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Dear KG1 Parents, 15 t h – 20 t h March Please have a look

Dear KG1 Parents,

Dear KG1 Parents, 15 t h – 20 t h March Please have a look at

15 th 20 th March

Please have a look at what your child will be learning this week

Our Unit of Inquiry How We Express Ourselves

Students have been learning about our central idea: People interact with, use and value local environments in different ways.

This week we will continue our inquiry into Natural and human-made elements of natural environments. Students will create a poster to illustrate their understanding of the elements in and around our school. We will then begin to explore how we can conserve our local environment. We will separate the trash from our lunches into plastic and paper and weigh the bags. This will begin a discussion on how we can reduce our waste production.


We will focus on letter /b/this week. Suggested vocabulary: bat, ball, bee, bird, bananas Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab.

TIP: Send bananas to school for snack this week to promote a balanced diet! Have a look at this story:

Students will be developing their non-verbal communication skills by expressing their ideas through illustrations and writing when we make our local environment posters.



We will be exploring and comparing weights. We will use a pan balance to weigh different objects and use the words heavier and lighter to compare them.

TIP: Have your child carry different objects at home and compare their weights



:ةيبرعلا ةغللا يف ناوللأاو لاكشلأا، ةيئاجهلا فورحلا( : نم يناثلا لصفلا للاخ هتسارد مت ام ىلع ةعجارم لمعب موقن فوس عوبسلأا اذه

This week we will review all Arabic letters, colors and shapes which covered during second


Up and Coming Events

This week is Spirit Week! Wednesday, March 18- 8:15 11:30 am: KG Sports Day

Students come to school in their house colors and sports gear

Parents are invited to attend Thursday, March 19: Pajama Day

KG1 students may come to school in their pajamas!