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Collection elements and collection plans for major part of Quality module setups
. Collection elements details can be access view QA_CHARS_V while collection pla
n details can be accessed using QA_PLAN_CHARS_V. This view gives details of whic
h collection elements are included in a given plan.
All the Quality transaction data is stored in QA_RESULTS table. The data is segr
egated by Quality Collection Plans. QA_RESULTS table has references to Item, Pur
chase Order, Sales Order, WIP job, Receiving Transactions etc. Other than refere
nce columns QA_RESULTS table has 100 VARCHAR2 columns from CHARACTER1-CHARACTER1
00. Based on quality plan definition, these character columns store different da
When ever a new plan is created, Oracle Applications creates two views automatic
ally with names Q_<plan name>_V and Q_<plan name>_IV. View Q_<plan name>_V is ba
sed on QA_RESULTS table while Q_<plan name>_IV is based on QA_RESULTS_INTERFACE
table which is used for importing huge data in Quality. QA_RESULTS table stores
data for all quality plans and data is segregated by PLAN_ID column. The Charact
er1-100 columns are mapped to quality plan elements based on plan structure. Sin
ce Oracle Apps automatically creates respective views for each plan, a developer
doesn't have to maintain mapping between Character fields and data elements. Vi
ew columns have plan element names which are mapped to character1 to 100 columns
Views have only those columns which are present in plan and not all 100 qa_resul
ts columns.