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Spoken genre and Written genre

1. Definition of Spoken and Written genre

- Spoken genre : works which consist with verbal things
Ex)Speech, Playing or Dialogue
We can hear the works from play or people
Advantage Quick and Direct way.
Disadvantage Temporary

-Written genre : works which consist with writing and characters

Ex)Music sheet, Script or Novel
We can see the works with eyes
Advantage Continuous and could be filed
Disadvantage Take a long time to make it

2. Relationship between Genre and Words

People need rules to express their idea as speaking and words.

Ancient people invented the words to give meaning to other people quickly, so the intial stage of worlds consist of with the
movements of people. At this time, there was no specific spoken language.

And then, as time goes by, People slowly had a rule of speaking. So to be efficient and to
point out the flaw of speaking about the space and time, People invented the words.

3. Relationship between Speaking and writing

In my opinion, Spoken Genre is the intial stage of the written genre.
We have to consider about invention of letter and character.
Sometimes, the process of making written genre is changed in verse, especially in the

In these days, Composition usually starts from playing to the paper works. When we see the
paper sheets, If we dont know about the symbols of music, we cant feel the music.
However, when we hear a song or playing, we can feel directly the music. This is typical and
good example of the advantages and disadvantages of speaking and writing.

There is another example of the connection. Its musical which consist of fancy scenes and
sophisticated songs

We can approach both genre together and both is important elements. However, to make
this genre, we have to consist of scenes, combination with music and composition of dance
with the scripts and the conties.

To make Written genre like conties and scripts, we have to collect images, examples, conept
ideas and reasons.

Even when we make a speech or address, we have to consider about the structure and flow.

4. Conclusion

of arts

Speaking and Writing has been with us always as necessary factors of life. Rooted in our
intelligence and ingenuity, we can make it arts. This breakthrough seems to me that the
combination of two factors will make arts more plentiful genre.
By combining two genres, we could make a new genre like Opera, Film and musical, and
were charmed by chemical activity. From my view, we cant separate these two factors,
because they interact on each other. It means that something more developed genre will
come to satisfy our expectation. And the fusion genres are everywhere our life, such as
Music, Speech and even our presentation in the class room. I believe that genre of arts
consisting with spoken and written will surprise ourselves and leap over our expectation.