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REPELS TACTICAL HANDBOC Fa Ss a cCoORPORATIONn°v= CONTENTS INTRODUCTION sanivery a Aant-Personne! (AP) Warhead se How 1 Use his Book Fre Fie Atoch “ Dee Fire Miele 5 NEW RULES: ‘ Se atack “ Extended Long-Range Misses 8 Thunder URS 6 Surgea’ Sto Ataok “ Hest Sookng Guidance System s DoUBLE-SUND AULES ? aking Fie aac “ Magneti-Puse Warhewd (PW) 38 Sequence of Pay 7 Bettettoon Engin Explesione s ‘Smo Warne © ovement Peco 7 Battech Senaors ‘Streak Mile Systems % ‘Stacking e ‘Becromagnete Sensors Tancem-Charge Warhead 8 Spotong Praso. a sire Senco Thunderbolt Launchor 8 sta Sptng 8 Tharmegrapnic Sensors PHYSICAL WEAPONS ee SenscrSpotng 8 Sonoer Damege ‘cian = Weapon Attack Phase 0 Craters Nace cy Opportunity Fre 0 Disongaging PPC Fo eubtors BATTLEMEGH ACCESSORIES e Physical Attack Probe " FourLegged "chs ‘Ange! ECM Suite e OPERATIONAL GAME 2 ‘Hae Placement ‘loosroune Aive Probe oo ‘Setting Up the Game 2 ot Loading LAM ‘Command Coneelo ee Oeterinie Camoaion tsi 2 ‘Hut-Down Rules % Cootent system 85 Caing Oppasing Forces ® Inielocking Streak Wasting % Meenanea! Jump Booctere * closing Maponeets 6 omping Fre ° Wiatehdoa System 8s operational Turns is \enasairBattetechs {DEFENSIVE ARNANENTS e ‘Seonane Pace ® ‘Converser ° ‘Blacor Armor o Vicor Oslemnation Paso © Batsevecn ose ° GGlazae Armor o Batioling Hecovery Phase 2 ‘AiMoon Mode ° Lover Antaisie System o Everts Pras a Fghter Mode 5 STATIC DEFENSES ” Lagstes Phase 2 LAN Conecton 2 Bunkers ” par ana Rett Phase = Line o Bight 2 Fold Works n Determining Cempeisn Results 2 Pana’ Cover 3 Forinestons. n CComGAT VALUES Es Mechtaror Damage 5 Inattlatione R Battleech Combat Values 2 ecting Terrain Elevation St MECHWARRIOR GEAR a feaaMech Damage s+ NEWEQUIPMENT 8 ‘atelFak Cooling Sut ans Vest 73 Venicle Combat Valuce 31 BALLISTIC WEAPONS 3 Computer Voice Creut n ‘Wahese Deroy 3 ‘Causes ammunition = DDamagesnterrpt out Infantry Comba Values a Hyper Velocity Autocennons = SLOP Nourohelmet * Sietle Detense Combet Values au {UB Autocannens ‘58 WEAPONS AND EQUPUENT TABLES % ‘See Datanse Darage 3 ‘Maoh Menare & ‘combat value Table a Uive Autocannons 5 LEVEL THREE RULES MISSILE SysTENs, = octine Woverent Sequence “ ‘ele (AX) Were s BATTL cu TACTICAL HANDBOOK BATTLETECH TACTICAL HANDBOOK INTRODUCTION Tho BattleTeen Tactleal Handbook is 2 atteTech supslemort designe to alow player 10 (eaten py acvancad aca sitions. The book inludes now rvloe and equipment for advances Eamtecn pay inlasng syns fo uring double bind games and creating extended BatlaTech can talons, as wet os new equpment and optional es for Hechitartor girs Player shou be thorough mtar wth no es providus in the BattleTech Compendium and Nechwarior, Seeand Edition, sourcanocks nefore daemon to use the new nes povidone Tactical Handbook HOW TO USE THIS BOOK Heraaner, at BateTech iy wl be designated es Level Ono, Level Two, ot Lava) Troe Battech eve One BaitleTech is the Gesic level of play nd vss the fechnology avalabe 3025 "echs, vehicles. and weapons described in Technica! FReadoute 2025 anc 2026. Leve! Two BalleTech denotes te lov! of play vtod all tourmarment and ecniors-level competion. Level Tao BatleTesh Ireludes ll he Lavel One rue, 2 wel ase optera vies Inthe BaitleTech Compendium and the CCtyTech, Second Esition sexed set_Leve! TWO Batlech uses he technology evaiabo 3055-e ‘Moore, vehicles, equipment and other techrology deaorood in Technical Readout 2750, 3050, 2058, faa pres tach veacouts {ove Trae Battatech ply my luge any of the atonal mes presente inthe Tectia! Handbook, fs wallas re beperimentalookougy present inthe MechWarior covertso Unbound Level Thee ues ‘3e optona rules tha advarceeplayo's