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Sadie, Ale, Dylan, Charlotte

WRTG 109
Collaborative Community Project
May 7, 2015
The Briar Cliff Review
There are many people that have different types of artistic talents. They may have a
unique or outstanding talent, but sadly they cannot share it with the rest of the world and end up
keeping their work to themselves. The problem with this, is that they might think they can only
share their work with either their class or school, but it is possible to share their work to people
throughout the world. A way that a person with an artistic talent can share their art with the rest
of us is by having it published into the Briar Cliff Review which was founded since 1989. The
Briar Cliff review is a magazine that houses the art of many talented people all through the
world. These selections of art are hung in the Sioux City Art Center for three months. All you
have to do is just submit your work.
The Briar Cliff review gives a person the opportunity to share their work with others.
This magazine is supported by Briar Cliff but anyone is free to submit their work even if they do
not attend this university. People can submit work such as paintings, photographs, sculptures,
drawings, small writings, poem, and basically anything that is art related. Another beneficial part
is that even if the viewer is not good at art or have any artistic talents you can admire the art
work of others. If an artist is interested in submitting a piece that you have done, you need to
submit a copy of it on a CD. Once that is all done then you send it to the director of the review
program, Tricia Currans-Sheehan, or you can also submit your CD with Jeff Baldus, who is an
Art teacher up here at Briar Cliff and also the Art Editor for the review. If they approve your
submission, they will then inform you by sending a letter in the mail and your work will be
presented in the Briar Cliff Review magazine. If not selected they will send out a letter stating

that you did not get selected, but even then it is still respectful to go to the Art Center and support
the other students or other artists that did get in.
The review for this year contains art work from many distinct places. They have work
from places such as Thailand, Peru, Dubai, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Syria, France, Italy, Japan and
Pakistan according to the Briar Cliff Review website. This shows how the review is known
around the world and should be announced more locally. After conducting a survey, we came up
with some useful numbers to help prove that many students on campus are still not aware of
what the Briar Cliff Review is or that it even exits.
By the statistical results of our survey about the Briarcliff review; the awareness about
the review is minimal. It has a statistical percentage of 47.06% with the participation of 25 Briar
Cliff students. The reason for the data is the lack of advertisement throughout the campus. Some
solutions could be to display posters around campus weeks before the event, continuous emails
for the event, and applications with the date of the event. Having the awareness spread
throughout campus will help the review and artist get their name out into the world. Since
88.24% of people in college check third phone throughout the day, Briar Cliff should send
campus wide text messages to get the word out. While the survey was presented, we asked
should the review be announced to other schools to spread the word? 76.47% said yes because
many young students could have the piece displayed while making a name for themselves. This
will also help spread the word to the community as well. Even though some students have heard
about the review, they just know its an annual event. Many students do not know anybody that is
in the review. Some reasons for this are the lack of advertisements by the organizers. Certain
departments on the campus such as art, graphic design and English know about the review
because they are asked to submit pieces. 52.94% of the students would like to know more about

the review. Some of these reasons are that 81.25% of the students take pictures and 18.75% paint
and draw or a combination of both.
I think there should be actions implemented to address the issue of awareness of the Briar
Cliff Review from the statistical data accumulated from briar cliff students. Some suggestions
from the students where spreading the word through social media, posters, email, broadcasting
through radio and commercials, and flyers. Many of the plans are very plausible to execute.
Graphic design can create posters and flyers, then pass them to other students, administrators,
and community. Then the business majors can find and efficient and effective way to spread the
products. The mass communicators can broadcast through the briar cliff radio and maybe
integrate this into an assignment. Then the campus administrators can email and text message
the whole campus. By sending mass emails and messages about the Briar Cliff review, the
awareness of the review will become a greater interest in the university and the community.
Sadie has had an opportunity to be in the review twice and has a lot of experience with
what happens at these events and the process you go through to have your work hanging in the
Art Center. First she had told us that when you submit a photo, painting, sculpture, small
writings, anything that relates to art, you put the pictures of your art on a CD then label the CD
with your name and also the name of each art work. After a while you will then receive a letter if
you are going to be in the review or not. If you are selected to be a part of the review then Jeff
gives further instructions on when to deliver your work to the Art center and, if you have a photo
your submitting he tells you where to get that framed and also what kind of frame to get.
April is usually the month the review lands on, and this year is was April 16. When you
arrive at the Art Center you are greeted with many happy faces, all who are either there because
they are famous artist, teachers, students who are in the review, and also people who are looking

to possibly buy. You all gather around in the entrance way and get to meet new people and see
who is all in the review and what to look out for. After a while then the Curator for the Art Center
has us all go upstairs to the show and talks a little bit about what the review is, and has a few
artists talk themselves. After that you are free to look around at the art and converse with other
artists. What Sadie liked to do in particular was stand next to her photo to see what people would
say about it. Hearing the good things people said made her realize that she does have talent, and
thanks to the Review it helped her show this. There are people out there with hidden talents that
are unaware of the fact that there is somewhere to submit any type of art. This Briar Cliff Review
is such an amazing opportunity for those people, and instead of having their works collect dust
they could be hanging in the Sioux City Art Center for the world to see.
Most of the time the only way you hear about the Review is if youre an art major, or if
you know someone who was in it. We as a school need to help spread the word for the hidden
artists out there. Sending a text message to all the Briar Cliff Students is an amazing way to do
so. Since about 90 percent of our class of 25 people alone said they look at their phones the text
message is a very good idea.
The Briar Cliff Review is very interesting to any audience, all students, faculty, and even
people who dont go to this school still see the review. It is very important to artist because it
gives them something to strive for. It is a big honor to get in to the Briar Cliff Review because
there is very limited space and a lot of people read the Review. Its like the newspaper for other
sports if you excel in your sport there going to show your talents off. Same with the review when
you have a great piece of artwork there going to let everyone see it in a very interesting way by
first putting it in the art center for 3 months and then everyone can see it. What is great about the
Review is that it will show the artwork but it also has an article to go more in-depth so you
connect to the artwork even more. The best part is that anyone can submit artwork, thats why

this can be a great thing on our campus we just need more people to know about it so they can
enjoy it too. I also believe that the Review could be used as recruiting tool for new students. The
more students the school gets the more money the school will get. Not every school has a
Review like Briar Cliff does we just need to spread the word so everyone can enjoy it.
The Briar Cliff Review could be very important to this school if Briar Cliff were
to except our proposal. We need to inform students of all the very artistic talent we have at this
school. If we dont we are just holding our students back from the great experiences that they
could have with the review and we are defiantly missing out on the viewers we would hope to
see out of a review that has so much work put in to it. So now that you know what the Review
is, know the very poor numbers of who sees the Review, and the actions we should perform to
get the word out about the Review. After hearing how passionate Sadie is, who has had two
things in the Review really shows how important this is to the artist and its also important to the
readers who want to see their artwork. If someone has an artistic talent and wants to show it off
the Review is for them.