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Leah Norsworthy

12419 Turchin Drive

Houston, Texas 77014


Seeking a Leadership Position within the

Elementary/Secondary level

Principal Certification Program
University of Saint Thomas
June 2015
Master of Business Administration
(Project Management)

American International University January 2012

Bachelor of Administration

Texas Southern University

June 2006

Principal Certification
(Projected- June 2015)
Instructional Leadership Development Certificate
Mathematics 4-8
(Highly Qualified)
Gifted and Talented Endorsement

An educational leader who uses knowledge of
learning, teaching and student development to make
informed management decisions by

Reinforcing school culture by mentoring new teachers

Observed new and tenured teachers in the effort to increase student


Facilitating a productive shared decision-making team

Analyzed data and guiding implementation of curriculum to promote

student success

Coordinating a bond between the district and school/community


Team Leader

Seventh Grade Mathematics


Teacher Mentor/Coach

Department Chair

Cluster Leader

New Teacher Mentor

Sixth thru Eighth Grade Mathematics


Eighth Grade EXCEL Academy


An educational leader who advocates, nurtures and
sustains an instructional program conductive to student
learning by

Developing and maintaining a hands-on learning

environment, using math curricula and technology
to improve student success on formal and informal

Planning and organizing lessons focusing on

content vocabulary as per student data

Designed themed Math Units for Gifted and

Talented Students

Bleyl Middle School

(Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District)
Seventh Grade Math

Burbank Middle School

(Houston Independent School District)
Sixth thru Eighth Grade Math

An educational leader who promotes the success of all students by
collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse
community interest and needs, and mobilizing community resources by

Participating in discussions with a group of internal

and external stakeholders to make decisions in the
best interest of all students

Researched, Identified and Plan community

outreach events to make valuable connections
within the community

Developed events to involve parents to increase

overall students performance

Math and Science Night


Parent Liaison
Eighth Grade EXCEL

Site Based Decision Making Committee




Stacia Carew
Bleyl Middle School
10800 Mills Road
Houston, TX 77070

Samdria Stewart
Bleyl Middle School
10800 Mills Road
Houston, TX 77070

Matthew Ebner
Assistant Principal
Bleyl Middle School
10800 Mills Road
Houston, TX 77070

What Great Principals Do Differently

by Tod Whitaker
Eye on Education
Any great leader primary concern should be doing what is best for kids, right? In the book, What
Great Principles Do Differently by Tod Whitaker he focuses on the need to focus on identifying,
retaining and grooming the individuals who service our students, the teachers. Within the book he
discusses that there are fifteen things/ideals that can be done that will continue to increase the overall
success of a campus. Each chapter served as one of the ideals that will lead to a successful campus,
which can be summarized as a leader you must understand that the ones who impact the students on
a daily basis should be treated with the utmost respect. As a leader their ideas and opinions need to
be valued to ensure that the campus serves the diverse needs of all students. Also, as an education
leader they must be equipped with the skills to recognize what teachers should be retained, who needs
to be groomed and be willing to identify those who do not share our vision and be willing to let go.
As I read this particular book, I feel that Mr. Whitaker has some very valued points and that if examined
and study properly will have a major impact on achievement for any campus. Though I agree with
most points as with any opinion there will be times were people differ. As a classroom teacher, the
approach that I have found successful and continues to achieve growth with my student he denounces.
This just demonstrates that it takes individuals from all different backgrounds and perspectives to
reach all students. Diversity is the key.
Tod Whitaker is qualified to write a book of this magnitude due to his success as an leader and his
experience training leaders to reach their utmost potential. He has written many other books that
focus on the continued improvement of campus leadership. Currently, he continues to present his
ideology across the country to increase educational effectiveness.