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Tyler Cox

Mrs. Ellis
EDUC 1301.200
April 30, 2015
My Reflection
Looking back to the beginning of this course, I was not sure how I was going to react to
being in an actual class for student teacher observations. Material on the blackboard was akin to
the kind of work I had experienced before from an online course so the only thing that stood out
were the observations.
It was very interesting seeing how student/ teacher interaction differs from college
compared to high school. It is crazy to see how much a high school teacher has to go through
with their students and how spoon-fed they are compared to college. It was also interesting to see
how cell phone restriction has been relaxed. When I was in high school, if you had taken out
your cell phone it would be confiscated by the teacher. Now, students have their cell phones on
their desks and only get them taken up when they appear to be too distracted by it. The textbook
talked about various learning techniques and Mrs. McNeal seemed to put confidence in the
students, understanding that they were responsible for their grades and that as being juniors in
high school they are expected to demonstrate maturity.
The textbook for the class is good in my opinion. It is different from previous textbooks
that I have had in other classes. This book has some good insight on the education career and is
definitely geared towards students who are considering education. It is written quite well. It
manages to not want to put me asleep which is nice for long reading sessions.

The class did teach me plenty of things about education. The most interesting to me being
the fact that private schools do not take state tests like TAKS or STAAR. Getting some
background on No Child Left Behind was enlightening and helped understand why these tests
exist. I would say that the observations were the most informative activity in the course. Though
I was only in the school for four days, I learned quite a bit about todays students and how
technology is prominent in the classroom ad how teachers cope with the distractions students are
facing. . I think it would have been more beneficial to be in a physical classroom rather than
working through blackboard. Overall, I would say this has been an interesting experience and a
good introduction to the field of education.