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Giants House

Elizabeth McCracken
Complete the following information about the story Giants House for Monday May 25 th,
1. Write the definition of these terms
Characters, plot, conflict, setting, point of view, theme, novel, short story
2. What aret the characteristics of nonfiction?
3. Who is the narrator in "The Giant's House"?
4. What is James conflict about in "The Giant's House"?
5. What was Peggys best result in her word search?
6. According to the narrator of "The Giant's House," where did most tall people work?
7. In "The Giant's House," what does Peggy discover James's real concern to be?
8. Is the narrator of "The Giant's House" inside the story or outside the story? Explain
9. Does the narrator of "The Giant's House" use first-person point of view or third-person point of
10. What kind of books does James ask the librarian to find?
11. What is the setting of "The Giant's House?"
12. Why does the author include details about Anna Swann, Captain Bates, Jack Earle, and Byrne?
13. How does James feel about being so tall?
14. How does a reader determine if a story is written in first-person point of view or third-person
point of view?
15. What dilemma does Peggy confront when looking for James information?
16. What kind of person is Peggy according to the information given in the story?
17. What do people think about those who are not considered normal?
18. Who is the narrator of the excerpt from The Giants House?
19. At the beginning of the story from The Giants House, What information does James want find?
20. At the beginning of the selection from The Giants House, what conflict does James face?
21. In The Giants House, who was the husband-and-wife pair of extremely tall people?