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let death be what takes us, not lack of imagination.

-BJ Miller
It's easy to solve a problem that everyone sees. It's hard to solve a problem that
no one sees. - tony Fadell
I change my gender as often as I change my hairstyle-Martine Rothblat
Who would have guessed that the programming of black box recorder of a
supersonic Concord was done by a bunch of freelance women working from
home?-Dame Steve Shirley
You should never bet against babies, chimpanzees or technology.- Laura Schulz
In all of human history, any time a war has been waged against science, science
has won.- David Rothkopf
Knowledge is a big science, but ignorance is a bigger one - Stuart Firestein
lasa moartea sa fie ceea ce ne duce, nu lipsa de imagination.-BJ Miller
Este uor pentru a rezolva o problem care toat lumea vede. E greu pentru a rezolva o
problem care vede nimeni. - Tony Fadell
Am schimba gen meu ori de cte ori am schimba coafura-Martine mea Rothblat
Cine ar fi ghicit c programarea recorder cutie neagr a unui Concord supersonic a fost
fcut de ctre un grup de femei freelance lucru de la domiciliu? -Dame Steve Shirley
Tu nu ar trebui s pariezi mpotriva nou-nscui, cimpanzei sau technology.- Laura Schulz
n toat istoria uman, n orice moment un rzboi a fost purtat mpotriva tiinei, tiina are
won.- David Rothkopf

Cunoaterea este o tiin mare, dar ignorana este unul mai mare - Stuart Firestein