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aur ares WLU Away in a Manger. . : . +52 Believe 16 Christmas Waltz . . . 54 Do They Know It's Christmas?....... 0.2.00. ved Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day woes Pasar 44 The First Noel . . sees beet eee eee . 2 5D Frosty the Snowman . 30 = 22 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer... . - 62 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. mea I'll Be Home for Christmas. 10 It Must Have Been the Mistletoe . - 38 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... . 2 Jingle Bell ROCK... cece veeeeeeee este ence eeeee 48 Jingle Bells ...... 6... sees - 26 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ..... - 56 Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town «2... ci Sending You a Little Christmas . . enswtdd Silent Night... . cece eee 50 Sleigh Ride 19 Spirit of the Season 4 We Wish You a Merry Christmas ......... oo 28 Winter Wonderland........ sonar oom arse Copyright © MIN by Alfred Publishing Co. in ‘All ight reserved, Pinted in USA. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Words and Music by HUGH MARTIN and RALPH BLANE Arranged by TOM ROED Slowly and expressively (d= 72) mai Fé ae Cmale Dm? Ge oof tT with pedal [x] Oma Am? Dm? a7 7 ATO18) Dm? ce uf Cmaje Fe oe mai? Dm? a7 fay Fémres) B70) Em & _GD—__o7__G7eus ar p> 3] Omai? Fs ao Omaip Dm? as mays Am? Dm? E7 Am? Bs Hy Free. Dm? Ge ce Fm? c8 of the Season Words and Music by GLEN BALLARD and ALAN SILVESTRI Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately bright, with spirit (J = 108) FE ———_—. Ab AMS) BwmZiA> EST/Ab Ab ANIC 7 D> Ban? Ab AWC C7E Fm BWD E> Om ae i Db DWE> E> Ab Bb E> Ab $3 z Lobe a BEA Bae seen ON sie GA DFR DIFF ee, mp Em? a7 Gaia oF a Fa IG fi] Ams E Fém? E/G# a2 Fim B m ¢ Am ce BYDE Em AICHE D Bm? e my D Em? DOVE ae Em? AT DD Em? Dive se ee Inf & FIA Bm © A DFA a —— aa] mayo ore Em? ay? oD Gai Dirt G Fa__Bm_ EG Asus A Fsus F wm] Cc cre Fo Dm? Gsus ce ] ENGL Am DFG Em F = Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town Words by HAVEN GILLESPIE Music by J. FRED COOTS ‘Moderate swing (J =120) =) Arranged by TOM ROED CcIG CHG Am? De G7 c Dm? > 7 - 4) ar q7 c ce F Fm c CIB 5] FIA FmtiAb co Amt Om7iG G7 CG Ftsim Fm 13 a c ce F F9 c C7iBb 7] FA EMA CK ANG __DmiG e7c B) c ce F F9 c coIB> BFA Fmtia cia Am? Dm9 ae c c7/» FIA FmiA> cre AmziG Am7Dm? C/G G7C ce 10 Vl Be Home for Christmas Lyrics by KIM GANNON Music by WALTER KENT Arranged by TOM ROED Rubato Light swing (= 56) J)-J Dms Dmvis) _G®eus co Gm75yC Sep rit mf ———— ———_ | my fT with pedal = qo amrsve co Cain? [ig Demise FIC G9 Cmayy Em7s) AT. Om? Emmis) aaa ineeiier senile = [i] Omm5uF OVFEAT Dm OmrsG Ge Cmale G8 Am? a |e F " Bm Om? Gisus a7 DmviG G7 ma] Oo) Cam? Dmrsinc FC G®_ Cmajo py Emr ar Dm? Em75) Fidim7 G° C9 Fmaj? Fm? cra ag Dm Dm75G_G%sus CAS) BB] amrsve c® Gm7esV0 Gmr0sc ow It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Words and Music by EDDIE POLA and GEORGE WYLIE Arranged by TOM ROED Bright jazz waltz, in “one” (4 = 168) JJ eb = cm. " Fm Be s 2 wf with pedal a 6 em Fm? Be ai BS Cm? Fn? B19 By Bb cm Fm? Be m Fe Be Bb ES7/D> i ry ‘cresc. poco a poco fm ANC Ay Adin? WBS Cm/Bs Fim7/B5 Ed 4 wa” Adin? Eb/B> om? fm Bi & er ——_~_ Abn? id Gbmaj7 Es a] mes) ow CmtiBb B AWB Bis & om? Fm? Be 15 & = cm Fm? Bie Bw Fe Bie Bb ES7/Db je] AWC Ab Adim7 a EbB> Cm/B> Fm?