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Margaret R.

3792 Westside Dr Churchville NY 14428
Telephone: (585) 813-7408; Email:

Enthusiastic, hard-working, quick learner with excellent organization skills

CURRENT New York State Professional Teaching Certification
Literacy Education (B-6), Professional Certificate (Pending)
2014 New York State Initial Teaching Certification
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Initial Certificate
Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6), Initial Certificate

Roberts Wesleyan College
Masters in Literacy Education (Anticipated August 2015)
New York State Certification, Literacy B-6 (Anticipated August 2015)

Rochester, NY

Keuka College
BA Honors graduate in Childhood Education (Class of 2014)
BA Honors graduate in Special Education (Class of 2014)

Keuka Park, NY


Microsoft Office Suite


Public Speaking
Smart Board Technologies

Interviewing and research

Classroom management




Collaborative team player

Skilled multi-tasker

2015 April - Present
Reading Teacher - Durand Eastman Intermediate School
Provide reading intervention services to students in grade 3-5
Instruct small reading intervention groups
Assess students reading abilities using the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment
Create instructional goals for students
Assess students fluency skills using the AIMSweb assessment
2015 February - Present
Teach grades K-6 and special ed.

Substitute Teacher - Naples Elementary

East Irondequoit, NY

Naples, NY

2015 January - Present

Substitute Teacher - East Irondequoit School District
Teach grades K-6 and special ed.

East Irondequoit, NY

2014 October - Present

Substitute Teacher - Churchville-Chili School District
Teach grades K-6 and special ed.

Churchville, NY

2013 September - October

Taught in an inclusive setting

Student Teacher - Naples Elementary

Naples, NY

Took over teach responsibilities in the classroom
Created 3rd grade unit plans using the NYS Common Core ELA and Math Modules
Designed science and social studies unit plans based on the Naples Elementary School Curriculum
Co-taught in an inclusive setting
Implemented Response to Intervention services
Collaborated with special area teachers to further student learning in science
Differentiated ELA and science instruction for students with learning disabilities
2013 November - December
Student Teacher - Dana Lyons Middle School
Taught in a special education setting
Took over teacher responsibilities in the classroom
Assisted 4th/5th grade students in moving toward meeting their IEP goals
Modified NYS Common Core ELA and Math Curriculum to meet 4th/5th grade students needs
Taught 5th grade ELA and Math lessons
Led guided reading groups with students of varying reading abilities
Worked with students who had autism, leaning disabilities, hearing and speech impairments
2014 January
Teaching Assistant - Lakeshore Elementary
Assisted and observed a 3rd grade general education classroom
Assisted students with daily assignments based on the NYS Common Core ELA and Math Curriculum
Participated in planning and implementing math and science lesson plans
Graded students daily homework and class work

Bath, NY

Greece, NY

2013 January
Teaching Assistant - Churchville-Chili Middle School
Churchville, NY
Assisted and observed a 5 grade special education classroom
Assisted students with daily assignments
Observed special education teacher working with individual students with ADHD and learning disabilities
Participated in planning day by day lessons
Observed students with learning disabilities participating in guided reading groups
2012 January
Teaching Assistant - Winslow Elementary
Assisted and observed 3rd grade general education classroom
Evaluated students class work and homework
Supported students in writing and math activities
Worked one on one with students to complete monthly book reports
2011 January
Teaching Assistant - East Irondequoit Middle School
Assisted and observed 6th grade inclusive classroom
Assisted classroom teacher in creating lesson plans, assessments, and class work
Interacted and supported students of varying learning abilities

Henrietta, NY

Rochester, NY

2015 January - Present
Literacy Clinic Teacher - Roberts Wesleyan College
Co-teach literacy skills to 4th grade students
Co-teach a weekly, small group, literacy instruction

Rochester, NY

Work on a variety of literacy aspects with the students (vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, fluency, writing)
Use literacy assessments to determine students strengths and weaknesses
Directly instruct students based on lessons that meet both their strengths and weaknesses