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Parts of Speech
I. Verb
A. Shows action or state of being
1. go, run, jump, sleep, chew
a. The little boy ran to catch the ball.

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I. Adverb
A. Describes verbs, adjectives or other adverbs
1. quietly, carefully, lovingly
a. The thief moved quietly and carefully to not be seen.

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I. Adjectives
A. Describes a noun or pronoun
1. quick, big, small, fat, round,
a. The small, quick, fox ran down the hole.

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I. Interjections

A. A word or phrase that expresses strong emotion or surprise

1. Hey! Ouch! Eww! Yeah!!

a. Interjection Video
I. Noun
A. States a person, place or thing

1. dog, cat, book, car,

a. The knife was sharp.

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I. Conjunction
A. Connects indviual words or groups of words
1. and, but, or, for
a. I like to eat cake and ice cream.
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I. Pronoun
A. Used in place of a noun
1. he, me, she, we, they
a. Bill is hungry, he wants to eat a cheese pizza

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I. Prepositions
A. Shows how 2 words relate to each other
1. above, before, from, in, with, along
a. Joey plays with a friend at the park on a sunny afternoon.

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