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Learning chess Rob Brunia, Cor van Wijgerden Workbook Step 2 Name: Date of birth: Street: Place: School: | Club: Learned chess from: | 1% step completed: Activity of the pieces A queen can do much more than other pieces. The value of pieces is of course of great importance, but also the place of the pieces on the board play an important role. The pieces gain importance by putting them on the right squares. il 5 z | , I ft + +| = OE + + } | + | + + | = oe a & | |e Zo. | + + | aE a eG | EE | + + | 2 \ \g + The knight on g1 can move The knight on e4 can move The bishop on d4 has 13 to 3 squares. The bishop on to 8 squares, squares to which it ean el can move to 7 squares. The knight has more pos: move. The squares g5 and h6 are on bilities than in the first di This bishop has more possi- the opponent's half of the gram. The knight has more ities than the one in the board. oF at ees first diagram, The bishop has It is good to control squares mobility more freedom to move, more of the opponent. He cannot The knight controls 4 squares mobility. The bishop controls casily put his own pieces on the opponent’s half of the 4 squares on the opponent's there. board. half of the board. neo [ian (2 5 rae | mae | & | | = & j ; f eA i | Qo | | \ \ ae | | | ae a8 | | |= &2 i In the middle of the board On the left White can corner In your games you must take most of the pieces control the black knight with 1. care that all the pieces are most of the squares. So you Bed-bS. On the right White active. must try to play your pieces plays 1. Re2-e6, After which The white bishop and the into this part of the board. the knight on g& cannot be black knight control few The middle of the board is played any longer. squares and are not attacking called the centre, the squares A piece is active when: anything. White can solve 44, d5, e4, and eS. The © itis covering as many this problem by playing the squares around the centre are squares as possible. bishop via el to £4 or even also important. © it controls squares on the better by advancing the A piece in the centre can opponent's half of the c-pawn quickly support other pieces board. Black has more problems anywhere around the board. «# it comers a piece of the getting the knight into play enn Via aS there is no future. On- © it attacks a piece of the ly by playing Nd8 and Nf7 it opponent. can become active. Second step Mix (1° step): A Test DE &| a pam e « aq ai~ a | a 408 eel aa 42%) ana 5 (ia | i! ot ay Bf al pa ' @ G<« “ Ba af “ gj {oa af ax a ot 4 «ms e |i J | « a | « cj ax J | | “ @a Du of $2 GQ) mw ot a “ = a “45 z 45} 3 | “ _ a ae | e e |i « eee ee 5 a co il _E-n fs pecs a ie De a a wee i _ oe ae Bo > “ as a a =" aoe > » ° ae ce Mix: C Test we « 4 a} =) ih) «“ Bad) md 4=8 iS)) “ J e — po @« 3 «2 ce mt a 30 2} a ao a a a “ > PB Bz -4| BD © “ a “ zi oe el 2 a « ! | aur Hi “a aa <<