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Name: Shabana Roshan and Seep Mary

Class: IX

Duration: 70 minutes

Teachers Intention: to untroduce the format of informal letter.

Specific Objective: By th eend of the lesson students will be able to write the format of an
informal letter within 10 minutes.

Specific Objective: By the end of the lesson students will be able to write the letter to friend with
in 10 minutes.

Teaching aids: White board, markers, charts and slip.

S No.



Warm Up:
Teacher will ask student Students will
to write an interesting
participate in the
incident happened with activity.
them which they would
like to share with their
Teacher will ask student
to share it their incident
with their pair.

Informal Letter



Teachers Activity
Students Activity

Teacher will explain if
your friend lives in
another city or country
and you want to send
him or her your note in
the form of letter such
letter is called an
Informal letter.
Teacher will write topic
on the board.
Guided Task:
Teacher will provide
student with a work
sheet which will help
them to find the use of
correct phase in an
informal letter.
Teacher will ask
students to share their
answers randomly.


5 minutes

5 minutes

Students will fill the

given worksheet

10 minutes

5 minutes





Teachers Input:
Teacher will explain the
format of the Informal
letter by showing the
format on chart.

Teacher will divide the
class in group of four
and will provide them
with jumbled slips of
the format of informal
letter and will ask
students to arrange it.

Students will listen


10 minutes

Students will arrange

the format in the

10 minutes

Teachers Input:
Teacher will explain
how to write an
informal letter by
showing a sample.

Teacher will ask
students to write a letter
to a friend you haven't
seen or spoken to in a
long time. Tell him / her
about what you have
been doing and ask
them how they are and
what they have been up
to recently.

10 minutes

Students will write a

letter on the given
topic in their

10 minutes


Overall Assessment:
Teacher will ask
students to write at least
three differences
between formal and
inforaml letter.

5 minutes
Students will write
the differences in
their note books

Find the correct phrases in this informal letter. Remember, this is for your friend.

Dear James,

How are you?/I trust this letter finds you well. Ive been dead
busy/extremely busy since your last letter. We have to work really hard
at school to get ready/in preparation for our SATs.

Despite this, I did manage to play/partake of a game of football last

night with my friends/acquaintances. We won/were victorious! It was

Also, my dad got me/purchased for me a new mobile

telecommunication device/mobile phone. Its an Nokia X!

Anyway, gotta go/go! Speak to you soon. Please

write back/please respond swiftly.

Love from

My Name.