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Body Image & Social Media

I believe the need to fit a certain body type is everywhere, for men and women. We see
movies, ads and reality shows yes but it is exacerbated by social media. The new fad is fitness,
diets and staying healthy which is great; the recipes and tips are great on Instagram/social media.
But we resort to like certain images of men and women that can drive a normal person into
dangerous diets or lifestyles. Men are actually more concerned with their image and especially
weight. I see men day in and day out at the gym that are already healthy looking overdoing
exercises which we learned is not good. Women have been always tried to lose weight but what
has been happening recently is they are losing weight to prep for cosmetic surgery. Which is why
I have selected this
The reality behind this picture is not only are you going to starve yourself for the tiny waist but
you will resort to plastic surgery for the rest. I see this celebrity all over the web and television
and makes me think that being a healthy thin is not enough by the Medias standards and that I
need to have perfect chest and bottom. At 58 I am tall and not close to that image at all, the
clothing at some stores are designed for that curvy body or give the illusion of having those
curves. In some cases the waist on these dresses is ridiculously tight to enlarge ones top and
bottom. Incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention the extravagant heels that are to be worn
with Kardashian inspired clothing. We can start as a society paying less attention to reality
shows and love our bodies first. To not idolize what we see on television and social media. We
should be taking care of them from the inside, nurturing them and only then will one grow to
love ourselves.

Stress Resources
Anxiety and college go hand in hand and this website offers information. It is filled with
techniques on managing anxiety, stress and links to personal stories. All this information allows
for my paper to be rich in facts but also in the human realm of emotions. The title to this source
is exactly what I need for my paper, living with anxiety as a college student is a result of stress. I
want to find out ways to help myself and others keep stress low and avoid panic attacks. Stress in
teen years is very present but this website focuses on the college student and how much more
difficult it is to deal. As college students we deal with loads ranging from financial obligations to
the complicated material presented in our classes and plenty stressful situations in between.

What are some signs that you see as a result of stress or anxiety?
I chose this article, found in the PCC database, due to the straightforwardness of the content and
examples it gives on panic attacks. The title is specific and therefore it starts by giving us
background information on panic attacks and how unreal they seem when placed into context. It
touches on identifying them, the scenarios that can cause them and fighting them. It also
provides a link on the seeking professional help, at the bottom of the page. I picked this article
also because I will be focusing on the panic attacks that come as a consequence or result of
What scenarios do you think are most likely to cause panic attacks in college students?
Gard, C. (2001). Panic attacks. Current Health 2, 27(8), 26-27.

Matt Maher story

I have made choices that could of ultimately been fatal, I definitely think twice now at my
age when making decisions in all life situations. At 25, I cannot imagine how everything that I
have been working towards and have accomplished mean nothing plus having someones death
on my conscious. Horrific is the word. Matt is everything we strived for in life when we are
building our future as a youngster and adult. He did everything right but in life its not about the
perfect resume but the choices we make and dont. We all aspire to do well and excel in every
aspect in life we can. It is crushing to see his tortured guilt as well as the pain of the family.
Having all this turmoil happen at the drop of a hat makes anyone think twice about anything. We
can prevent ourselves from becoming THAT GUY by knowing our limits and surroundings.
Some things are out of control, being at the wrong place at the wrong time is something we often
see in the news, the risk the innocent face daily. As far as what we can control, we should.
Behaviors that tend to occur while under the influence are: rape, fatal car accidents and
brawls. We dont need to do much research but often times look at our social circle or ourselves
to find situations that have come about as a result of being under the influence. The situation of
rape is very often part of the news. We hear of young women drugged or in cases being under the
influence and are raped. Date rape can happen if you over drink and not know well who you are
dating. As women we have to especially monitor our drinking in a public setting while on dates,
or nights out with friends. Scientifically it is proven that women are able to have less alcohol and
have it impair them more than men. Driving under the influence is a huge one, at 21 we can
legally drink and abuse it not thinking about calling a cab when there is your car parked in the
street. I have been one of those people that are stubborn about being fine to drive when really, I
shouldnt put myself in that situation. I thank God for keeping me safe and I will never
jeopardize my life again. Fights, another huge one, we all have different tolerances to alcohol

and all are different people when there is alcohol in our systems. There are the sad ones, the
overjoyed ones and the worst kind-belligerent drunks. These people can pick a fight for no
reason as has been an experience to a group of friends. This fight led my 5 friends to the ER, all
because the intoxicated peoples did not like how they looked. It is vital to know how to drink
and when, so many situations can be avoided if we practice self control.