may vse a8 they 00 tt ‘Te BateTosh Tactical Handbeok i vidos into two main sectone. Tho ist seen New Rules, D1 Flos, Operational Game. snc Combat Values that fray be wand in any lve ot BatoTech iy. Double Blind Rules ofers gudetees for nnnng coubl-n ‘Games. in which payers must rly on tw une oor ore to detect ana target te enemy. Operational ‘Game provides a meplss este fx ering exons ‘ec BatieTech canairs. Combat Values presen 4 fyetom formasaureg he combat capabites of comtt forces and revi BatteTech unis. The New Fules octon ako conine Level Three Rules, which re ‘sents optonel ns for advancod pyar. "ie Level Three Rules scion oes three parte lat rpertant atone: a now soqueres 2 2) fanart syste fr determing lee of ih, and tery appear in he BaleTech Compenlum, raking them Lovel Two nies arc Tapa for tourarment a however, tt clusion ae Level Thvoa ule no “actlal Handbook row makes LAMS saga for tou nament pla “Ths ascend mein section, New Equipment doscies ew weapons oho aqupert for Battelech ‘atieTech and MocsWarior play 4 Cr ee lg NEW RULES be wed ith al vl of Ballet Cail cessed oso Lal Tce Ts Level Tree Rules section proves adverce cpt Lavel Teo gare, Payers shout or chy tre wis ras fb BatlaTech Compenclum ‘sere iraong Le Tee se Re gamoe Tho inlomason roiged below on Thunder LAMS Bettiovech Compendium. Theee ro THUNDER LRMS TTLETECH TACTICAL HANDBOOK DOUBLE-BLIND RULES In a double bins game, nator play can “tee he energy of eal bat ro BatleTee coated commandore, playore, ono of wom acte as gamematier. The Samaracor montore the stave end movement of he ‘ant ol both sid. Each payer ecorde the movernont 2 copy of te double-bnd movement ee of i ook Level One, Levl Two, and Level Thee es may be usoain coubla.bied games ures cers rota SEQUENCE OF PLAY 5: Socting Phase ‘Ooscrvniy Fre Tho tative, Hoa, and End phases ofeach tun in the doubl-bind gam folow to earaats BateTeen ‘ules excep! ners rood. Specs double bl ules or the tewamon! Phase, Spating Phase, Weapon ATack PPhaso, and Physical ARack Phase are desorbed in MOVEMENT PHASE Esch ployer movea his units and recor thir poi tions wv unt marerson is mapshees, Both players Unie are coeidred to move simultaneous. However in cases where wo of more enemy unis would vate tha ner saccng mts, to sce thal won te ve (2 to cecupy the cores hex (se Stacking), Players thou pct ther uns movements on & copy ol the ceuble bing movemert cha, uorg he fo owe gudotnes: Weiking erasing, Ruri esignaons Fics Mow ras xnnber of exes Tum at (ne hex ing LF Tur tiene hoe acre) mode, # appeabe(e ‘lrgig). Thon record Tz Turn Lat (ree movement for jumping ech) Ux Up numero vet (VTOLS on) ys Down xnmber ative (VTOLS ony) = Oppenuniy Fee DOUBLE-BLIND RULES Note he sang and ending hex ruber for sh i the numberof hoes ove, and the ection that the units torso of turet facrg using the Artiley ‘Seater Diagram (. , BatleTech Compendium). aon’ Locust oosupies Hex 1406, fac- ing droston 4, Duting ho Vovaron: Phase, Pips the Mech run. He tums te Mech hight one nex facing, moves I forward 4 hese ums ore hex cing, and move ‘toward 3 hones He then els otis he torso thal te fasg drecion 5. To ech has moved a tot of T hexes. Te notation fertio movernont 01S 00RD Pas: rooms o_o i Tia ar Bit ane once the players have moved allo thelr nis ‘och gues he movement chart he gaemaster. Tho gamomattr then movee the units on is mapsneet fst moving the side tha! won hentai, Tho pameraster should resove all Pl Skil Rolls fer sige and ehd-sipe. The playors should fesovealcer novementeated Potng Sil ets. ‘Aer rsoréng re movement ach layer’ ut, the gumerastarperfoms epoting. For dla, eo he ‘Spotung sean STACKING Because the oppoting forces in a douce-bind game