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Poetry Packet- FINAL PROJECT

100 points- 12 poems

Notes: All poems written neatly in ink or typed!! Must be at least five lines long (unless
otherwise noted). There are 6 sections- you must complete at least TWO poems from
each section.
Each poem must have: a title, label the section it came from, and label the type of poem
it is.
(Ex: Flowers, Section 1, Blank Verse)
Section 1Blank Verse
Unrhymed poem- five lines or more
Poem is in shape of content
Outline the shape, fill in the shape
List I
Make a list poem about the top 10 reasons you like something or someone all
the qualities that make your best friend so special, all the ingredients and actions
it takes to make a cake, etc.
List II
Brainstorm a list of donts from childhood.
Every line starts with Dont. The last line begins And never, never
Use entire sheet of paper for poem.

Section 2Animal and Pet

Option 1 Write a love poem to your pet, including a description of the animal,
its favorite toys, and what its tag says.
Option 2 If you dont have a pet, write about the pet you wish you had.

Relive an experience of awe or amazement
Illustrate the feeling of bitterness, anger, protest, or even hate.
Despite the negative feeling, dont bash it.
When you write any color poem, use different colored pencils, gel pens, or
markers. Option 1 - Pick your favorite color and write a poem. Every line should
say something different about what the color represents.
Option 2 Write a 10-line poem where every line is a different color. Look on
crayons, paint-store chips.
Option 3 Pretend youve lost your sense of sight. How would you make up a
poem to describe a color? What does your color feel like? Sound like? Taste
This will be the last thing your reader sees what do you want for your final
Select a simple subject and exaggerate it. Make it a fish story.
In Ten Years
Write about the world you imagine in ten years.
Invite readers to join you on a tour through your other poetry.
Provide glimpses of the strange, grotesque, and beautiful things youve written.
Write a poem about a memory any kind of memory good or bad
Imitate another work; usually an exaggeration for humorous effect
Renaming Objects
Imagine youve been given the task of renaming certain objects in your world.
Explain why you chose the new names you did. Use rhyme and wordplay.
Write a tribute to some food.

Section 3Cento
Take lines from other poems and patch them together in a new way.
Pick lines from 10 poems.
Line 1 1 word, 2 syllables - noun (title of poem, generally)
Line 2 4 syllables - 2 adjectives
Line 3 6 syllables - three ing word phrase
Line 4 8 syllables - sentence fragment expressing feeling
Line 5 2 syllables - noun, synonym for first word
Centered, goes from subject at top to totally opposite subject at bottom, usually
Line 1 1 noun (subject one)
Line 2 2 adjectives (describing subject one)
Line 3 3 participles (ing words about subject one)
Line 4 4 nouns (1st 2 nouns relate to subject one, 2nd 2 nouns relate to subject two)
Line 5 3 participles (ing words about subject two)
Line 6 2 adjectives (describing subject two)
Line 7 1 noun (subject two, synonym or antonym of line one)
Line 1 5 syllables in line
Line 2 7 syllables in line
Line 3 5 syllables in line

generally centered

Line 1 2 syllables in line
Line 2 2 syllables in line
Line 3 3 syllables in line
Line 4 4 syllables in line
Line 5 1 syllable in line
Parts of Speech
Line 1 1 article (a, an, the) and 1 noun
Line 2 1 adjective, 1 conjunction (FANBOYS), 1 verb
Line 3 1 verb, 1 conjunction (FANBOYS), 1 verb
Line 4 1 adjective
Line 5 1 noun (relating to line 1)

Section 4ABC
First line can be any letter
First 4 lines initial letters of beginning word in each line are written
Line 5 begins with any letter
4 line poem, makes a funny statement about a person, AA BB rhyme scheme
Line 1 ends with persons name
Line 2 rhymes with line one
Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other
Complex Name
Written with lengthy lines.
Rhyme scheme is AABBA. Be careful!!! Has a very specific rhythm.
Dont insert punctuation. Does not have to be about the author.
Line 1 first name
Line 2 3 words that describe appearance
Line 3 3 words that describe best skills
Line 4 3 things love to eat
Line 5 3 things love to do
Line 6 some things that are scary
Line 7 something loved
Line 8 place live
Line 9 3 words that describe poems either written by or about person
Line 10 last name
(should look like a set of stairs going up)
Step 1 topic, one word
Step 2 3 adjectives describing topic
Step 3 place or time connected with topic
Step 4 summary of topic with same meaning as topic
Wonder Name
Written with several words on a line. Must tell a story.

