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Standard Addressed

Standard 6: Engage in
professional learning.
6.3.1 Seek and apply
constructive feedback from
supervisors and teachers
to improve teaching

Standard 7: Engage
professionally with
colleagues, parents/carers
and the community.
7.4.1 Understand the role
of external professionals
and community
representatives in
broadening teachers
professional knowledge
and practice.

This artefact is a lesson evaluation by my university supervisor. This
meets this focus as I received constructive feedback from not only
my colleague teacher but also from a university supervisor.
This feedback was an integral part of my reflective process of my
teaching practice. I used the feedback I received from others to
inform changes necessary for my continued improvement of my
teaching practice. These evaluations were used to target areas of
improvement. I would have daily meetings with my colleague
teacher about my teaching and receive constructive feedback. I
would also self-evaluate my teaching and my evaluations have been
checked by the supervisor in this artefact. The evaluation was used
to further improve my teaching following this lesson including to be
mindful of the noise in the room at all times.

This artefact demonstrates my desire to use professionals and

community representatives to broaden my knowledge and practice.
This artefact meets this standard as it shows how I have used the
expertise of an external professional to broaden my professional
knowledge and practice.
The university supervisor that evaluated my lesson has many years
of training, practice and expertise in teaching of many different
levels. I found it to be extremely beneficial to have been given the
opportunity to have my teaching practice evaluated by them. I
valued the level of expertise they were able to offer and that is why
I find this evaluation to be an important tool to my future teaching