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Shades of meaning hand out

Purpose of Activity: This an activity that will help students differentiate

the subtle meanings behind words also as help them with their word chose
Audience: This can be used with any grade just use words form new
vocabulary in the unity that they are working on.
Texts Types: You can use this with any text but it would be best used with
text that expose students to words they are new or words that they are not
sure what the word mean exactly.
Guidelines for Implementation: You could use this as a pre assessment
or a post assessment if you wish to check if they will/ did understand the
vocabulary in your text.
Step 1: Supply a word that you wish to check the students knowledge of
and ask them for a synonym of that word.
Step 2: With the first word give them a couple minutes to discuss with a
partner some synonyms for that word are. Have them call out some and
write them on the board or invite them to quickly write them on the board for
Step 3: Ask the students if they know what the difference between the
words meanings are. You are checking to see if they understand the different
continuations the two words. For example what is the difference between
walked quietly and walked softly? Repeat till you made it through the words
you wish to check understanding for.
Step 4: Ask students why was important for you to take the time to talk
about the connotations that words have? Make sure they understand it is
both to improve their understanding of the texts that they read for their
classes but it is also important that they think a about the connotations that
go along with the words they say or us in their writing. You can use words
that have a word that a connotation to it that they dont intend. It is also a
good way to get students to become stronger writers by using words that
reinforce their point better because of the connotation that that word caries.
Adaptations: Students with cognitive and learning disabilities my need
help if they do not know the words but since this exercise is meant to be
used with words that are new they should be able to follow along with the
rest of the group provided that their disabilities are not to server. English
language learners will probably need a little more help, if they could sit with
Presented by: Alicia Prehn

another student that speaks their native language that could do some
translating what would be best.
Activity Strengths: Improve students word usage, increases vocabulary,
aware of the connotations that words come with. This can be easily
incorporated in almost any subject.
Weaknesses: Im not sure how well this would work for math.

Presented by: Alicia Prehn