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(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher ‘Words and Music by Gary Jackson, Cat Smith and Raynard Minor Intro “Moderately J = 98 NG: ) = se ba |, OF RETA) Gi Rares of * Chonda te veitbemeny. Em 2 = SS 1 You toes Bat Ry Ft vere Ge sunny Sp 1b Sona coe 3 we rsa ieee ul B63 Gp oe SS > = i e then Pye ov sae r eh it~ ap) - point a 1 yeu Yes, that” "one — Bere ‘Ceeyigh 1967 by Uniceepa Man, WasTaeiane Pubstrg Gig, Mine Mas and Che Mae, [ALRghs orto Muse Aamiored by Werner-Taetan Pbtsing Co egal a ES ie ener Co 179 a bon R= ed be = fore So, beep it 2 ment wes omy clos = est end ‘bot then oo rr a Ani 1, ae ay ant TH be at on came, and he goon do And, you" om, be nev = = my boys in’ ams around you, hon 9, Ten snd - ing Ge a ~ — Soe you side You now your tow. 7 ee ‘Tha’s why your" tove- le Let me tell you, your love, - ‘Chorus Ge bwiRetA Sem Seca ata ete Bebwrny hy Neen eet ed ce ae Keep on tit = Keep on iit = Keep on itt “(¥our love eaps Mt = ing me Your Jon3 RB “Feit vente oes ve no 2nd di Bg. eos Ys it Eu 3 180 eet eee Aad te, BRgd. Voc:: wf Vor. FIED ws zs ae a Se Keep eee Your love keeps ing mas Your Tove keeps fh ing me, aerate ae dere eeaegee-ereegeca reer -ee veer error cnn ram i Us = ten 2.Now, once — highs es, and high high ecg High er and highs rhoy ih er, and hgh gh er eed high Tish - Interinde ‘Gee RITACHn ‘ic wget ie) BD “Siegacieeze * Sig ar erse Your Lit = ing, = ing 181 outro Cone yA tay Onaiwiigtig2dnineny — BSR 208) > > ey ia gh - er and high = eg Come ony right nowy, sock it tome, at. higher aed gh ie ey ain = Tin = ing, Begin fade ap Bw id teh Lit me ap, 2 = wom-an Keep my foregoing. op Tin ing me, Your love keepe Eg me, it = ing we 4 pees igh - er end gh eT ld) deep ont = Ing, high = er aed high = ey igh ee Lit © ing, it = fing, Fede out Lin meyp, mama Keep on Ht ing, me igh = ef and hgh - TR = jag. me, — Your Tove keeps Biting me, it ig, me igh = ee and hgh = 182 ‘NW