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Stacie J.


Henderson, Texas 75654


email address

Date, 2015
School ISD
_______, Texas 75654
Dear ____________:
I am pleased to present my resume to you for consideration as an elementary school teacher with
__________Independent School District. In May 2015, I will receive my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary
Studies from Stephen F. Austin State University. Having over five years of classroom experience and being
taught modern learning styles, I have the desire to provide students an excellent education. I am confident in
my ability to be a valuable asset to_________________.
My desire is to teach young minds and help them mature into well rounded, responsible, and successful
individuals. Many opportunities have been presented to me to teach diverse groups of students, including
those with learning disabilities, English as a Second Language, as well as those who perform at grade level,
along with those who were gifted. As a result, I have become proficient at designing creative and stimulating
lesson plans, which consist of movement and hands-on learning to keep the students interested and focused.
My greatest strengths I would bring to ____________Independent School District are communication,
organization, classroom management at varying levels, and inspiring and motivating students. I actively
engage students minds by utilizing a variety of manipulatives, giving students the opportunity to collaborate,
and allow them to explore in adventurous activities. I am open-minded and feel it is important to tailor lesson
plans to meet students diverse interests and to have plans relate to everyday life. It is very important to have
parents aware and involved in their childs academics. I will hold parent and teacher conferences on a regular
basis to reinforce the importance of education in the house, to boost the students self-esteem, and confidence.
With great eagerness, I look forward to discussing with you the ways in which I can make a significant
contribution to the students and your school. Thank you in advanced for your time and consideration.


Stacie J. Nix

Henderson, Texas 75654


email address

Seeking a position in _________Independent School District utilizing my capabilities in planning and

implementing high quality lessons, analyzing and using data, and building strong relationships with

January 2011August 2014

Stephen F. Austin State University

Nacogdoches, Texas
Majored in Early Childhood through Sixth grade at Stephen F. Austin State University. Proposed to
graduate May 2015 with honors, Summa Cum Laude.

September 2014December 2014

Henderson Independent School District

Henderson, Texas
Substituted for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade including Special Education and ESL.

June 2008November 2010

Southland Safety, LLC

Henderson, Texas
Accounts payable and receivable, human resource, payroll, inventory control for supplies,
equipment and maintenance. Reconciled monthly credit card statements for eighteen operators. Created
spreadsheets, power points, and worked in Quick Books.

Oct. 2004July 2006 &

August 1991February 1996

Irving Independent School District

Irving, Texas

January 2004September 2004

Rohi Childrens' Organization

Kenya Africa


Assisted English, American Sign Language, reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and social
skills. Wrote daily progress reports for each child, attended teacher conferences, parent and counseling
meetings, meet the teacher night, and open house. Evaluated students reading equivalencies and participated
in the teaching program to development students skills to achieve their appropriate reading level.


Established, organized, and implemented office procedures for new missionaries. Organized, and maintained
files for a100+ students. Reorganized the bookkeeping system and expense reports. Trained members on
basics in excel, word, works, clipart, publisher, power point, and other computer functions. Went to poverty
sections to convey to the street youths about different
religions. Attended bible studies, visited schools, and area services to learn about different
religions and cultures of the area.

Las Positas College in Livermore, California Associates

in Arts May 2001
Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas
Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies in Elementary Education- May 2015

Stacie J. Nix

Henderson, Texas 75654

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Mt. Enterprise ISD Mentor Teacher
Mt. Enterprise, Texas
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email address

Henderson, Texas