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Cook’s - First Grade News

Feb. 1 – Feb. 5, 2010
This week we’ll read Kids Play, Ways People Live, and Houses. Even
though the students have the new reading assignment, they still need to spend at
least 5 – 10 minutes, at home each day, reading a passage from the red fluency
folder. Remember, the goal is for first graders to read a minimum of 60 words
per minute or more by the end of first grade.

Reading Homework for the Week

(Phonics Skill: the long a sound: ay and ai )
Monday – read Kids Play pg. 60-67,& complete Day 1 on Lesson 20
Tuesday – read Ways People Live pg. 72-93, study Words to Know pg. 70-71,
and complete Day 2 on Lesson 20
Wednesday – read Ways People Live pg. 72-93, complete Day 3 on Ls. 20
Thursday – read Ways People Live pg. 72-93, Houses pg. 94-95, complete
Day 4 on Ls. 20, & and do Spelling Triangles.
REMEMBER: Your child should keep the reading assignment in the blue
folder every day, in case we discuss any of it in class the next day.

Math Homework

Monday homework – complete math worksheet

Thursday homework – complete math worksheet

NOTE to Parents: If you have any questions about the RED

Fluency Folder, please let me know. I’d be glad to meet with you
one day after school to explain it to you. I could also meet with
you before the Book Fair Tuesday night as long as I know ahead of
time. You can call the school and leave a message (233-6627) or
you could email me at

REMEMBER that the Book Fair is this week. I have a WISH

Basket in the library with some books I’d like for our room, if
you would like to donate a book to the class. I hope you can
attend the Zaxby’s dinner and the Book Fair on Tuesday night.

Thanks, Mrs. Cook