canno! see one anothor,eeverel unite may ‘ocupy a sige Pex a tne end of @ Movement Phase. Whenever the number of uch ute exceods iho stacking limi or the hax (see p. 17, BatleTech ‘Componctum), the hex i cutomacaly cocupi by ‘he unis ofthe player who hoksthe Iie forthe tun. The enamy uni(e) and thee movement ho tdcert hex tat they Would have o2oucid prior to fmerng tha coniested hoe. ry of the units rvelved tmey charge thelr opponente during the Prysical ‘stack Phase of he tr. (See pp. 32-08, BatleTech Compendium, fo charging ral) SPOTTING PHASE using We Spoting Phase the peremacty dhs ooo ian ener) Hissenbymanarouit To perform spotting, the nmorecter check Ne mepehoot ‘or poting te meernae of te player’ unke. He fet Soermines [tte uns can detect any enemy fore vay Then he chicks 00 f they an date any onomy Units by using sensors. The gamomastr nen informe eapn sao of osaton fa Ing and ype of onomy unt detected. Unis nat star a doutie: blind gore as hon (p.57, BatleTeen Compendium) carno! bo sorta ‘xcept by the methods outlined in tho standars (game rules. "Tisincluces an enemy watt entering ‘he tiddon une hen, andthe ue of civ probe it's hidcen unt fires is only spotted # an enemy Unt eould have geen # unser the visual speting ‘ules, VISUAL SPOTTING ‘unit revel datcts an enemy unt unerav ‘nyse condtors are me. Frs the enemy uit must inthe tha forward. tring ae ofthe spoting unit ecen, the sot must Rave ¢ dear lin of eght the enemy unt TG, Ihe erery unt must bo wii the vou range of he apoting uni Uso te fotowng {able te determine manner visual ange uncer vais almoophere conations VISUAL RANGE TABLE Maximum Visual Range (in hexes) Cconaitons BatlevecrWehicle infantry Deena is 2 Dayle cy 2 Tigh 16 3 Fop.rae.haxe 10 5 Though intenty oops cannot see as far as BatioMochs of vhs, toy can seve as an excelert ceaty wari syier when propery deloyed, because ‘hoy otra advange o 3e0-snyoe tng ics. A ceateight mouriod on a spting unit slum ates ary unt ine ster’ LOS and termed ng 4,28 wel aso spoting unt af Tat euch Nts {28 they ero day A player must cate ach {Um tat his ais seri sn in oder recta Ut Mabe (eosunot 4) DOUBLE-BLIND RULES use seismic sensors, nor can they be spotted by When using Level Thee sensr ula, note tht tor sanser sparing purposes ete Iso diflererce botwoen EM and thrmographic sonsors ECM syetome ilust as special sensors con meke spotting nem units casi special ECM sysems can make its harder to detec. Aba gonorl rule, ECM Bye tes mask sun's nature ane precise locaton tom ‘onemy sonsore, ut the eyetars” powerful jamming ‘evices make coat the every tat something is Inthe double Bnd cam, tho Angel ECM Suto Watendog System, Guardian and standard Clan ECW euites all modiy tho rol tosults of spotting Unis atlemptng 1 detect an enemy unit equipped wath suon an ECM system. Bocause aiforeni ECM Systems have diferent efocts against ditfarant probes an sensors, the mooie vaty Gependng fn the spting unit's prebeleencer and tho enemy hive ECM system, These figures ave provided in tho ECM Modifier Table below (The Watzneog ‘System appen'a i bol colurns because it contains ‘bot an seve pate arc an ECM sue) Mute ECV eystome wil a ther eects # oy sa bo ange of spotrg unt “Though ECM eyetome con prevent 2 probe fom entying unt. hey ase have poner distinctive ‘Sgnatues. Ia spotng units in ange of an active EGU device ond fale fo deta the EC oRupped une ‘nt to payer Pet is Une has ban armed by en EoM outa “The fules given for each of the probes and ECM systems Rare apply In double-blind games font, For goneral BatleTeeh ruice governing he Guardian and Clan ECM suites ard the Beagle dete Probe, tae pp. 118-120 ofthe BattleTech ‘Compendium or p. 220 o| Technical Readout: ‘2050, For general rules and Gesciptions of the Sensor rus ae proucea ln Lavel Three Rules. 