/8) Bie 16 Believe Words and Music by GLEN BALLARD and ALAN SILVESTRI Arranged by TOM ROED ‘Moderately slow (a = 80) E Gim/D4 GémiDe em with pedal 5 E GtmiD$ E GimiDt z Fim & Fém A Besus 3] E GtvDt E GimiDe 7 Fém eS Fem A Beeus Bl Gim A DIF Besus Bo) crese. poco a poco E BID} Fim? E/B Blcus 35 a3] E Fam Etat E Fmt ECVGE —_ GE7O13) Cim? Fim? 3] ad Eves A E BOyDE Fim? EB Bsus E Fmt wl E@vGs A E BiOVDE Fem? EB Bsus E Fmt & Eos A E BIDE Fam? ERB Bus EO) Sleigh Ride Music by LEROY ANDERSON Words by MITCHELL PARISH Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately bright, with a bounce(J=88) J+J D7 . Gmaje Em7 Gmajo Bm oF Am? ov a o Fer 7 ca a 7 ae C; my 2a The Gift Words and Music by JIM BRICKMAN and TOM DOUGLAS Arranged by TOM ROED Slowly (d = 72) Bue) FIA Gm BwF Eno _— with pedal = Verse I. Z] F7sus Fr BHO FIA Gm? BOF 7 MO By Cmt Frsus F7 BHO FIA fo] Gm BHF a) ByD Cm? Fisus F7 23 my Exe) F7eus F BD EHO) P FP r P r fH F?sus Fy BYD o7 Gm _BWE_Emfis) fm] Om? BW Fisus Bus) FIA Verse 2: Gm? ByF ao) FO) cre me] Om? FC Bye) FIA Gm7 C7sus G7 Fr) ore Dm? Fic Bse) EA r P fr Chorus: B&B Sm C7sus c7 FA Bo C7sus Dm F/G Bmits) Gm? FIA C7sus F py De Pe ent BuO) C7sus Dm? FIA BHO FIA 25 Gm? C7eus C7? BSD cre FE ag] Sa Gm FIA C7sus c7 FIA Bu9 C7sus & FA B® C7sus cr FIA, AT Dm FIC = ene Gm? FIA Bue) CD Dm? _Gm? Csus C Fo) cre Dm FIC KS) C8 sus FO __a tempo 26 Jingle Bells Words and Music by JAMES PIERPOINT Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately slow, expressively (d = 92) Bm? Etim? AE Faro) Bm? E7sus Am? S71... ———| ——— t——~ with pedal 5 Deus Bva— Gio DF Dmve Em? &7 ss Am? Bm? Dsus Bm7 Bhm?5) Am? D7sus Gio) 0 ‘a tempo, a ae 7%] (FE DmF Em? E7G4 Am? Abt C/G Fisin? Am? Cin? 1 SS |" Dsus D D7sus eb Ay cme ANTICS S —|"f wp ary mB ofm oF? Bim? Div/ABomV/Ab_AWES Ex Fm? B¥sus —El7sus Baim? a A Chiat ANG Fim? FW? Bm? Dtsim? & AIE E79) Bm? E7cus Am? Dsus Fim? AIE Faro) 28 We Wish You a Merry Christmas TRADITIONAL ENGLISH FOLKSONG Arranged by TOM ROED Cheerfully ( = 126) G mf mp delicately with pedal D G oD Em G @ m ¢ 07 G With more: c m7” D 87 ete SS motto rit. 30 Frosty the Snowman Words and Music by STEVE NELSON and JACK ROLLINS Moderately bright, with a bounce (! = 120) Arranged by. TOM ROED, ¢ ro ew erese. poco a poco 3] ¢ F Ftgim7 c fa ° Fe _Ftam7 c F Fain cs Ar Dav a? c c7 31 BF Fem CIE Amt Atdim? Dm? G7 e Ab G7 EG] Gidim7 Am?__7 a ars) e fa F__Fhaimr c F____Fédim CG A? Dm G7 32 Winter Wonderland Words by DICK SMITH Music by FELIX BERNARD Arranged by TOM ROED Rubato Fm? Bi7eus a) Fm? EWG Abm7 ——— —=s —s— nf with pedal fj on Fin? Fm? Aon? 5B Cm? Fm? BiSsus rn) Fm? Bbvsus Ewa) Fm? EWG Abe? 8 << 3 el Gm? Fkgin? Em? Ain? EWBe = Om? Fm? Bi9sus 33 Slowly (= 76) mw Fm Bi7sus EKO mm? Bieus | Gmt___ Fain? Frn?_y__ Abn? [] Bsus evo Edim rH —. = Fm? Bo7sus Gm? Ftdim7 Fm? Aum? —3— [a] Bsus Ewe) G cra Bb ENB, Bb Gm? m7 Fm7 BIS @] a tempo Fm? Bi7sus Gmz Fim? Fm? Asm? Bi7sus fj ea 3 wm Bigcus Exo) Ebmaj? 35 Sending You a Little Christmas Words and Music by JIM BRICKMAN, VICTORIA SHAW and BILLY MANN Moderately, with swing feel (J = 100) 9-7} ‘Arranged by TOM ROED Diomaj7_ AbIC Bim? E> Ab Dbmaj?