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Volkert, Psy. D.
380 South Grant Street
Denver, CO 80209
303 386-2705

February 5, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Andrew Alberti, currently a school psychology intern
who will complete his training and licensure as a school psychologist in June, 2015.
I have known Andrew during the current academic year while he has been an intern
with Denver Public Schools.

In his internship with Denver Public Schools Andrew functions in the school
psychologist role with supervision, as required of interns, but he consistently
initiates appropriate independent practice applying the skills and knowledge he has
acquired in his training. He is the only mental health practitioner on site at Denison
Elementary School 3 days a week. He has worked with students both individually
and in large groups delivering mental health services tailored to specific student
needs as well as Tier I intervention for a full classroom. In addition he has worked
in several other Denver schools delivering specific support services to students and
staff at the elementary and secondary levels. He has a broad base of experience and
knowledge to inform his work.

Andrew consistently and conscientiously seeks out ways to be a strong participant
in schools and throughout the district. He actively seeks to increase his expertise,
building on a strong foundation of knowledge and skills he has acquired in his
training. He has a good understanding of himself and his abilities and follows
through competently in his responsibilities. He seeks consultation, training and
research to strengthen his work when needed.

Andrew will make a great contribution in any school setting as a school
psychologist. I strongly recommend him and I would be glad to provide further
information or answer any questions.


Sally Volkert, Psy.D.
UCD University Supervisor for School Psychology Interns