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1st 5th of March

Dear KG1 Parents,

This coming week is Literacy Week here at GIS! There are lots of activities occurring
around the school, please be sure to check out the schedule sent by homeroom
teachers! We will also be starting our new Unit of Inquiry this week, details about the
unit have been posted on the KG1 Homepage
The KG1 Team

Our Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet

Students will be tuning into our central idea: People interact with, use and value local
environments in different ways.

This week we will discuss students prior knowledge of what their local environment looks like. We
will also have a guest speaker come in from Nature Lovers to hopefully get us excited about the unit

We will be learning about the letter L. We will be exploring its primary sound and words that begin
with L.
Suggested vocabulary: Lion, like, leopard, love, laugh, lizard, library, literacy

In Math, we will continue to practice ordering numbers, sequencing and naming the number that comes
before or after any given number. Practicing this skill at home would be very beneficial, you can do this
by asking the questions What comes before the number _? or What comes after the number _?


) - ( :
This week in Arabic we will continue to learn about the letter: Raa and they will recognize
more words related to this letter.

Up and Coming Events

March 1st 5th Literacy Week (see schedule for details)
March 3rd Guest Speaker from Nature Lovers (see weebly for details)
March 5th World Book Day: Dress Up as your favorite Book Character