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Lana Del Rey: A Great Loss in the Music Industry

Lana del Rey, musics greatest mystery, has passed away. The twenty-nine
year old rising musician died from unknown causes on Thursday at her home in
Los Angeles.
The young beauty rose to fame with her dark songs centered on intense
romantic relationships, drugs, and sex. Lana left many people perplexed yet
intrigued by her songs of rebellion and emotional torment.
She started her career by songwriting at the age of eighteen and signed her
first recording contract with 5 Points Record in 2007. Del Rey released her first
studio album in 2010 with the self-titled album, Lana Del Rey. Her fame
skyrocketed after the release of her second album in 2012, Born to Die, followed
by the 2014 release of Ultraviolence. Lana gained fame worldwide. Her third
album was released on June 13, 2014 and debuted number one in twelve countries,
including the United States and the United Kingdom. It sold 880,000 copies in its
first week of release. She stylized her music as Hollywood sadcore and her
songs were noted for their references to various aspects of pop culture, especially
that of the 1950s and 1960s Americana. Lana and people who were closest to her
would say that she was born in the wrong decade. Her fan base went beyond
hormone-driven teenagers, but also included young adults and even a selection of
men. Many people turned to her songs in times of heartbreak, feeling she
understood what they were experiencing.
Del Rey grew up in Lake Placid, New York. She attended a Catholic
elementary school. At the age of fifteen, she was sent to Kent School, a boarding
school in Connecticut where she dealt with her alcohol dependence. Lana
expressed that her only friend at the school was Gene Campbell, a young teacher
who exposed her to music and pop culture. This is where she developed her love of
the art. After high school, Del Rey took a year off and worked as a waitress. She
eventually attended Fordham University and studied metaphysics, a branch of
philosophy. Del Rey was interested in God and science.
Lana Del Reys past alcohol dependency, difficulties with making friends in
school, and interest in a higher power were influences for her music. She began
singing in a church choir and was taught to play the guitar at the age of eighteen by
her uncle. Soon she started in bars and nightclubs in New York. Worldwide fame
was never her intention.

Lana del Reys untimely death correlates with the tales of tragic love
described in many of her songs. She left a mark on the music industry and will not
be forgotten by her loyal fans. Lana was more than a singer she was a Hollywood
icon who embodied her music in her daily life. Her fifth studio album,
Honeymoon, is expected for release this year.