44 To be allecod, the spcting unit must bo tho toimat operaing radius o! the ECM system. THs fedua eno ftetos by LOS. ‘WEAPON ATTACK PHASE ‘itor btn playars have movod ther unts andthe gamers has conduced all necessary spotting, {he Weapon Atack Praso lakes place. Oni targets ‘hat have been spied by ay Hendy unin that um mray be atfacese. Al standord weapons ire ules 200, “ine gamemastar fist resoWes al opportunity fra, thon all ctr woapone fire, RasoWve each type Offre by gaing fo one player, with ihe unt recore theate and coudie.blins moverant chars of al potential targets, The player then resolves his Dppariunty fe attacks and the ganenaster ‘ecords the results on tho propor record sh ‘The game master then resohes the other layers ppetunty tne Attar pperunty tires roBsied ECM MODIFIER TABLE ‘Sanderé lan Guardian Watendog “S a os 4 a % Clan Act Probo 3 2 4 ‘Mech Seneor 6 5 = Versi Sensor 7 é ° Seume ma ma na Waichdog Sytem S ” “3 ten resolve standard weapons fire in the same manner. Once al weopone fre nas Ben rosolve, the gamamasterrolurs the rocord sheet tothe appropriate players and has them resolve ary Ploting Skil Role, All opportunty Wwe 2 consia ‘Note that damage token Weom oppcrtunty ‘re nd standard weapons fe is not cumulative when Sotormning i's demage-mndiced Plating Skil Ro is recuied. a unt taker 20. ponte of damage in ‘ner the opportunity fe or the standard weepens fire stage, however, a Plating Skil Aol must be ‘age atthe endo he appropiate sloge OPPORTUNITY FIRE This phase allows a unit 10 concentrate solely con potential targets forte woapene, In oot no ‘Gunnar fa uni that has declared opportunity fie [i hunched over his gun sights wang tora target to appear. Once the enemy unit shows up, the ‘gunner presses the tigger Any unt that ceciar Spporunty fire muet d9 80 during the Movemant Phase ang may rot move ot take anyother action. AM standare movomont ard torran mosis sy 10 Ee ed CPERATIONAL GAME maples eyetor tor quietly generating BatleTech campaigns. Players Eegin he operational game by eating campaign odjec- thes hen pay 2 sores of scones 1 aciove those ‘hpstas. Atha stato Re game, e Payers re pro- Nido wit a rated pool of asoucee thoy may use to lage ine campaigns. In ths way, the operational fume loroas players to conor to logistical needs ot rns as hl os ongange Staley and acs, The operational gamo es can bo used by two or more players, with or without & gamemastor. A (amerasie wl mate tung rn mere sony, Now trex. Speco gamemeetr tok includo ottng the ‘djcties choceing maps, Keep trck af pol tol, tupenicing indivavel bation. ere eam tal apn Dae forcs are used Players can vse Level Ore, Lavo Two, cr Love Three BatleTech reo or any combination of these ‘use 0 play the soars of tet operational gare ‘ayer ae encouragod toute tho syst thal appoas ‘rent tong them and mec he rls 8 they {fo eure hat a playa yee on ary rule rein Sonsbelove beginning an opraterl om, novevet. “Tne oparational game can be broken dow into thee main pars, 8 flows ‘Sing Up the Game 2. Operational Tums 4 Determining Campa Resuts ‘Sring up the game involves praliminary tasks such a cetormiing the campagn cbjacve. The vars tus somars ofthe game are clayed ina series of Operational Ture. Ono the payers have atlaree ther bjedtnes or dopetos thet foes, he Fel veel of thecpersona gama are delemined For the sak of clr, player who intiates mo acters cated te Altace tought fe erie car fargn. Tho Ataoter® opponent iealed he Defender SETTING UP THE GAME eting up the operational game invohee thie stops—datermiring he camosign objective, creating tho sopoeing foroae, and electing