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Teaching Practice - Self Evaluation Proforma: you must complete one of

these after every lesson you teach and put it in your Teaching Journal
Your name
Jordan J Green


Level of Learners C1

This lesson was an experimental lesson following the ideology of teaching

unplugged. My aims were as follows;

Use a newspaper article and a newspaper to capitalise on students contributions by focussing

on their personal interests
Distance myself from the traditional model of pedagogy
Make my lesson entirely learner-centred in order to maximise interactivity (T-SS, SS-SS)

I felt like the lesson started well. My warmer was personalized and got the students
talking about themselves and something that was immediately relevant to
themselves. Following this task I ran through some errors that I picked up during the
activity. Following this I went through collocations regarding the word bottle (as its
what I had at hand), eliciting them from students and providing some input. Following
this I set them on a matching activity with collocations taken from a very current
newspaper article, then asking SS to predict the story. I felt at this point that I
provided a lot of scaffolding leading up to the article, but then I decided not to use
the article as a main activity as the focus was on maintaining a learner-centred
approach and I didnt want to force a material on them that they werent interested in.
on the other hand, I feel like I should have planned a final, freer activity around the
article itself.
My main problem was timing, as I arrived at the final task I felt SS didnt have
enough time to fully prepare for it. Next time I would put more focus on this stage of
the lesson, allowing them to complete it in good time and allowing for error correction
at the end.
Overall I felt I had a very calm, confident and relaxed approach and felt that SS were
fully engaged and enjoyed the unplugged element to the lesson. Although I had an
idea of the structure of the class, I planned activities that allowed students to talk
about topics relevant to them and that interested them, which meant I achieved my
main aims. I plan on experimenting with Dogme again as I feel it is something that
can really benefit trainee teachers development and language awareness.