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Ball State University

Department of Social Work

Social Work Practice II
Prior to beginning this, please rate yourself on your abilities in the following areas,
using the scale listed below.



4=Above Average


How well do you think you can:

A. Differentiate between a for profit and not-for-profit; Rating

B. Provide leadership/governance in a non-profit agency; Rating

C. Explain how an organization relates to the community; Rating

D. Explain how an community relates to the organization; Rating

E. Treat policy as if it has implications for consumers; Rating

F. Chair a meeting; Rating 5
G. Participate in a meeting where parliamentary procedure is being used; Rating
H. Take minutes of a meeting; Rating

I. Amend bylaws for a non-profit organization; Rating

J. Identify when a board has used fair hiring practices; Rating 5

K. Understand what serving as an effective board member of a non-profit board
means; Rating 4
L. Chair a committee and consider all aspects of the role; Rating

M. Think through the types of community members that should be represented

on a board of directors; Rating 4
N. Create a budget for a non-profit organization; Rating

O. Write an operational policy for a non-profit organization; Rating

P. Read a budget as an instrument of policy; Rating
Q. Develop an organizational chart; Rating

R. Explain the formal structure of non-profit organizations; Rating

S. Critically evaluate an organization through an organizational audit; Rating 3

T. Advocate for consumers; Rating

U. Assess the responsibility of the agency to the community in which you are
employed; Rating
V. Protect clients rights; Rating

W.Make note of all groups affected when policy is suggested; Rating 4