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All Pokmons can be clicked on to go on their Wiki page to have

more informations about them.

The Story

The game sets up in the Torren region. Just like every other region in the Pokemon universe
Torren is well known for his gyms and the Elite Four.
But Torren is torn apart because of the actions of cultists groups. There is five very powerful
groups all driven by different aspirations. They all worship a different legendary Pokemon and
are up for anything to achieve their goals.
The story starts a year after the second augur named Jaern has started his augur duty. The
first augur disappeared in a mysterious way even though he was the biggest threat to the cults.
So now Jaern swears he will protect the Torren region inhabitants from the cultists and will
bring them all down.
You are an unknown character waking up thanks to the help of a mysterious telepath
benefactor from a Gengar eating all your dreams and memories. You realize you are in the
middle of the Darkrai Cultist secret base and decide to escape for your own safety thanks to
the help of the legendary Pokemon Mew sent by your benefactor.
It all starts now, are you ready to live the Insurgence adventure ?

Darkrai cultist secret base

As you take control of your character
escape the floor, dont forget to take
the Potion (A) on the way to the next

Head straight to the next floor.

You learn that Mew has legendary
powers allowing it and yourself to

Go upstairs to the Altar to let Mew

gather Darkrai cultist DNA (A).
You can now interact with Mew to
ask it to turn you into a Darkrai
cultist and safely escape the
secret base.

Here is how you look like

when mimicking Darkrai
cultists thanks to Mews

Darkrai cultist secret base

Head to the digit scanning door [A].

Interact with Mew and ask him to transform you into a
Darkrai Cultist and then open the door.
Head to the north to next floor but dont forget on the
way the several items (B, C, D and E).

B : Ice heal
C : Potion
D : Awakening
E : Potion

Darkrai cultist secret base

Go straight to the north to see Persephones schemes and cruelty.

Once that is done go the the east and take the burn heal (B) on the
table in the small room.
Note that most of staircases contain lore about the game !
B : Burn heal

You can now go back to the previous floor where a new exit is now

Darkrai cultist secret base

The path to the exit is now clear so head back to the

south and then go to the eastern south room and go
upstairs to get out of the Darkrai cultist secret base.
Time to (almost) begin your adventure !

Shade Forest

Head south to exit the Shade Forest and

enter Telnor Town.
The grass contains wild Pokemons which
want to fight you. You can use Mew to
obliterate them or just run away.

Telnor Town

After a small chat with a boy named Damian meet the local people.
A : an NPC giving you five Pokballs.
B : an other NPC will offer you three potions.
Head to the Town Hall, go see Damian and enjoy the chat.
You can go to the Pokmon center to buy some Pokballs and potions
for your next adventures.
Then go to the Lab to get your very first Pokmon.
Note 1 : NPC = Non Playable Character
Note 2 : The Pokmon Center is a place where you can heal your
injured Pokmons, buy new items and new clothes. You can see next
page a presentation of the Pokmon Center.

You can now summon Mew anytime by using the Quartz Flute located in your Key items pocket in your bag.
Note that you can register up to three items to keys of your keyboards for a quicker use of those items. The key Q, W
and E are by default the three shortcuts assigned. You can change them along with every other controls in the main
menu of the game. Mew is also no longer a member of your team for now and wont help you in fight anymore.
Important note : This guide will give you all the informations so you dont miss any item or important fact but it is very
highly recommended to chat with every NPC you encounter to learn more about the game and its lore, it will give you a
better understanding of the game.

Pokmon Center
First Floor
You can find here a little shop
selling different kind of basic
items from potions to pokeball
and even status conditions
healing such as antidotes.
Note that the range of items you
can buy improves as you earn
new gym badges.

Main Floor
Here you can heal your Pokmons
thanks to the Nurse in A.
Or use the computer to store or
withdraw any Pokmon or item
you have with you. Note that you
can only have up to 6 Pokmon in
your team and that the computer
can contains more than 700

A : Clothes shop
B : Pokmon name
changer (name rater)
C : Pokmon move
deleter (allows you
to remove an attack
to a Pokmon or your

Time to choose your


Once you are in the lab listen to the conversation and

then you are invited to choose among four Pokmons to
have it as your starter Pokmon.
You can choose between the usual Eevee that the
professor gives to the young adventurers or one of the
three delta Pokmon gave by Reukra.
The coming pages will help you decide which Pokmon
starter to choose. If you want Eevee talk to the
professor otherwise pick one of the pokball to get a
delta pokmon.
Once you are done get out of the Lab and go exit Telnor
Town to reach back Telnor Town.


Delta Bulbasaur

Type : Fairy / Psychic

Delta Bulbasaur is a Fairy / Psychic Pokmon specialized in special attacks.

His double typing is quite interesting, his weaknesses are Poison, Ghost and Steel types.
His last evolution as all starter has access to a mega-evolution form with the ability Hubris allowing
this Pokmon to have a special attack bonus everytime he kills an ennemy.
Note : Delta Bulbasaur has access to Leech Seed and has a decent Special Defense allowing him to
tank quite a bit against Special oriented Pokmons.


Delta Charmander

Type : Ghost / Dragon

Delta Charmander has a quite original typing giving him immunity to normal and fight attacks while
he has 5 weaknesses, 6 elements not very effective against him and 5 types normally affecting him.
He has a all or nothing strategy since you will end very often on a pokmon doing you a lot or very
few damage.
Delta Charmander specializes mostly on Special Attacks (even though he learns a few physical one
high level) and his mega-evolution brings the new moon weather making ghost and dark attacks
stronger while weakening fairies.


Delta Squirtle

Type : Fighting / Dark

Delta Squirtle has a double typing making him weak only to Fighting and Flying attacks (and ultra
weak to fairies).
Therefore he can handles a lot of pokemons but his moveset is quite predictable.
His attacks are based on aura moves which are strengthened by his mega evolution form.
He is the bulkiest of the starters learning a range of defensive moves and having the best starters
defensives statistics.



Damian is now becoming your friend and rival.

He lives in Telnor Town with his foster mother and the mayor and complains
that all of his young friends are going on their adventure while his foster
mother doesnt let him go because she thinks hes not responsible.
Thanks to the mayor help Damian and the hero obtain a Pokmon from the
Professor and therefore can go in the Telnor Cave to pick a rare stone to
offer it to the second augur Jaern soon visiting Telnor.
Damian sees it as an opportunity to shows his foster mother he can be
responsible and is mature enough to go on an adventure.


Shade Forest

You can now start to catch Pokmons. It is recommended

to catch a Nidoran (male or female doesnt matter) to make
it learn double kick it will allow you to break rocks and give
you an easy way to kill Rock Pokmons. Gastly is a very
useful Pokmon aswell his Ghost type makes it immune to
normal and fighting attacks and he has several disabling
abilities such as Hypnosis which helps you against trainers
with tough Pokmons and also to catch wild Pokmons.
Dont forget the items on the road (specially the Pokgear
since its a very useful item) and fight all the trainers to
better train your freshly caught Pokmons.
It is very risky not to catch any Pokmon so try to have at
least 3 different Pokmons up to a decent level (matching
your opponents trainers Pokmons).



Hiker Max





Black Belt








Shade Forest


Hiker Max

LvL 6


LvL 7


LvL 6

LvL 7


LvL 7

LvL 7