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By: Ricardo Acosta

Joaqun Velez
Juan Francisco Rod

Nowadays, pornography is a very
popular and common word in our
lives, we hear his word in jokes,
television , etc. And men, relate this
word with sex in videos. In this
presentation we will explain what
pornography is, and we will also
show some interesting images, facts,
a record and also popular persons in
this industry.

What is pornography?
Pornography is the portrayal
ofsexual subject matter for the
purpose or intention ofproducing or

How is it presented?
Nowadays, pornography is presented
in different ways, like: videos, audio,
videogames, theather, novels, etc.
But the most common way is through
pages in internet that will be
mentioned later.

How much money does the industry

of pornography produce in a year?
There is not an exact known amount
of money produced by pornography
per year, but we can have an idea
because of data that tells that in
2006 pornography produced 9700
million dolars in only one year!!

Interesting fact about porn in USA

Every second in USA there are 28
000 users watching porn through
internet. (

Interesting fact about internet

43% of internet users view
pornography, 1 of 3 are female. This
demonstrates that girls are not saints
and that they also feel sexual
necesities. (

The porn capital of the

San Fernando Valley produces 90% of
all pornographic films in the world.
( A place we have to visit )

Interesting fact about the mind of

kids and teens:
The words sex and porn are on
the top 5 searches on google, made
by kids or teens under 18.

Most appearances in adult films:

The male pornstar Ron Jeremy holds
the record of most appearances in
adult films.(World Guiness Book)

35% of all internet downloads are
pornographic. (

Male pornstar salary:

Around 40 000 $ anually.

Female pornstar salary:

From 100 000 $ to 250 000 $ anually,
it depends of certain things.

Age verification:
Only 3% of adult pages require age
verification, that why it is too easy
for kids to watch porn. (

Some Popular Females Pornstars:

1) Aletta Ocean

2) Alexis Texas

3) Esperanza Gomez (Colombia)


4) Jynx Maze (Per)

5) Sasha Grey

The most popular male

Jonnhy Sins: Funny Meme

Most popular porn pages:

Etc etc etc