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0353631 Adugna Desalegn

0353631 Adugna

Course/Section and Title

ENG-299 15 Writing Competency Exam

ENG-299 15 Writi
CSC-200 52 Adv Cmptr Concepts

CSC-200 52 Adv
FIA-370 01 Afro/Ameri Art History

FIA-370 01 Afro/A
HIS-335 05 Afr-Am His to 1865

HIS-335 05 Afr-A
INT-308 90 Intro Interdisc Studies

INT-308 90 Intro In
INT-322 51 Approaches to Critical Analysi

INT-322 51 Appro
INT-360 90 Fnds of Research in Int Studie

INT-360 90 Fnds
ENG-299 02 Writing Competency Exam

ENG-299 02 Writi
INT-412 90 Contem Globalization

INT-412 90 Conte
SCM-285 90 Principles Speech

SCM-285 90 Princ
ENG-299 20 Writing Competency Exam

ENG-299 20 Writi
EXS-355 01 Anatom Kinesiology

EXS-355 01 Anat
EXS-363 01 Clin Aspcts Aging

EXS-363 01 Clin A
FSN-110 01 Sci Human Nutrit'n

FSN-110 01 Sci H
HRP-320 03 African Amer Health

HRP-320 03 Afric
PSY-228 51 Dvlpmnt Psychology

PSY-228 51 Dvlp
BIO-166 01 Hum Anatom/Physiol

BIO-166 01 Hum A
BIO-166L 51 Hum Anat/Phys Lab

BIO-166L 51 Hum

ENG-102 02 Comm Skills

ENG-102 02 Com
EXS-265 51 Activ for Handicap

EXS-265 51 Activ
HRP-120 91A Medical Terminology

HRP-120 91A Me
HUM-210 08 Humanities

HUM-210 08 Hum
BIO-165 01 Hum Anatom/Physiol

BIO-165 01 Hum A
BIO-165L 03 Hum Anat/Phys Lab

BIO-165L 03 Hum
EXS-266 02 Therapu Exerc/Sprt

EXS-266 02 Ther
MTH-153 02 Coll Algebra/Trig

MTH-153 02 Coll A
PED-133 04 Beginning Swimming

PED-133 04 Begin
PHY-152 02 General Physics

PHY-152 02 Gene
PHY-152L 02 General Phys Lab

PHY-152L 02 Gen
CHM-215 01 Chemistry I

CHM-215 01 Chem
CSC-150 53 Computer Literacy

CSC-150 53 Com
EXS-170 01 Intro Exercise Sci

EXS-170 01 Intro
MTH-105 01 Intermed Algebra

MTH-105 01 Inter
BIO-100 Biological Science

BIO-100 Biologica
BIO-100L Biol Science Lab

BIO-100L Biol Sci

ENG-101 Communicat Skills

ENG-101 Commun
HIS-101 Hist of Civilizat

HIS-101 Hist of C
MTH-151 College Algebra

MTH-151 College

PSY-210 Introd Psychology

PSY-210 Introd P
TRN-FREE General Ed Free Electives

HED-100 Pers/Commun Health

HED-100 Pers/Co
HIS-100 Hist of Civilizat

HIS-100 Hist of C
IUL-101 Introduction to University Lif

IUL-101 Introduct
TRN-FREE General Ed Free Electives


Total Earned Credits

Total Grade Points

Cumulative GPA