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Online Projects, Collaboration Sites, and Publishing Opportunities

Lesson Idea Template

Name: Nelia Card
Grade Level: K-5
Content Area: ELA and Technology Skills
Standards Addressed: Different ELA standards
Title of Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity: Publishing
URL of Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity:
Describe how you would Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity
in your classroom: I would use the publishing opportunity in my classroom by
letting the students participate in the monthly writing contests, read other
students work, and giving the students the opportunity to publish and share their
own work. I would like to use this in my classroom as an opportunity to increase
the students motivation and encourage reading/writing by letting them publish
their work to a different kind of audience and sharing it with the classroom.
What technologies would be required to implement this proposed learning activity
in a classroom? Computer (with keyboard, mouse, and monitor), Scanners, and
Describe how the following features are addressed in this learning experience
(note: all of them may not be addressed in the project, but most should be if you
are reaching a high LoTi Level.):
a. Collaboration with peers, near-peers, mentors outside their classroom
and often beyond their school: There may be opportunities to
collaborate with others outside of their classroom. There would
definitely be opportunities to share their work with those inside and
outside of their classroom.
b. Student-centered learning and knowledge creation: The student would
have many opportunities to collect original data and produce original
products as a result from engaging in the project
c. Higher-order thinking: The potential to support higher levels of
learning and higher LoTi is great because there are many projects that
are standard based, challenging, authentic and meaningful, studentdirected, multi-disciplinary, culturally responsive, puts the student in
different roles (explorer, teacher, producer,) puts the teacher as
different roles (facilitator, guide, and colearner,) chances for
collaborative work, opportunities for different types of assessments,
could be used to solve a real life problem, and it gives students
chances to explore technology in many different ways.
d. Students publishing their original work to others who will use/care
about their product: There would be many opportunities to publish
their own work for others to see. They would also be able to look at
other students work.

Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):

Creating: (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and
What Level of Technology Implementation best describes this learning activity and
Why? LoTi Level 5 best describes this lesson because technology access is
extended beyond the classroom and the students are given the opportunity to
publish their work.
How could you implement this proposed learning experience and still comply with
your districts Internet Safety and Student Privacy policies? Making sure that all
forms are filled out to ensure that the student is allowed to participate, allowing
administrators and parents to be proactive about the student safety and privacy,
not letting individual students communicate with other individuals without
teacher moderation, not allowing students to post anonymously, know who posts
what content, use fun masks for students who do not want to be seen online,
making sure you know all/any parties you are connecting with and that they are in
positions where background would be required, being careful with letting
outsiders make recording of students, encouraging students to use fake
names/pseudonyms/avatars or first names with only last initial, not publicizing the
location of the school, using passwords to restrict access, and educating students
about internet safety and how they should not give out their names or contact
information to others online all serve as ways to implement the learning
experience while still complying with the districts Internet Safety and Student
Privacy policies. Permission slips will needed to be filled out in order to display
personal information, work samples, photographs, videos, streaming video, or
audio clips of any identifiable student.