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Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the

native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into

smaller areas called Puroks (English: Zone). A barangay is led and governed by

its barangay officials. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay

Captain/Chairman, seven (7) Barangay Councilors or Barangay Kagawad and a

Sangguniaang Kabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary

and a residing midwife or a doctor that manages and supervise the barangay

health center.

Barangay San Pedro is one of the barangay having the lowest number of

population in the municipality. Having the population of 4, 598 people with 1,052

household according to National Statistic Office based on the census dated

August 2008. The barangay is located in the Municipality of Santo Tomas,

Province of Batangas. San Pedro’s barangay hall is situated along the Maharlika

Highway. The chairman of the barangay is Honorable Barangay Captain

Damasino Mabilangan Jr.

The councilors are:

1. Honorable Councilor Joseph Villegas

2. Honorable Councilor Sander Villegas

3. Honorable Councilor Herman Maloles

4. Honorable Councilor Jane Villegas

5. Honorable Councilor Bartolome Villegas

6. Honorable Councilor Victor Villegas

7. Honorable Councilor Greg Magno

8. Honorable Sanggunian ng Kabataan Chairman Rina Carpio

9. Mr. Ronald Maligalig - Barangay Secretary

10. Mrs. Irma Marajas – Health Center Officer

11. Alberto M. Carpio-Barangay-Treasurer

The barangay is in charge of keeping track of the records of each and

everyone living in the place. These records are important for different purposes

that the barangay is being used. The system that the barangay is being used is

the manual based process for all the services it gives to its constituents. They

manually handle files and information they get. For instances, in getting the

barangay clearance, they issue a tranceipt form to the resident requesting the

clearance. Same through with the storing of the files, they used folders to store

the files. The organization experienced hard and long procedure in accessing the

records they have when it is needed and the redundancy of the records.

The proponents proposed a computerized barangay information system

that will help the barangay as well as the workers and the people of the place.
The proposed system will reduced the hard and long time procedure of

accessing files and records they keep and store. The system will also be the

census like system of the barangay for all of its constituents and new people to

live in the place. The system will be effective in maintaining, searching and

storing of records of all resident in the barangay. This will help the worker for

having an easy time on accessing files and records they need.


As for the moment, the barangay workers are using the manual process in

most services the barangay is giving to its constituents. For instance, in keeping

records and issuing the barangay clearance.

The main problem concerning the barangay is that they do not have a

centralized and accurate system for storing records they have for these are very

important to them. How they will have a file maintenance system and will lessen

the burden of works they usually do in getting, keeping and updating the files.

Related to the main problem, the barangay is also faces problems like:
1. Lots of paper they collect and store for/as barangay records that

sometimes it is not that important. Also with this, specifically with the

clearance, the redundancy of the records of one resident.

2. Having hard time in accessing the records and information of a specific

person for it is not sorted out accordingly.

3. The safety of all the files they store.

4. How they will maintain and update the records.


To solve these problems, we proposed a system which is called


will be the file maintenance system of the barangay to be used in keeping their

records. The proposed system will also be a census-like system of each resident

of the barangay for each and every resident will now have an identification

number containing their personal records.

With the related problems, the proposed system will:

1. In terms of papers they collect, it will lessen for it will be done on

computers. This will be encoded in the computer and let machine keep it.

2. The proposed system will bring ease in accessing the records needed for

there will be an option for searching with the use of identification number

issued by the barangay.

3. This will ensure that the file will securely stored in the system and make a

back up of the files if accident occurs.

4. The proposed system will be easily updated and maintain for it will be on

computers. There will be option for searching, editing information if there’s

any, saving as well as delete option for the information thet is no longer



The significance of the study is very timely for today where in technology

is getting bigger and in demand. The proposed system will have a significant

effect on both the residents of the barangay and barangay employees who

manages the system as well as the barangay itself. The implementation of the

system will change the methods and process that the barangay is being used for

keeping their files. This will also ensure that all the records will be in tract and

updated. The system will also create a census based environment to monitor the
population of the locale. The barangay will also be assured that the file will be

protected and safe for it will require authorization before someone can access

the system.

The study will also benefit its employees who manage the files and

information of the barangay for it will bring easy access of the data they need.

This will also eliminates tons of papers they usually keep and allow the system to

store it in such a manner that can be easily access. This will also bring ease to

them specially in generating reports in the municipality about the status of the


The study also benefits its residence for they will be accommodated easily

for they will have an identification that can be used to access their accounts if

there are some changes to be done in their part. It will also be easy for them to

easy request some information and services because of the information that

barangay have about them. This will also assure the residents that their

information is properly secured and maintain through the use of the proposed



The study only deals with the information the barangay secretary record

and keep. This includes all the essential information of all the residents of the
barangay. This information includes personal information and character

reference of the person. Assets and medical record of each resident is not

included as well as the use of biometrics in getting the barangay clearance.

Other services that the barangay giving to its constituents that requires

information such in barangay health center is does not part of the study.

The proposed system can generate reports as the barangay usually done.

The information stored can be edited if there are changes to be done and saves

the changes being done. It can also delete information that is no longer needed

to keep.