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What are we learning about today?

As you watch the video, write down characteristics which you see
throughout the video.
Focus on the environment and the plants and animals that inhabit it.
Notice how the weather is. Does it look like its hot or cold here?

Rainforests only cover less than
6% of the Earths surface.
Scientists estimate that the
rainforests provide 40% of the
Earths oxygen.
Rainforests can be found in
places such as Central America
and Africa. With the largest
rainforest being the Amazon.

Climate and Weather

Rainforests occasionally
experience monsoons, which is
wind which brings heavy rains.

The rainforest only has two types

of season, either wet or dry
seasons but a majority of the time
is severally damp with a high
It is warm year-round with
temperatures ranging from 95 F
to a low of 65F.
Rainfall is extremely common in
rainforests. Approximately 50 to
260 inches of rain in the span of a


More than half of the worlds plants live in the

rainforest, scientists estimate.
70% of these plants are trees. The rainforest is
home to the most diverse tree species.
One species of tree commonly found here is the
mangrove trees. They can easily be spotted an
identified their roots which cause the trees to
look like they grow above ground.
One of the worlds rarest yet largest flowers can
be found in these forests also, commonly called
the Corpse Flower, the Ralesia arnoldii lives up
to its nickname. The flower can grow to weigh a
hefty 24 pound and is believed to reek of rotting
Another flower that can be spotted throughout
the rainforest is the orchid.


Just like the plants, the animals of the

rainforest are diverse as well.
The rainforest is home to many different
species of brightly colorful bugs and birds,
reptiles, amphibians, large cats, and
Insects alone are the largest group of
animals found in these tropical forests,
from beautiful butterflies to camouflage
bugs, some of which are even deadly.
The Amazon has the widest variety of
animals than any other biome in the world.
Other notable animals include large beasts
such as elephants and rhinoceros.

Deciduous Forest
The word deciduous means to
shed leaves annually. Therefore,
the trees found in these places
shed their leaves once a year.
Deciduous forests are found in the
eastern portion of North America,
throughout Europe, Asia, and
many other places throughout the
Deciduous forests are some of the
most common throughout the

Climate and Weather

Deciduous forests see all four seasons;
winter, spring, summer, and fall.
The average temperature is 50F, yet 82F
during the summers and a brisk 42F
during the winter.
The climate varies and ranges season to
During the winter, deciduous forests see
about 14 inches of rain and during the
summer average at about 18 inches of
Winter seasons usually experience ice and

Trees, such as oaks, maples, pines, and
spruce take up the greater population of
plants in a deciduous forest.
Some of the worlds tallest trees can be found
in Sequoia, California. The largest of them all
is nick named General Sherman, he is
274.9 feet tall.
Other plants which can be found here are
tawny milksap mushrooms, ferns, and moss.
Some trees found here are an excellent
resource for food for both humans and
animals. For example. The common lime tree
can be found in these forests.

Animals found in the deciduous forest
include wolves, a wide variety of birds
including our nations bird which is the
American Bald Eagle, amphibians such
as black snakes, rodents, deer, and
Due to the changing of season, some of
these animals may not be seen at all
times due to animals hibernating.
The animals have learned to adapt and
live off the land surrounding them, with
some of the animals being natural
The trees provide shelter and food