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1. The country of Ethiopia
2. CJ Fredenburg
3. Discover The Ethiopian Culture like never before
2. introduction (student created
1. Ethiopia is the great edge of Africa
2. The culture of Ethiopia is different from your everyday culture
3. Elements of culture
1. Language
1. The official language of Ethiopia is Ambaric
1. Amharic is close to Hebrew
2. Amharic is close to Arabic
3. In Ethiopia you can speak your own native language
1. The churches in Ethiopia speak Geez
1. There is 200 dialects in Ethiopia
2. English is taught in schools
3. Small towns speak Afar an ancient language
c. Sometimes Ethiopians speak Sabian
Geez is another old language spoken
Geez is used to pray
Geez is not typically a urban language
b. The Arts
1. One of the oldest churches know to man is in Ethiopia as known for its amazi
ng architecture
12 centuries old
13 centuries old (known to Ethiopians)
The first american found it in 1805
In Ethiopia they study art in literature class
i. They learn english ABCs in class
ii. They study english numbers
iii. They read american novels
During parties in Ethiopia They play drums
i. The Ethiopians eat meat during their parties
ii. They dance
iii. And some like to cook for others
c. Social Structure
One of Ethiopians traits is being friendly to a neigh
i. They have many more traits
ii. They believe in peace instead of violence
iii. They treat people a lot differently if they ha
d a criminal background
In Ethiopia they treat elders like gods
i. They kiss women as a greeting
ii. They shake hands for a male greeting
They bow towards the elders
They bow towards powerful people in Ethiopia
i. They wish commands towards these people
ii. They treat these people like gods too
iii. Sometimes the powerful people like a hug as
a greeting
d. Religion
a. 44% of religion in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Orthodox church
i. In Ethiopia they have free religion
ii. The Orthodox church started in 332 AD
iii. They pray on their knees in the Orthodox rel

The other 66% is muslim or christian

i. there is a 0.1% hebrew in Ethiopia

ii. Hebrew is jewish Statues
iii. Catholicism is popular religion around the wor
c. The Ethiopian Orthodox church is similar to roman catholi
i. Catholicism is a religion believing in Jesus Chr
ii. Jesus was a man who died for the religions and
the sins of the world
iii. A Orthodox is a mited religion
e. Economy


The main currency in Ethiopia is Birr

i. GDP $118.2 B.
ii. CDP $1,300
iii. Thousands per capita
Coffee is well-known cash crop for Ethiopia's Government
i. ETB = Birr
ii. Nearly all Ethiopians are farmers
iii. Wheat, Coffee, Barley is a crop grown in Eth


Ethiopia has the poorest Economy in Africa

i. 5% rural
ii. exporting gold
iii. animal esport

f. Government



There is parliament of upper in Ethiopia

i. 547 members
ii. They can vote for members
iii. There is also a lower chamber
There is a
A. 543

president and a prime minister in Ethiopia

lower parliament
There are 547 upper members
They vote for a prime minister

The whole country is based on 3 different government

A. Addls
B. Ababa
C. Dire Dawa

G. Customs and Traditions



Nearly 50% of Ethiopia is a in Famine

A. In the country side of Ethiopia (Farmland)
B. Birr is scarce in farmland
C. Birr is there money
There is small portion in Ethiopia with a middle

During parties in Ethiopia They play drums
A. The Ethiopians eat meat during their parties
B. They dance
C. And some like to cook for others