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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science Grade VIII


a. Describe what is a food web.
b. Construct a food web.
c. Appreciate the importance of food web in an ecosystem.


Subject Matter:
a. Topic:
Food Web
b. References:
1. Textbook: Mariano, Jan Jason. (2012) Science Links II (Biology).
Sampaloc, Manila: Rex
Book Store, Inc. pp. 342
2. Learners Module: Campo, Pia, et. al. (2013) Science Grade 8
Learners Module. Pasig City: Vibal Publishing House, Inc. pp. 277279.
c. Materials:
Pictures, Manila paper, Marker
d. Science Idea:


1. Food web is a complex series of food chain which is observed

in the ecosystem. It is composed of two or more food chains.
Learning Strategies:

Teachers Activity
A. Preparatory Activity

Students Activity

1. Prayer
Everybody, please stand for the
Take your seats.

(The students will stand and pray)

(The students will sit down)

2. Greetings:
Good morning Class

Good morning Maam Ras!

How are you today?

Were doing fine Maam

3. Checking of Attendance
Who are absent today?
4. Recapitulation:

Nobody is absent Maam

What was our lesson yesterday?

What is food chain?
5. Motivation:

Our lesson yesterday was all about food

A food chain is a series wherein energy is
transferred from the producers to the

(The teacher will show an

illustration/picture of foodchains that are
interconnected and ask the students.)
What will happen if there is more than
one food chain that will be interconnected?
When there are more than one foodchains
This morning we will find out what will that are interrelated then it will look like a
happen if more than one food chains are spiders web.
Pre-Lab Activity:
(The teacher will divide the class into 5 groups.
She will explain to the students what to do with
the activity.)
(See attached activity sheet)
Laboratory Proper:
Post-Lab Activity:
1. Process
(The students will perform the activity.)
What is food web?

Very good. Food chains may be

A food web is a complex series of food
interconnected to form a food web. For example,
one kind of food may be eaten by several chain which is observed in the ecosystem. It is
consumers. Several foods may also be eaten by composed of two or more food chains.
one consumer. Are food web only for terrestrial
Very good.
Food webs are not for terrestrial
organisms only. We can also be form with
What have you learned from our lesson marine organisms and organisms in freshwater
ecosystem and forest ecosystem.
2. Generalization:

What is the importance of food web in an

I learned that a food chain can be
interconnected to form a food web.



A food web is important to maintain

Directions: Answer directly. Choose the letter of the equilibrium of an ecosystem.
the correct answer. Write your answers on your
sheet of paper.
1. An interconnected food chain is called ___.
a. food chain
c. Food web
b. food pyramid d. Food web and food
2. A food web is composed of __.
a. consumer only
b. decomposer only
c. producer only
d. producer, consumers, and
3. Why does food web important?
a. Because it can be form from one or more
food chain
b. Because one kind of food may be eaten
by several consumers
c. Because several foods may be eaten by
only one consumer
d. To maintain the equilibrium of an

What is the difference between a food chain

and a food web?
a. Food chain is linear while food web is
b. Food chain transfer energy from one
organism to another while food web
doesnt transfer energy from one
organism to another.
c. Food web is composed of producer only
while food chain is composed of
producer, consumer, and decomposer.
d. Food web is composed of producer and
consumer while food chain is composed
of decomposer only.

5. Does food web can only be formed with

terrestrial organisms?
a. It depends upon the situation
b. No, it can also be formed with marine
c. No, it can be formed with marine
organisms, freshwater organisms, and
forest organisms.
d. Yes, only terrestrial organisms can
form a food web.



a. Create a simple food web out of simple organisms.




Marker pens
Manila paper
Pictures of organisms

a. Study the pictures of organisms inside the envelope.
b. Create a food web out of the pictures of organisms. Make sure you link each
organism by an arrow.


Results and Discussions:

a. How did you create your food web based on the list of organisms above?
b. Discuss the food web that you made.
c. Put a black dash on the producer of your food web using a marker pen. Let us
assume these producers died or were set to fire. How would this affect the food


How will you explain the quote No organism is independent?