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Effects of

interventions in
Procedure: Patients were

Observations: It was

Conclusion: Nurses should

observed in a natural setting,

interviews were conducted,
and diaries of patients were

discovered that patients

benefited from having
meaningful relationships,
receiving care that was
respectful of their cultural
beliefs, working towards their
futures, maintaining
dependence, and examining the
effects of certain treatment
Observations: The patient
developed a more complex
understanding of himself and
his experiences

attempt to deliver culturally

sensitive care, establish
meaningful relationships with
patients, and help them to
develop independence and
other skills to cope with their

Procedure: Therapists
spoke to the patient about
daily activities and tried to
help him gain self-awareness
and develop confidence

Conclusion: Therapy is a
useful tool in helping
schizophrenia patients control
their symptoms

*From these studies, it is important to note that observational studies can be useful
in learning about the lives of patients with schizophrenia. Furthermore, in both
studies, therapy was successful utilized in order to help those with schizophrenia
manage their symptoms. In conclusion, meaningful relationships are a huge part of
managing schizophrenia, and the care provided by health care professionals is
important and has a significant effect on patient improvement.