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Hannah Alarcon

January 22, 2015

Eubanks Success 102
Career Reflection
Starting out 2014-2015 school year, I was determined on finally getting the grades I was suppose
to have all throughout my high-school career. From freshmen year till now my dream job has not
changed, although many obstacles have obstructed my view. Three careers I have in mind would be
Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner and photographer. Of course, Doctor would be the ideal dream
job, however realistically I am the only one who is slowing myself down.
In order to become a Physician Assistant you will need your masters degree in college. Do not
forget that you are under the supervision of a physician, therefore you will not have full liability
compared to the physician. The skills you need are active listening, service oriented, reading
comprehension, critical thinking, social perceptiveness and speaking. Within your years of school your
knowledge should be based around medicine and dentistry, english language, biology, psychology,
therapy and counseling. The outcome of being a PA (physician assistant) deductive reasoning, inductive
reasoning, oral comprehension, oral expression, problem solving, written comprehension. On the other
hand, my views of a PA were completely off from where I started Junior year. I degraded PAs as if they
were ordinary emergency nurses. They still get paid fairly well, median salary is $101,300. My
perspective on physician assistants were off by a long shot.
Nevertheless nurse practitioners are allowed to diagnose, they still need to know the bases of
medicine and dentistry, psychology, therapy and counseling, biology, customer and personal service. Just
like a PA, NPs are similar in lots of ways. NPs are also allowed to learn/work just like a PA, whereas
PAs cannot. Similarly yet the skills obtained by NPs are the same as PAs except for critical thinking,
social perceptiveness, and active listening. Abilities of Nps are deductive and inductive reasoning, oral
comprehension and expression and problem sensitivity. Throughout an NPs career, you will need your
masters degree in college in order to begin.
Lastly the well known underground photographer, they make at least $38,500 on average. Your
local photographer should be an active listener, have oral comprehension, far/near vision, good at
speaking and service. They should know customer/personal service, sales and marketing, computers and
fine arts. All you need is a high-school diploma to become a photographer. This child-like dream still is
buried inside, but all I can ever see it as a hobby or side-job for extra money.
All in all my careers that I have chosen add up to an unrealistic goal. I want to become an
emergency room doctor, however I limit my own decisions. I allow myself to get bogged by those who
bring me down. Freshmen year I wanted to do well in high-school, but as of right now (junior year) I am
doing my best to bring myself up in order to achieve my dream of becoming a Doctor in the emergency
room. If anything, I will become a physician assistant and when I am ready then go back to school and
study to become a doctor.