_ mf with pedal AWC Bom? Bim7/Es @ = Aue) ANIC TH Db Dorms Avia) AMOI Db a] BamT/Es Avo) AMONG Db Doms Cous c Fm Fimvieb D> Bbm7/Eb 36 Bo, AWC Bom? & Ds ABIC Bien? Ceus cr Fm Em7eb To Coda) ee) Ave Bin? Bes es B AbC Bom? Bbmn7/Eb E> a DKS AWC je NT ‘rese. poco a poco 37 a AbmiQs Bisus B> DS. al Coda Q @ Coda Dimaj7_ AbIC Bbm7 eb Ab Dimaj7 ANC Bim? Bom7i ANC Bim? A Dimaj? AbIC Se. eee Bim? Bom7/E Db Dom Awe) 38 It Must Have Been the Mistletoe Words and Music by JUSTIN WILDE and DOUG KONECKY ‘Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately slow (4.= 76) Gmaj? Cai? D7sus Gmaj7 Am? D8sus I> how with pedal CO _BmD CD OD Gmajr Dm? [a] Omais cD bv Cmaj? 39 [Smarr Am7 o7 Gmajr fo] Dsus D7 Gmai7 Gmai7B mB] OC co _BmD cD OD Gmaj7 fe] «Om? a7 male on o7 40 me mai? may? a] Dm Gm? Cous © EWE Ey [ms] Bina? Bomaj7/D & a] «EF _DmiF_EWF =F Bimal Fmt Bir B> Esmaye Fisus Bis 42 Do They Know It’s Christmas? Words and Music by BOB GELDOF and MIDGE URE Moderately (J = 108) Arranged by TOM ROED Dm? FIG c ge fae F Ame Dm? FIG c F cre mF Ame Dm? FIG Dmr Gis G c er ‘motto rit 4 Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day Words and Music by PETER ZIZZO, RICK WAKE and CELINE DION Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately (d= 120) J ES G7sus/D G79) Cm? on gh {> nf with pedal 7] Ene» Ab EWG FT Fm7/Bb mf i] B79) & Fm? Bi7sus 45 B Bi7sus & F/G wm cm? Gm cm? Fm? mw Fm? By Gm? vO) Fm7/B> ra] & G7sus/D ame) om? EWBh Ano Fm7/B & GTeus/D G79) one Eve Axe EWG Fr rIs rr SS [so] Fz B79) & Gm eb wg Be Emiab az as Gia Web wm fe rey Fm Crier ByD e718 erese. poco a poco fm Cus c am7c F 47 a] A7susie ATG9) Dmo FIC Bao) Gm7c F CTF FF A?susE A709) Dm FIC xe) by] amc 5 ATsusiE A768) me Fic Bus) FIA a7 Cus 48 Jingle Bell Rock Words and Music by JOE BEAL and JIM BOOTHE Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately bright ¢d = 120 £3-J ae oo ctim nf 3] m7 G7 Dm a7 Dm7 G7 Dm? G7 ars) fm co Chaim Dm? G7 a7 Dm? G7 bp? ar co co? 4s fm F Fidim7 ce moo crs b ar 2, be a7 ce Do) C1o) bez? at ™p——f a a 50 Silent Night Words and Music by JOSEPH MOHR and FRANZ GRUBER Arranged by TOM ROED Slowly and tenderly (b= 76) c G c —i 4 35 —S Pp with pedal 51 OAT D Didim? = «G m ? Déaim? 6 Bain? DIA D a 47 Cain? DIA D av Pr , Pr ° optional segue to Away in a Manger 52 Away in a Manger Words by MARTIN LUTHER Music by JONATHAN E. SPILLMAN Moderately slow (4 = 92) Arranged by TOM ROED a mf with pedal ————— G c ea ms be SH 6 belts PP lightly Nez N= wm Ss 6 07 Gaus tin ae ee a oo © 2005 BEAM ME UP MUSIC All Rights Administered by ALFRED PUBLISHING CO., INC. ‘Al Rights Reserved 23 GD D7 Livelier (d= 112) D Tempo mA? D o er ac @ br G D7 cm D7 OG ‘dim. poco a poco Christmas Waltz Words by SAMMY CAHN Music by JULE STYNE Arranged by TOM ROED Moderately (J = 112) 7s) Fmaj? pe Gm7 Ab Db a» S———_- A 59 The First Noel TRADITIONAL Arranged by TOM ROED Slowly and expressively (d = 80) Bm DA G DFR GATED AyD ar with pedal 3 D Bm? A G ore G D G D ATE DFA G ATE DiFE ayo AT D Bm7 L al Ore G D G D Em DIFAG AT a Se. > 60 1 a3 Ore ar D ar D Bm? Fem Dre G D Bm A G___DiFE DATE _DIFE ar Fem/A AT DIA GDFREG A? DFE ar av D Bm? A DiFe s D G 61 ore Em DFE GATE _DIFE mre DS aT D Bm? a) Fem DFE G D Bm A G_DFEG AE a] CFE. Ar D ar D Bm? am] (Fe AT OD a) mp time ri oz Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Words and Music by RANDY BROOKS. Arranged by TOM ROED Adlib Moderately bright ( = 132) F zy) 07 F EB BF or 63 Rubato (ultra dramatic) cr F Edim Dm an 3 A ce Ft