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Ebola : The cumulonimbus of

It is scary when you heard about a big, black, scary cloud comes to your life, it makes
everything change. So does africa, the problem is an imaginary cloud, Ebola Virus. It covered
nearly all the west part of african country, killed almost 2000 people and 500 people suffer
for their life Continuing the case, it also stopped almost all of the activity in african country
include tourism, economy create suffer condition for all african people. People lose their
hope, wealth, and family. This cumulonimbus frightened them, live among them, it still there
and until today there are no solution toward this case.
Start from the first confirmed case in Sierra Leone, there was a young woman who
was admitted to a government hospital in Kailahun following a miscarriage on 24 May, 2014.
A health worker suspected Ebola, given the outbreak in neighbouring Guinea. She was tested
for Ebola on 24 May and placed in isolation on 25 May; the results were positive. WHO was
notified about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation
almost immediately.