the mapsrects "These ass are ben! pvformed by a pamereste, DETERMINING THE CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE “The fet stp the eperteral gama © dbernin lng be cargakn obocive. This caresion ctacve I ‘ely to goal the ABacker tre fo accomplen dng {ne gure Tis may include captsng or destroying an instalation, extrazing @ hostage om the Neat of tenemy terior, ef leling vauabo tececley from a ean Sieg search acy. The ype objave is ‘ent fom for eeatng te plays forces. So0 103, Mercenary’ Handbook: 255 ora it of ger thal ypos ct seigaments Move avarcos players may ‘sho anos the gonoal objective iro gare tac ‘Capruing an neiniaton ight me cape 8 No boro exoe and Roig thom fora specie robo” ct ‘Comat Rounss. for example. Completing the task ‘Youd thn become ane ct ta en endtons fre “ne Delercers goal thon Saco prevetng the nino em eehevng te sampsign dbp CREATING ©PPOSING FORCES ‘Once ie campaign odectve 1s se, the payers can crate thor lees Ft, the garmomctar mut cat Combat Valve point totals for the Atacker and Detende. Comba Valves, oF CVs, ae simpy numbers that Geseriba the resourcos and copabiltes of a upront hee a sponte CV. So Combat Value, 20, for atl explaraten of Combst Values ard form las for deorminng he CVs 0! sealeh-but or cus ‘omzed Mocns end voheoe or payers who Mish 0 compete on 2 leva ay ing field singly ets angle Comoat Value port ta that each payer rey “spend” on his or hor force. To handieap a more eopernced player. sirely alot he Daver a lmer Canbet Vatue pint ttl than No oppo The folowing Comba! Value Estinaies able oo oes vat gees forthe Comba Valve eon tals ‘ints needed fo purchase indhidal combat unts nd Proves tna required supzon curing an operationa| ame, ‘COMBAT VALUE ESTIMATES. Lance Type (6 Polnt Tota pte “e000 edi 31500 Heawy 4550 Assault n100 In roa wartee, opponent ae often mma, however. Use the fling ell procedure to shulte the inoonaty Th prosadute creates @ CV porto) {or the Defender vaing 9 formula bosed on the ‘Atackers CV tol rst seta Corte Vale port tal ‘consulting the Defender Rot Moder table. Use the (oneral reson (ype at best descibes te Aacka's {aroaign cbjeetve 2 Cds LL ates DEFENDER ROLL MODIFIER Objective Typ6 lt Mode Rotsinee ‘s Praie Hung = (Opeere Rad 2 Poretary Assault 2 Dhesionary Rad 2 Exracton Rais 2 Reto! uy ° Ret buy, 3 Seca Dy 4 Goerta warts a ‘The Defonder then rails 206 end apaties the sopeprata ro motor to vatut Usa re osbied Tol resto find the appropriate multiplier on the Combat Valse Mutter tae. pty T¥S multlior tho Atashere CV point fll to dolemne how many Combat Value ports the Detencer may spond on ns ‘COMBAT VALUE MULTIPLIER | Roll Rest Mp ‘or ower 2 23 2 “3 5 7 % wie 433 ser greater ‘8 Natale ara Raph aro squarng on an ‘operasonl game in which Natal’s Atsching ‘ors ram stage a Dvarsony Rais Nate tno # ele 90,000 Cemst Value parts > sen a smal rang ore. Rabhis 206 rll Yds rosut of 11, Because Nate's c= appls fo B00 ol ard sore modi est 16°13. After consulting the Combet Valve ule table, the gemamaterealeuletos alps Coneat Value pon tt (80.00 x 18) a 135 000 (Once tho player havo dotemired tat Comat ‘Value point tla, they can begin assembling thee teres. operational gemas, payer fst rust SMe thoi OV points among four éHeron pods. Those a the Combat Pooh, Logics Pool. Repair Pook end Renforcemart Pool Onca the points reve been b= ‘ated they cannot be moved ihe 08. Combet Poet "The Comba Poo! rprosees the combat asses ct Players spend thei: Combat Poo! points ie pur ‘ently pices, and infaniry. Detending players may Sto spene cemoat Poo ports on sate dalerses, (FOr ‘Simpleily’séoke,abrepaco unte are nat inucea in {he opaatona pam rules They canbe irogtted as ‘combat