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Bar Manager / Supervisor

Basic Function: Plans, directs, monitors the set-up and delivery of service in the bar, insuring that
service standards are consistently complied with.

Specific Duties

1. In consultation with supervisor, establishes sales forecast and sales strategies and gimmicks.
2. Assists in the design and preparation of drink of the month and other special items.
3. Prepares staff work schedule and assignments.
4. Conducts daily briefing and inspection of grooming among his staff.
5. Supervises the mise-en-place preparation; checks availability of par stock.
6. Oversees the set-up of the bar and bar tables.
7. Monitors the delivery of bar service and preparation of drinks.
8. Closely coordinates with his/her superior regarding the requirements and operational
problems of the bar, including availability and schedule of entertainers or performers.
9. Assists in order taking and service during peak hours.
10. Monitors the consumption and utilization of supplies and takes measures to control losses
and wasteful consumption.
11. Reviews and signs bar requisition that is prepared by the bartender.
12. Supervises daily stock inventory and submits inventory report to superior.
13. Prepares and submits reports and documents that are required by management. i.e. critical
incidents report, bar and stock inventory, etc.
14. Attends to guest’s complaints and request.
15. Ensure guest’s satisfaction, solicits feedback from them regarding the service and
beverage/food and attends to their needs and concern.
16. Conduct corrective interview among erring personnel, prepare misconduct report as
17. Train and coaches staff regarding service procedure and policies;
18. Conduct performance evaluation of subordinate and trainees.


Basic Function: Prepares / mixes alcoholic beverages according to prescribed standards.

Specific Duties:

1. Prepares or mixes drinks following standard recipes.

2. Sets-up the bar.
3. Takes charge of storage of beverages and bar supplies.
4. Makes report on beverage sales and spoilage.
5. Takes inventory of beverage consumption as well as of losses.
6. Sees to it that the bar is properly stocked, clean and well maintained.
7. Attends to customer needs, requests and complaints at the bar counter.
8. Pushes the sale of wines and other beverage items;
9. Checks availability of bar stocks and makes requisition when needed.
10. Serves drinks from the bar counter.

Basic Function: Acts as runner and helper in the bar

Specific Duties:

1. Assists the bartender in mis-en-place preparation and bar set-up.

2. Looks after the upkeep of the bar area;
3. Assist in cleaning soiled glasses, empty bottles, other bar items;
4. May assist in serving drinks to guests;
5. May assist bartender in mixing and preparing drinks.
6. Assists in the storage and safekeeping of bar stocks and supplies.
7. Performs errand functions for the bar.

Bar Waiter and Bar Attendants

Basic Function: Take and serve beverage and other according to prescribed standards.

Specific Duties:

1. Looks after the necessary preparations before the start of operation:

a. Wipes / prepares the necessary containers, glasses, napkins, trays, other supplies
b. Refills shaker s and other condiments
c. Checks and re-stocks the service station and sees to it that the par stock is
d. Sets-up the tables
2. Studies the drink list and familiarizes himself with the drink of the month, outlet’s specialties
as well as out of stock items and undertakes suggestive selling.
3. Takes and serves beverage and food orders;
4. Places and picks up beverage orders from the bar, food order from the kitchen.
5. Assists in welcoming and in seating the guests.
6. Attends to the settlement of the bill of guests.
7. Attends to guest inquiries, request and complaints.
8. Assists in clearing soiled dishes, dirt and trash.