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Clan/Family Name: Bayashi

Clan/family Symbol: Black Scorpion on a Blue Field

Clan/Family Colors: Black and Bue
Common Professions: Assassin,Caravan Driver, Cook, Fishmonger, Gambler, Gunsling
er, Hunter, Merchant,Sawbones, Scavenger, Thief, Thug and Tinker.
Great Ancestors: None in recent times, any historical ancestors would have been
lost in the fall.
Warrior Arts: Swords, Spears, Firearms and Bows.
Other Arts: Fishing, Cooking, Swordsmithing and Bowcrafting.
Common Religion : While not all follow it, the Majority of the Bayashi follow th
e Light of Hedon.
History : Unlike many other families, ones that can trace their histories to anc
ient Japan, the Bayashi family is truly a creation of these times. In the time a
fter when civilization fell, A collection of survivors searched for a way to end
ure these troubling times. In a bid for survival, they began gathering what reco
rds they could, trying to recreate the Samurai era. Unfortunately, being as it w
as at this point a generation since the fall, Their collection of records wasn't
as stringent or as thorough as it might have been otherwise, Drawing from as va
ried sources as Musashi's five rings, to a tattered Legends of the five rings RP
G book. These became the historical texts that the Bayashi family follows...thou
gh some peices have been lost to time's ravaging.
In time, the family recreated the samurai outlook and themselves in the process,
becoming a family of sailors, fishers, cooks and merchants, but with a decent s
hare of warriors, especially warriors willing to work a bit underhandedly, in ke
eping with the teachings of the texts. They have taken to the seas, trusting to
the waters to provide for them. So far, it has. While not unknown to the other C
lans and Families, the Bayashi are definitely viewed as..a little odd. Especiall
y unusual for a Samurai, the Bayashi are focused more on loyalty then honor. Whi
le they hold honor high, they feel that duty to one's lord is a greater virtue.
Based primarily around the Pacific Northwest, occassionally ships of the Bayashi
family will sail to other ports, even making the trips back to the remains of j
apan, trading, fishing, and occasionally engaging in piracy if timing is right.