet | | sbatic create, _» Buy it from: App Store, Google Play _might seem an odd choke but is ane that works up The Sims 4 Get past te rather moressive Rilunmcctgeneters || Mumoecrmumeines | | Shemcummmnnens., frome, Ieee flues ere] [veces emermenccta| |froesencmtcatestony Socmesmorene || Someone | | Eee, psoas peeieey ea |poreeetnnam cere |irececsenesncem|| ||mematenee cons SESE nea| |Peamermemrnicetiontga| (fesae mcemraenens eee ‘Hyrue’s most memoratle locations and bosses, le tet, ‘Youle asked for payments, wile the ref ines are ‘but there's adktions! meat nthe form of Adventure The Sims 4's not a bad game, far from Se ee ences (eee brea atrea bvacadeafensopharre ta aipiril challenges. t's Geary aimed at Za fans and is ‘frustrating to have excelent components from past Siioacaoeorcrees | | Seteueweacuees | | Severammnertem eee peasants pee eee areas) (ems mn7ex| mene tend 7 On HOW IT WGRKS ILLUSTRATED Every issue different, every issue amazing The unique new monthly magazine Where to get your copy All good newsagents & supermarkets @ Online at On your iPhone, iPad & Android by visiting ‘Amstrad PCW programmer Miguel Garcia - whose connections Dlogspot comes ~ was behind the ey ou mon Shooter UMMO, so we got in touch to find out more hat that took bo ree nel thm platform rus on NerAneesdF games | _K to samen pas nes er ocavevom | essa MEE OLE Semeainct presto meen SuporCacll, | Andheve you received any Pow ssavery_ | feedback trom PCW gamers? Have you ot any advice for programmers who might How long did UNIO take to ‘want try the Amstrad POW? ‘writ from start ofnish? Were there any high or low pints during development? SPACE KABOOM | Doyounave any future plans | languages: BASIC, C, Pasa fornew games? ogo, essere, i aya Peat : Patlenty watching the Earth, learning about it and working between realtor became weak enough to break through Every month our very own Jason Kelk will be teaching you ha Ban proganmnia) Conse Thema say oles Most tests have a ied Stamp Quest on the Spectr, we ca i produce a shade forge, Mayor In Mansteendon the Cb4 whats gang a reve cl: TEMPLE OF TERROR BAG ‘tro mer Load Pea thee was ong STAR LETTER SPIDER STUMPER Dew Retro Gamer, looking on the ramet and siting ve yeurmogaane Sreelfist though ROMS but ean nd ard sanedreadng tn 2000 "veneer Flow toplay aga. Any Ss? asedansase andevereneive fey choo caress cverng| ‘recicedthe magsore has ato raromagtenes nde fora lovedterdbecomeloalflovers. parila’ ste sy for exo he Tmurtrg:paskryeurte, Specrumand hero ard fale Your i lrememberplyrgatowrsaly Shab Sree Userand Casher? Fest | want thank you fo your sccoleg arcade pace shoteras a aris on the liane Rooceestrs balacin he mo Eee aa ‘ne, ond remembered game pt Tegamerasa space sp wth Youwe stumped us, Jim! We As for magazin related from my yout, feurizgemssies martedor'he spenta good while looking for features, we've done features Te however, nto ha you sides when youcousiresewel_ a game that ft your description, on ties such as Crash, AVG omited ane pice of ekermaton, Sethe sus hseroun You Tew over but the closest one we found and Sega Saturn Magazine in fa ths was onthe tat ven thenpealmasnainbackoundard was Nameo's vertically seroling the past, but never one covering Fdepended on thes neaneycficat Ttemeneremas welage spdes game Dangerous Seed i's not al the materll over aspect me tbe completed fora code © Ursa it Ines soos he soben Olen that were caught out system’ time. R might be be generated whch coud then be wich yourastashectyou'vey on Such things, so In leu of us iteresting- are there anyother sent ff n exchange fr the thet trough Cananyonepleasetelme helping you find an old favourite, readers out there that would like leometing never saw achieved wate game vas cae? Ive tied have a pra, 10 500 this sort of feature? ow ether ry of your rors ‘ver managed this accolade ard insane snr ni ipecna eins ion chia hes the tsi. Im ageing cede enlaces esheets Wwouldbe werh a sweet focune! IAG! rrr i Frstof hank you rom Spier your of \wondefumagl ss F I's funny you should bring that Trmresarcheg about the est up, James™we'd actually gota ayStaton consis istry, ar ke short bitin about the tshirt offer, folnawnwhenissves of yourm99 but pace lsues caused to be ccd get some no stout 2 fut. We don’t know anyone that Covi youtel meat? Mary harks ‘managed to get the code and the ‘shire though, n fat f you look ‘round online you an find images Many thanks, Ricard. We ran a ofthe original posters referencing Retronspection onthe PlayStation ‘the gheaway, butwe couldn't see inissue 7, and with the systems HRG, Hele, the actual tom of clothing. So, 20th anniversary ust around the | _ nce dog son ese ame fenof your magane oud readers, f youve got one ofthe comer wae planning to revisit ther the Chessmastr saris ar ‘yea Could you tel me you Sigil Alar RosdBlasters t-shirts, console very soon cs erdeing {Retro Gamer tad have any ese! your magia wit ‘wel love to actualy see what they snag sorrestha Chessrastartanchce’n sore aries about the ogame Tooke te! acids Sry previous 308? CCckwork Knight? am terested