Section 5DADA
Write 10 verbs, 8 nouns and 5-10 pronouns on a piece of paper; arrange words
on paper until you like the way they look. It is like popsicle poetry.
Open the dictionary to a random page. Find an entry with several entries. This
word is the title. Create your definition using descriptive words and poetic
devices, as well as the dictionary definitions; take out articles (a, an, the).
Find words on billboards, magazine covers, street signs, textbook chapter
headings, greeting cards, posters in the room, and more. Leave the words
exactly as you found them while you create your poem.
Cut out at least 50 words from headlines in the newspaper. You can put together
parts of words (snarkles from snacks and trifles). Add or subtract by cutting or
finding new pieces. Once you are comfortable, glue or tape your words to the
Terse Verse
Short poem with long title or introduction; made up of big words and contains rhyme
Word Patterns
One or two words that when used alone express the meaning of the word.
You must have at least five words.
Write a 26-line poem using a backward alphabet. It is like the ABC story, only
backward and as a poem.

Section 6Alternator
Option 1 Sit with a friend and write alternating lines of a poem.
Option 2 Sit down separately to write poems about a common theme. Then,
alternating lines, copy down the words as one poem.
A My Name Is
You may use any letter, but all nouns must start with that letter.
A word or phrase thats made by rearranging the letters of another word or
phrase. You must use all the letters. Must contain at least 7 letters.
Appendix 31 (cont.)
Create a world where everything is all mixed-up or backwards. Instead of getting
up in the morning, do people get down? Do they wear gloves on their feet? Do
dogs take their owners for a walk? It is like Opposite Day for children.
Kangaroo Words
One long word with shorter words tucked inside of it. Minimum of 10 shorter
Invent incredible new words. Use funny sounds, puns, and onomatopoeia. Like Dr.
Substitute the z sound for the first letter of most words in the poem.

Bonus Section
Villanelle 15 points
19 lines with 6 stanzas; the first 5 are 3 lines long, the last stanza is 4 lines long.
The first and last lines of the first stanza take turns repeating as the final line of
the next four stanzas. In the last stanza they are the last two lines of the stanza.
Rhyme scheme is ABA, except for the last stanza which is ABAA.
Sonnet 10 points
It is written in iambic pentameter (10 syllables/line; unstressed/stressed pairs)
with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.
The first 12 lines generally describe a problem, introduce an issue, or pose a
question. The last two lines resolve the problem, make general
comments/conclusions, or answer the question.
Personality Poem
Write your name first or last vertically down the side of the paper (like an
Write a phrase beginning with that letter to describe an aspect of your personality
Nuts about strawberry ice cream
Always driving around in her van
Nothing much really gets her down
Careful and cautious most of the time
Youthful and invigorating
Recipe Poem
To Create Melissa
1 head of curly brown hair
1 set of sparkling green eyes
2 dangling silver earrings
1 best friend named Kris
1 love of reading

1 dash of a smile
Mix thoroughly and sprinkle with the dream of becoming a psychologist. Simmer
for 17 years and serve.
Line 1 (First name)
Line 2 (4 traits that describe your character)
Line 3 (Relative, sister, brother, daughter, etc.) of
Line 4 Lover of (3 things or people)
Line 5 Who feels (3 things)
Line 6 Who needs (3 things)
Line 7 Who fears(3 things)
Line 8 Who gives (3 things)
Line 9 Who would like to see (3 things)
Line 10 Resident of
Line 11 (Last name)

I Am Poem
I am (2 special characteristics you have)
I wonder (something you are curious about)
I hear (an imaginary sound)
I want (a desire)
I am (first line of poem repeated)
I pretend (something you pretend)
I feel (a feeling)
I touch (a touch real or imaginary)
I worry (something that bothers you)
I cry (something that makes you very sad)
I am (first line of poem repeated)
I understand (something you know is true)
I say (something you believe in)
I dream (something you dream about)
I try (something you make an effort about)
I hope (something you hope for)
I am (first line of poem repeated)