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Dear Parents,

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 3-4 March, I am looking forward to spending 2 days at GEMS
International School - Al Khail to run a whole school Environmental Education programme
and support service for 3-5 year olds called Nature Lovers. This Emirates NBD sponsored
programme, supported by EYES (Early Years Educational Services), is aimed at
developing greater environmental awareness and responsibility within the school and
into the wider community.
This will include activities with some of the children based around waste and the impact
it has on animals; assessment of waste, water and energy as well as a staff
environmental awareness workshop, leading to an action plan report.
During the year, I will be providing the school with regular information and updates on
events and initiatives.
An important element of the programme is an interactive parent workshop called
Sharing a Voice in my Childs Future. The main aim of the workshop, which is scheduled
to last about one hour, is to focus on understanding environmental issues and look at the
choices we, as parents, need to make to safeguard our childrens future quality of life and
the quality of the environment in which they will grow. This workshop will explore
different points of view, share examples of how your children can live healthier lives and
how important it is to be connected to nature through local and overseas trip
opportunities. The workshop will also provide parents with an open discussion forum to
answer questions related to the environment, both in the UAE and beyond.
This workshop will take place on the 3rd March between 2:00-3:00 pm.
Who am I? My name is Peter Milne and I have had over 20 years experience as a
teacher. Throughout my time in the teaching profession, I also coordinated Science,
Environmental Education and local/overseas trip programmes in the schools I worked in
UAE, UK and Malaysia.
Based in Dubai since 2005, I have been a key player in the development of
Environmental Education here. My role as EE Coordinator at Raffles World Academy was a
pioneering one in the region and involved the schools introduction into the Eco-Schools
International Programme amongst many other initiatives. In April 2012, the school
achieved the Green Flag, one of only a few schools to achieve this prestigious
international award in the Middle East, as well as an Outstanding rating by KHDA in
Environmental Education three years in a row.
Since September 2012, I have been working as a Freelance Environmental Education
Consultant/Trainer. In that time, I have developed school activity programmes for various
companies as well as specific workshops and in-school support for Environmental
Education. Clients have included EWS-WWF, DWTC, Beeah, Al Tamimi Stables, The
Change Initiative, Seawings, Banyan Tree Nature Reserve, as well as a number of schools
in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
In 2009, I was Educational Advisor for Adrian Hayes record breaking Greenland Quest
Expedition (, used to raise awareness on economic, social and
environmental sustainability.
More information can be found on my website,

I hope to connect with as many people as possible on March 3rd and look forward to
helping GEMS International School - Al Khail in becoming a leading and inspiring role
model for Early Years Environmental Education in Dubai.
Kind regards
Peter Milne