une, owaver) Combs Pest ports can only be used fo purchase whele unts, such 9s an oni furorane replzomentporeomel o° pate wih Comet Esch layer duces ne Combat ec! ports among tives gicupetne recon cetachment, rear 9v8@, 898 no) “The rocon detachment scout ahaa ofthe main aay ard cers targets Ts detavrent a9 Joos fe aha cf te Shing oon ae tho fret ange rt ho ‘gn andine st eres wave. Payers may acca ne ‘moro hn 26 percent of her tial Combat Poets rue. ‘General, cry lager uns mana rear gus For ceonsing unt, ta eer quae roproconts fa line of proton Forth etacer th ear gua olds ‘he lng of edt oper should # become necessary 6 ‘abandon te orginal plan. Players may alocate no ‘mora man 30 percent of ex ict Combat Pool he rear guards. “The man body reresenss the bulk of forces avalabe unt and hardae the mony of seers the overatina game. Payers may alocae ay ol er remainng Combat Pos pant ai ain dies. Payers oro alco rastricto by the type of une they may assign 1 at econ Toes, fear quae, and Unit Restietons able UNIT RESTRICTIONS Force Unit Types Allowed Recon Force Batltlccn, Hover, VTOL, Tracked, Wheels, inary RearGuars Altos Man Bad) Batleechs, Hover, VTOL, Pein Inerey Loplaties Poo! ayers use thet Logétes Poel ports 0 maintain land suport thelr unite. Even when unite aro not ‘ngage incom, ey rqure suppon. Troops need food ere Gora, oqumon and veils roquro sta ard matxenance, pays Must be ret. ard s0 on. nen the unit inetd in a campaign the Legs ool ale takes care of ammunition and ther consur fables required fo wage war Fer these feasons, the B de Lad OPERATIONAL GAME wil nave amele support Sho decides to alo cate en ever 45,00 pons, alate allocates 2,500 paints te her ‘Ropar Poo! She plane 19 win or ce in her attemp 10 complete her mission, nd 80 Ene realy ony concerned wih having ‘Stanang for me nna! bate That leaves Nai wth 6,119 points 0 place in her Reinforcement Pool Because Comba! Value pointe ithe Rointorcoment ‘Poo re only worth 78 percent of tel org nal value, thie loaves Natal with 4585 points or ervorcements, SELECTING MAPSHE! Mapshoass ae seloied era ot a the sa of ‘ash Operational Tum. The gamonseto clone tho ‘rapsheets rom ary BatleTech mapshos Sel hep '5gim ming ne campagn obscno. Thay hs sae ton of mapahects, re gamemaste: can eet he eo bate somenhat. shouts ane player Dep 10 over ‘anne opponent. ‘Te rum: of apsheets used fo: each scenario s asermin by the nanber of ances (ar Can Sar) ‘ash ede commits to the soerare (1 mepehoo! per tance/Star) Be sure that each player declares is ‘ern bere sateg out he mapanoat W playing wit a garemaser. ho payers tke ‘uns lang eu he mapenoas. Tho Ataoka ste out thelist mopsheet. The Detrder se ou! the Secon, ‘rogehets forthe ecanaro have been la ov Arrange the mapshesis as comiguasly as pessibl-—he se ‘ons mapehoot must be lis go hat one of Re doe teuctes heist mepsheet the td mansteet must bo 1} 2 hat ene of 10s (wo tos posable Ue 62 tno her mapeheets, an co.0n. Wricever payer oe Operaiona Tum OPERATIONAL TURNS (nce the stays have set the campagn cbjectve ane created tel forces they can begin the act game. The operational game i played in sores of Spetatonal Tus. Esch Operational Turn const cf # Sconario Proce, Vietory Determination Phase, Bates Recovery Phase. Events Phase, Lagstes Phase, ans Rapa and Rolt Phase. Each phate mes be perormed dung each Operational Tur. The ory fexcertors this sequence ccc Operational Tus tenan Plretay Landing soonaroe ave plays aren the fal Operaona! Turn of he game (sce Planetary Landing, p15, ans Determining Campaign Rests 27, for deta), Tere 90 rw on ow remy Opmatenal Turns ‘may be played in sn operations! game. Instee, the (Game coniruss unt the Atackor has achieves ns ampaig