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Diana Sayago

Top Ten - E
There are three different types of teams, some would say four, that help an organization.
Without these teams firmly in place, the organization would not function properly or succeed.
Problem-resolution teams are important because they are there to solve ongoing
problems happening within the company/organization and to help solve problems coming from
the outside. The members of these teams need to be truthful, mature, and have a high degree
of integrity. These people cannot be swayed or have petty problems with one another, since
they are working to solve problems within the company/organization. They have to have a high
degree of trust in the methods and procedures they are using to to resolve the problems, or else
they will not work.
Creative teams are there for the sole purpose of developing innovative possibilities or
solutions for the company/organization. In order for the creative team to function they cannot be
expected to work with rigid deadlines, or have their ideas prematurely thrown out. Without the
room to work or to have their ideas expand, the creative team would fail and no new products,
solutions, ideas, would emerge.
Tactical teams are usually created to execute well-defined plans or objectives. But
what does that even mean? Well, an example of a tactical team would be a SWAT team. They
have a well-defined plan in place, their sole objective is to have this plan succeed. In order for it
to work each portion of the plan must be well-designed, the team must be highly focused, and
the instructions must be specific. The high standards of excellence expected must be clear to
everyone on the team, as well as the ways of measuring success or failure. That way each
person as well as the team as a whole can be held accountable for the outcome.
Sometimes a fourth type of team can be added to the success of a company/
organization, that is the ad hoc team. The ad hoc team is created for a short period of time in

order to deal with a specific problem. Team members are recruited from existing employees, all
brought together to complete the one task the team was created for. The team could be a unit
that is looking for the mole inside the company/organization leaking insider information. Once
found, the team is disbanded and each employee goes back to their regular jobs.
Each team in itself is important, but one cannot work without the other to make a
company succeed. Without the creative teams, there would be no new products/ideas to make
the company move forward and continue to make money. Without problem-resolution teams,
there would be inner conflict in the organization and nothing would get done. Without tactical
teams, then these well thought out plans would never be executed properly and could end up
costing the company even more. Even the ad hoc team is important because although not
permanent, it is vital to the organization when it is needed.

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