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Research Paper Outline

Introduce career choice and the topics of paper.

History and Background of the Career

Go over history and background of Civil Engineering.

Requirements to Obtain the Career

List the requirement of career such as the amount of education and the
skills needed for such work.

Job Position Description

Describe what a Civil Engineer does and it role in society.

Job Reflection and Outlook

State the pros and cons of the career and will it be needed in the

State the careers importance to society and why its the job for me.

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Civil Engineer Research Paper

What is civil engineering? What do civil engineers do? "Civil engineers
design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain large construction
projects and systems" (BLS) I am interested in this career because I like to
construct things ever since I was a kid. I am also interested because this
career is important to society, that means that the career will always be
around. I will be covering: the history and background of the career, the
requirement for this career, describe the career's work environment, and the
job reflection and outlook.
Engineering dates back to around the 2550 BC were "Imhotep, the first
documented engineer, built a famous stepped pyramid of King Zoser located
at Saqqarah". (What is civil engineering) Engineering one of the oldest
careers in the world. Another civil engineering marvel is Machu Picchu, Peru.
It is located in the high Andes Mountains. It was built by some of history's
most clever water resources engineers. Machu Picchu is a mountaintop city
complete with drainage systems, running-water and stone structures so
innovative that they still stand for over 500 years. However, John Smeaton
was the first person to call himself a civil engineer. Then in 1828, the world's
first engineering society was founded. It was called the Institution of Civil
Engineers, which was located in England.

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For civil engineering, the entry level of education is a Bachelors

degree, in either civil engineering or civil engineering technology. However, a
Masters degree will make it easier to get a job in this career and also increases
your salary. Also a program accredited by ABET is needed in order to gain

licensure, which is required to work as a professional engineer. (BLS) Similar

careers include architects and civil engineer technicians. Architects plot and
design houses, office buildings, and other smaller structures than what civil
engineers do. Civil engineering technicians work under the direction of
licensed civil engineers. Being a great civil engineer requires important
qualities. Decision-making is a skill civil engineers needs. Often civil
engineers balance multiple and frequently conflicting objectives, an example
of this is determining the feasibility of plans with regard to safety concerns
and financial costs. Another skill civil engineers need is a good ability and
knowledge of math. Civil engineers use trigonometry, the principles of
calculus, and other advanced topics in mathematics for analysis, and design
of their work. Problem solving is another skill civil engineers need. Civil
engineers work at the highest level of planning, construction, design, and
operation of projects that require the ability to evaluate and resolve complex
Civil engineers design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain
large construction projects and systems, including roads, buildings, airports,
tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment.
Many civil engineers work in design, construction, research, and education.

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(BLS) In a company the civil engineers jobs is to do all this listed above to
make sure that there constructions and systems are safe and dependable for
others use. There are four types of civil engineers: Construction engineers,
Geotechnical engineers, Structural engineers, and Transportation engineers.
Construction engineers direct construction projects, confirming that they are
scheduled and built in agreement with the plans and specifications.
Geotechnical engineers work to make sure that the ground and foundations are

safe to build on. Structural engineers plan and evaluate major projects to
ensure their strength and durability. Transportation engineers design,
operate, and maintain everyday systems that do with transportation. A civil
engineer usually works full time. Their work is generally indoors but
sometimes they spend time outdoors at construction sites. Many civil
engineers hold supervisory positions ranging from supervisor of a
construction site to city engineer. However, other civil engineers work in
construction, design, research, and teaching. In addition, most civil engineers
work with others on projects and can be aided by civil engineering
Civil engineering is not an easy career and it has many challenging
aspects to it. One of those aspects is that it is very strenuous on the brain.
This career deals with problem-solving, decision-making, math and writing,
and leadership. If that does not sound like a headache to you then you must
be a robot. However, there are some amazing perks to being a civil engineer.
Like the salary, for instance the median annual wage for civil engineers is

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$79,340. That amount is well above the average annual wage. In addition,
the employment of civil engineers is predicted to grow 20 percent from 2012
to 2022 that is more than average employment. In our modern society, Civil
engineers will always be needed. Although states continue to face financial
challenges and may have difficulty funding all the projects that need
attention, some of the projects that have been delayed will ultimately have
to be completed in order to build and maintain critical infrastructure. (BLS)
There are over one hundred and one civil engineer firms in Salt Lake City
alone. Civil engineers contribute to society by maintaining old structures for
use and constructing new structures for growing population.
Civil engineers have a very important part in society. You could say
they are central figures in a communities improvement. Without civil
engineers bridges would collapse, skyscrapers would not exist; there would
be no sewage or water systems. Societies would not grow and thrive.
Civilizations would not be what they are today without civil engineers. Civil
engineering is a career that should not be taken lightly, but should be
regarded with great appreciation. Am I the person for this job, I would like to
think so because I have skills that are needed to be a civil engineer. One of
these skills that I have is that I am good at communicating with others. In
addition I have good math and problem solving skills. However, civil
engineering is a difficult career, but I am willing to push myself to become a
great civil engineer. Because I believe, civil engineering is a great profession

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to go for, because it plays a great role in society and it will always be


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