objeeive or the Detercr nas fenced he ‘Atacker incapabe of ding so. Ee’ side may con ‘ce vor and wit a the cpersiona! game 0 wal Detals on each phase of he Opertrel Tom are rovced inthe sapere pace ones arn xe soo ‘operations! Turm Sequonce 1 Scena Phase 5. Batis Recovery Phase 5. Legiasee Price ©. Repar arc Pet Phase SCENARIO PHAS! ‘Seven types of scenatios are used in the COperatenal Ture oho game. Thaoo sconce ae the Paneiery Landirg, Mooing Engagoment, Advance, Pursut, Assault, Delense, and Coumeratlacs soon {a Th Planetary Lang ssays played ding ‘het Operational Tum. The eeonaro ie ropetad in ob sequent Operational Turns untl the Atacker wins— thereby eetablenng @ landing zone where ne can Uuncad hs force unt his Woops ore desma, of tum na eoncedes. Once he Atactar Pas Completed 2 succeet Planetary Landing, the Mosting Engagement IS played curing tw next Operatonal Turn This sce avo cccute only once per operational game. The remaining sconaion oxy the res! ofthe Operational ‘Tame che game. no aucore ot each seen ce- lato yrich type of sonario ployed in he folowing Operational Turn, Each of these scanariotypes— avance, Pureut, Avsautt and Detanse—may be repeated Sova ives of rever played ale, Gepen: Ing onthe cours othe gama. Tne ssnaro fc i cuted nthe Seerario Oy low cha 5 | fi SCENARIO FORCES AVAILABLE Attacker Planetary Lancing booting Engagement ‘Advence ‘Assault Defense Countertiaek OPERATIONAL GAME Lament coouence. Tho Atasxat my saa 3 land zone by destoyng the Delencers fc o di ung them rom the magsrees. Tre Alacer secures @ landing zone auomateay te Panetay Landing Rod ‘rcokes a1 sont the land. he ease, ep jemaing phases ofthe Opeatonal Tur and oo rio me Woctng Engagement No bate eceus, and must sll pay the special Planxary Landing logistics we Aakers o cooses to trek of bate, re ust repeat he Planetary Lansing soar 8 sequent Operational Turmo unt he wina. (Skip the Victory Determination Phase it these Cperational Turns, The Delender automaticaly conto the fils and ray spond up 3600 pores per nce NS pool dung sash su2h Operational Tun) ey of he ‘htacers unte that sive afalled Penelary Leng begin en the mioeneste oung tubeequen Planta Landa stempls.Unti he wine a Planetary Lancing Sennano. the Atacker may fo pay ary loses cos, Derlam rps, purehace rplasoments oF eco ‘ochs tha scale of he ransheets cur anda Eacn payor mast pay a special logistes cos or ‘ach unt he employs a Peretry Landing scent. ‘ns cow retacts re ccdtonal resourons deed 19 Hd Unte or cont cop. ene ft repiaoos the D229 loge legise cost ef anemone by 3 soe Logistes Phase, 9°29, for the base logisties costs of unis). The PLANETARY LANDING TABLE Modified RollResut Landing Coneiions ‘Unopposed! Drop: The Dslence cnn! postion is or25 1 contest haar 6, No beta ensues PesimaterExtabished: The Atscker sets up lest on the mapsheets. The [Defender aves on the map ge cat ceice a a ao! Tu 3. 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Te Meeing Engagement Rol 12.206 rol moan byte Nesting Engagement Nos {vale that eects the opal of ea layer om aii, ret coneut the Lance/Star Modiers tate (p. (2) create a nce’Sier mse for each laye Col Tle ed | Morementoased maaiter + jmp-captiy modfir + Uectoncrecorciecance mostr=Iance/Sta mode. ‘nen calelating to Atace’s lance/Star mos- er also as he Pantay Lending Most. To, saact ie Daende’s eroaSt moder fom the Aas’ lnealSir moder The ond suis M2 Mosting Engager recite. Use be flora eon: _Atacke's lancet rodfr - Defender anotStar ‘radii = Meetng Enageren Modlix LANCE'STAR MODIFIERS Stonest ‘Mech! Mesiner Wahking MP Reting Zorloner a 2 5 a 6 ° re “ Sorgen 2 honest Vehisie's Crutsing MP ating ‘erloner 3 os 2 ° “1 10 ° 1Sergestor 2 ‘A Masns