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HOOK: An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language. Since ancient
times pets have been mans best friend. They are considered family just like any
other family member.
THEISIS: Millions of domestic animals are abused each year. According to research
more than a million of these animals die because of domestic violence. Even though
abusing domestic animals is a felony that can have a consequence of going to jail
people still do it. This is a major problem in the United States of America; every 10
seconds a domestic animal is abused.
Motive: As I did my research I was astonished by how bad the situation about
animal cruelty is in our country. Our community should be informed of how people
treat animals and how this concerns us. Domestic animals or pets are like family
and they do not deserve to be treated this way.
Credibility: The United States has laws that protect domestic animals of
unnecessary cruelty. This cruelty can even lead up to the death of domestic
Preview of Main Points: I am going to focus on ways animals can be abused,
looking for signs of animal cruelty, and how domestic animals are similar to
Main Point 1: All animals can be abused, but I am going to focus mainly on dogs
and cats, since they are the most common pets.
a. To start there are two ways of animal abuse; there is passive and active
cruelty. Passive cruelty involves neglect. Some examples of passive cruelty
are starvation, dehydration and much more. Active cruelty is when the abuser
intentionally harms the animal. For example, they could be whipped or
burned by the abuser. A common way of abusing is domestic violence.
b. There are many ways that pets like cats and dogs can be abused. Like being
neglected or abandoned by their owners. According to research when this
type of case occurs only a portion of those cases are reported. Yes, I did say
reported, meaning that the authorities were involved, but those are not the
only cases that occurred because some cases like these are not reported to
the authorities. In 2010, only 417 of cases were reported in the United States.
Also 70% of the abusers also have records of violent crimes. This is becoming
a huge problem in our community.
Transition: Now that that we are informed about how pets can be abused lets
move on to how to detect animal abuse.
Main Point 2: Since I said I was going to focus on dog and cats lets see how we
can detect animal abuse.

a. First of all there are multiple ways that a dog or cat can be detected to be
b. Malnutrition is a common sign of abuse usually pets are so skinny that you
could see s their rib cage.
c. Hair loss or diseases in their skin or eyes.
d. Also injuries that are not expected like limping.
Transition: Now lets move on to how domestic animals are similar to humans.
Main Point 3: Pets and humans have many similarities that could have never been
thought of.
a. Domestic animals can feel and they also have different emotions, so if they
are abused they can feel that they are not loved. For example dogs and cats.
Dogs and cats can feel when their owners are happy or sad. If their owners
are sad they try to cheer them up like humans try to do when others are sad
b. If a person feels bad when they do something incorrect
So in conclusion, today we have learned about types and ways of abusing animals
also the similarities between humans and domestic animals. Domestic animals
cannot talk, but just by their appearance we cat feel a lot from them.