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World War II

Teacher: Bethany Fralick

Unit Name: WWII
Lesson Title: Review
Grade Level: Fifth Grade
Time: 20-25 minutes
SS: 5-4.4 Explain the
principal events related
to the involvement of the
United States in World

1. The student will be able
to understand and recall the
events and key leaders
during WWII.

1. The student will
demonstrate her
knowledge of WWII
events and people
through a short review
game of everything
learned thus far.

SS: 5-4.5 Analyze the

role of key figures during
World War II, including
Winston Churchill,
Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Joseph Stalin, Benito
Mussolini, and Adolph
1) WWII PowerPoint
2) Study Guide handout
3) Social Studies notebook
2) White boards for each student
3) Dry erase markers for each student
4) Promethean Board
Lesson Introduction
*How will you engage
your students in the

The teacher will start by reviewing with the students

what they have been learning about WWII. What is a
dictator? How did Adolf Hitlers actions lead to the
start of World War II? Explain the roles of Franklin
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Charles
de Gaulle, and Adolf Hitler. How did scrap drives,
victory gardens, and rationing help with the Do your
part war effort? The WWII PowerPoint will be used.
(5 minutes)

*Be specific give step-

First, the teacher will begin by explaining how World

War II helped bring the Great Depression to an end?

by-step instructions

The WWII PowerPoint will be used. Students will put

the new information on their study guides in their
social studies notebook.
Roosevelt called on factory owners and
workers to pour their energy into making
military equipment.
The country responded to Roosevelts call
and automobile companies started making
tanks and military trucks.
Shipyards operated 24 hours a day. All of this
production created millions of new jobs
and the Great Depression finally came to
an end. (5 minutes)

Next, the teacher will instruct students to get one

white board and a dry erase marker. The students will
find a partner that they are sitting near to work with.
The teacher will instruct students to stand back to
back with their white boards. The teacher will then
call out a review question for the students to answer
on their whiteboards. When the students have
answered the questions, the teacher will ask the
students to turn around and discuss their answers.
Inform the students to figure out the correct answer
through discussion if the students answers did not
match. The teacher will give the correct answer and
will repeat the process with several more questions.
(10 minutes)
Lesson Closure
After the review game is complete, the teacher will
*How will you summarize conclude the lesson by asking students if they have
the lesson?
further questions. Then, the teacher will proceed to
inform the students what will be coming up the next
day. (2 minutes)