jump-capatie 2 Beagle ovArgolacive prebo | H ‘Boerne Active Probe 2 Guardan Eom sute a Wilchdog Srters 2 Planetary arcing Modter 31079 (atacher ony) atlie, the Attacker, commits a ren Engagoment. The slonect Mech nt Taco hes 8 Waking MP rating of 7. which pro “ache is equipped with @ Beagle Actvo Probe (1 meaty) an a are umpeapadie (2 modiion. Because Natale 1 the ‘xtacte. nor Panty Landing Moder (-2 ‘hive coeo) alo apples, Ta! ges Natale {2 lancsStar osteo Tap te Doteraar, cari to Stars of Onnittechs tothe bate. Th clowe’ inecrina in fis fst Star has 9 Waking MP fatng of 1 (22 meitoy, and sas! one 0° the tacts nas a Watchdog astem (+2 mod fen. That gios Ralpns ist Sar a eaor O14. The stowee! ech in the ¢9cond Star fas a Waking MP rating of 4 (-2 oder ‘nodes A east one of he Moshe alo has 1 Waterceg systom (02 odor That ro Siucee « modiar of2 for Ralph's second ‘Star Comorng te wo valves Gives Pai a NEETING ENGAGEMENT TABLE oll Result Atachor Maps Home Edge Derloner Boa ts Det Det 3 Beare et Det 4 oars er bet 5 Ege et Det 6 Eye at et 8 Ese Det a @ Espo at at " soy Baye at at 12 gate Beate at at Suotracting Ralphs tance’Star modi from Natalio's proaueos 2 Mooting Engagement Moar of-8 Cee the Messing Engagemen! moder hae been etorminad perform ine Meeting Engagement Fo tev) the moder toe real ond conaut ro Meet | Engagement Tab to ceterine te al pararet’s {tho balla Pla contmuee Ul one side stoves or wits. Then perform the remaining oraces of the Operatnal Tum. “ovte key Board: Payer cea up anywhere on tho mapshoets ‘Board it Playr rust lace all is uit onthe ap sheets before he opponent es up. Edge: Peyer ertes at he hom eda on th map ‘Any Edge: Plyer entre at any 0899 00 he m8D- Home Ege column: Oanctas te payer nho sles home edge. The epposte edge automata Eeceras hic eppenents nome ecge CT a Zeal Aarne ‘moving up his Reaver unis im an tent Io nash {ough te Detercer's ns. The acer may use 3) Unks trom ne main Bed) ard rearguard in Avance scerares. The Delener ry us ry mao unis Comin pay unt one sds ecimatod or whan, then continue with the remaining phases of the Opeatonal Tum, Pursuit The Pursuit sconaio presets the Ostend fo toning upon his vetory inthe inal engapernent ct tho campaigy The Ostender may vee ary une om his mein body and roar guars in Puraut scenario, The Acker hay Use any mans unts Conte Play unt one side ve geetrayes or miherane, then Dertorm the remaicing phases o! the Opereiional “The Accout seonaviorapresanis the Atscke's (For sevarcea players uong an bjetve that moras ® spechc geographic keaton mar the lcaon cn "he Imaosneets Dofore staring play) Botn payers may oni unt fom thor reser cetachments, ma Dod les and roar quads m Ace scares Fay url one side wiherane cr & Soshoved. An Atacker cory in an Assault scenato aecively ends tn operational gare. Sac Oetermining Campaign Results. 27 error dette, Ihe Delender ins the score, comin uth te orang pases oho Deter The Detonse sceneio represents the Allacke's "ovo the te 9 the compan. Boh players may use var guage ung Datones scence Continue pay ut one sige winans oF 6 cc ‘mate. to Delondor we, the operational game oivoy over. Sao Determining Campaign Results 2, rhirer dee the Atacter wet. 90 9 "he romeinng phase tthe Operational Tur Ccountertsek Courteateck scorercs represent oct betes vwnera he romarium oh campaign ange the el Arco. Both th Atccher are the Defonder my use Unis tom tar econ Getachmen, main Ress, ard ‘ear guarse m Courteatack econarce. Cox 9) Unt ne sie witaws ori cestroyed victory DETERMINATION PHASE Tho Vetory Oetominaton Phase i ved 10 deter Veto also use to lente pool eins the players Imay spend during the remaining phases of the Operator! Tun The level wiry leo vees when