t= < netaeeat ifrenstscoudyu'l me the nar tf ttemageane? Ihave ef mee Were qt amir withthe sais, Inne the csv and ct fe bute havent ever covered at ‘i Would any oer readers be inereted intending ntemure’ We hava covered Seg sor Dp Sortie sent ed por ony tough The system’s 20th anniversary is just around the corner. Don't forget to follow us online for all the latest retro updates FY ewocammuK a RetroGamer Mog CONTACT US It does gota brit mention inthis Issues Satu feature. We'l have to get to work on tracking down some Sevelopers it seems! Cee Dear Retro Gamer, Pac, place, lose can we have ‘a Chvstmes eed cover forthe (Chiseas econ of Retro Gamer ths Ianto say how much loved | Thanks alot Charles, wre realy yr? love Chiserascoersandyou always thought poo wor jut glad that you enjoyed the feature. Tave'tdone one sree sue7 so fea tened andreverconsceed You've actualy ht on something tnnkweseaiworebyrom,dontyou? Sattheymigithaveptyscslads ike that we wanted to start doing thc to. rv ao one of he fans orcs Ive readin gong ie, ‘more of in the magazine inthe future, which staking a better Now there's tration that has ‘stance on community invlvement. fallen bythe Butthetbregsme toabiggerpont.| By now, ou have seen the waysida abit We lovoreacngabout garesandnow they feature on collectors in this issue ct make any vweremade,butiormeresocamngs and the return of Collectors Comet, promises with tas much aout the pecpe nici which gives you an indieation of Fegard to the cover Soksop dorgmerahongorsand where we're going. Welt stil be iso but we wil hgh soo ees, but go abt ure 00 par cont focused on the games atleest remember erearealotcfpoopeout there dang aboww all els, as theyre what ‘to put our hats on tings lie YouTube wes where they unite us, but ts realy important this your chow of eolactens arta abo. fo recognise gamers as well asthe ares omatngreraanccinse games we play getmore of ths nd ot HAG Sint the manson. Fe ist gotten sound to recing the Marathon en eae se 131 and From the forum Talbe atapey man tonnes essen foorteSaangar ty prsfoeroters aston uetastigerg Sprang ‘Magearonsmacssuon rere Sten reeset Sentayoe rn ese ati “ao 3202588200, torn Cet Ryan King Serer Designer nathan Weis Sta Wer Wek Toe Proton tor Ste Holmes Protopapher lanes Shea Serer tear Andy Domes Publishing Decor Anan Asa ead of Design Ross Anos This month we speak to Adam Bate about his popular Bodmin-based retro business, which has been running for nine years How do you st your prices? Are (orto cons sites le aya fact ider? ‘What doos Games World offer over How long have you been a gamer and whats your favourite consol o you cover anything other ~ ideogames? LOAD 135 next ONS es Ginter dak tended tata eC = rerenencneman ig "4 Co SATATA (Oia CePA Fs Fae ; & $4 we value your games g SNe www. .chilloutgames.c CO. uk/SellGames. aspx e we. Caming*enes Quality audio video cables made in Great Britain CN ed cue Maa lel Rent acc asta OL PLN iad Ed x Read anything good lately? Shop for quality magazines, books and DVDs from Imagine Publishing Play games on an SD Card with your original systems. aS = Sz. | retrozine! MoeBLo Mook Sos «++ SINCLAIR ... COMMODORE ... ACORN ... yee eee feces Pe ee fou eee | eine nf es Pesce gt oot) Getter em sat ere teal ie Se ele ucts ke 8 ile 10% Oo a a “retrogc1" ceogmnotiens Aenea) Sees RCo gga Cre ora ete aie eee ha ck ea F-ZERO: GP LEGEND S|)» F-Zero never had much of a story in the SNES days, but the earty 21st Century saw the series gain amuch more developed universe, with F-Zero GX's story mode acting as a precursor to a TV series. The series was then adapted back to the world of videogames, resulting in the GBA tile we see here. Lets join criminal Zoda as the race concludes... » Zodahas finaly beaten his nemesis the detect Rck Wheeler who he put into stasis in abad accident 10 years ‘ago. Acentury and aha act changed anything ~ te bad quy stl comes ou on top. Butwat. » Suddenly, Zod machineburstsinio _» Rckrotesthatin the werd purple flame! He maghthave wen the race but —_alenis aeaous prsut of cory, be itsamoral try for law enforcement. detitnace the damage this machine, Unfortunately youre naton ther sde— causing the catastrophic reakewn hat youtebeen playing as Zoda sala Wl endedhis race. We cat take this he Dtrubbish for you watching Cool Ranings al over aga » Things go trom ba to worse fr poor od Zoda, as Zeros» fall becomes clear ~ Black Shadow every has plans for _archlain lack Shatow shows up she gesting overthe _Zoda, wth is compliance presumably ensuring hs ‘misfortune of lesser ei or simply oferng advice afelow aby tobreahe. I seems tha al parbes have got what they ceidoer? Whatever hs inten he finds te toinduge his _wantoutof this. Everyone except yeuthats, sce youre the one passin for stating the obs. who chose o pay 2s Zoda. Sucker! EXCEL HOME OF THE Pee ec POP Sr EVENT Aon oow COMIECON Peers g et) = Ve 4 a Comics fa eSports wen Games ue a pate 7 Ae) > ot Pi WWW.MCMCOMICCON.COM REDISCOVER YOUR YOUTH Cam Ca the UK played a pioneer Reece eat ls ha WWW.FROM OBILLIONS.COM SOA ok PL a ORC al BEORO = eo Ge telov