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To God Be The Glory Music by Words by Fanny Jane Crosby William Howard Doane VERSE, b? G G/B D” G GBD G c be 1. To God be the glo- ry great things He has done! So loved He the 20 per - fect re- demption, the pur-chase of blood- to ev - 'ty__ be - things Hehas taught us; Great things He has done, and _ great our GGBG A ACH D Dd? G GB D7 G GB OD SS yield - ed His life an a - tonement for vil - est of- fend-er who tru-ly be - = erand high-er and great-er_will worldthat He gave us His Son, who dliev-er, the prom-ise of God. The Jjoie-ing through Je~sus, the Son. But pur, ‘CHORUS G GC Amc GD D GID ov OG G Praise the Lord! Praise the sin and o-pened the —_ife gate that all may go i lieves, that mo-mentfrom Je - sus a par-don re - ceives. be our won-der, our transport, when Je- sus we see, (cour Song # 23426 © Words: Public Domain | susie: Publi Domain or use solely withthe SongSelect Terms of Use All rights reserved. wwwr.clicom ‘To God Be The Glory -2 o G/B D/A G D pc 4 oS = S £ pt p24 « st t-Eg oe Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Let the ee ee | = = & G/B DA G G/B? G oe oD peo - ple re = joice! Fa - ther through Je = sus, the G eC A/C GD oD G/D bo” 6 and give Him the — glo - ry- great things. He has donet