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Sac ro i li i ti s
What is it?
By: Sam Bavis

Sacroiliitis is the inflammation of

Pain that worsens when you walk

one or both of your sacroiliac joints.

The joints are where your lower back
and pelvis connect. Sacroiliiitis can be


hard to diagnose because there are

many explanations for lower back pain.

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The pain of Sacroiliiitis can be

aggravated by prolonged standing or

Illistration showing Sacroiliiitis pain.

stair climbing.

Causes and Prevention

There are several causes that can
cause Sacroiliitis. One being traumatic
injury. A traumatic injury like an
impact, or even a fall can damage your
sacroiliac joints. Another cause could
be arthritis. This can be a cause
because ossteoarthritis and ankylosing

Illistration showing Sacroiliiitis pain.

spondylitis that affect the spine. Being

pregnant would also put you at rick
because the sacroiliac joints have to
loosen and stretch to accommodate the
extra weight and child birth.
You can prevent Sacroiliitis in a
number of ways. When it comes to
arthritis: early diagnosis and treatment
is key. For pregnancy, ensuring you have
strong pelvic and lower back muscles
will help. And last, doing your best to
avoid traumatic events such as impacts
and falls.

Signs and Symptoms

Your signs and symptoms may include
a number of things, such as:
Pain and stiffness in your lower
back,butt, or thighs.

Inflammation of one or both your

pain down your leg
decreased range of motion for your
lower back
rapid presence of fever



Complications and Tests

Some complications of Sacroiliitis are very
serious. Sacroiliitis can be part of an arthritic
condition. It can also include

Difficulty breathing
Spine deformities
Lung infections
Heart problems

Tests that can diagnose are few. Your doctor
will start out with a physical exam, during which they
will apply direct pressure in various places to find the
cause of your pain. They may also move your legs
into a variety of positions. Doctors will also use
imaging tests. An X ray of your pelvis can revel signs
of damage to your sacroiliac joints. Doctors also use
anesthetic injections to help pinpoint the diagnosis.

Emergency care and Modalities

The first thing the doctor will do is implement

Rehab and Support

Rehabilitation for Sacroiliitis includes

ice, moist heat, and rest. Next would come

physiological therapeutic modalities. This includes

medications such as tylenol and ibuprofen. Or even

electrical simulation which has a pulsed magnetic

narcotic pain relievers can be used. Osteopathic or

field which can help with inflammation and pain.

chiropractic manipulation may also be helpful. This

Also a weight loss management and diet may be put

modality can be effective especially when the SI joint

in place to help by reducing inflammatory markers in

is considered fixed or stuck. Another form of

the body.

treatment is. Physical therapy and injections.

Modalities for Sacroiliitis would include

Support for people with Sacroiliitis is a number of

things. One is a sacroiliac belt that supports the

adjunctive therapy. Physical therapists use this in

sacroiliac joint.Another is A transcutaneous electrical

hopes of reducing the patients pain, improving

nerve stimulation (TENS) device produces electrical

function and providing rehabilitation. Stretching of

stimulation using electrodes for pain treatment. Ice

the following muscle can minimize excessive strain on

packs and rest are also helpful when your sacroiliac

the sacroiliac joint:

joint may become inflamed again.

Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL)
Low back Paraspinal muscles