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• Dynamic host configuration protocol

• Allow the hosts to get assigned an IP address from
pool of IP address automatically.

• Allow the clients also to receive IP address from

outside network segment.

• The server can be configured to accept requests

from only a specific set of MAC address.
DHC: Service profile

• Packages : dhcp

• Daemons : dhcpd

• Config file : /etc/dhcpd.conf,

• /var/lib/dhcp/dhcp.leases

• Ports : 67(bootps), 68(bootpc)

DHCP configuration

The package dhcp is

checked whether insatalled.
DHCP configuration

Dhcp configuration need a

single package called dhcp
which can be installed through
rpm command.
DHCP configuration

Command rpm -ql checks the

files present in the dhcp
package .

dhcp.conf.sample is a
configuration file, which must
be copied to the /etc directory.
DHCP configuration

Using cp command the

dhcp.conf.sample is copied to

We get into the

configuration file copied
DHCP configuration
Specify the network
here and subnet
Nis domain is
mentioned here.

The gateway and

subnet is
mentioned here.
DNS name is
mentioned here and
the DNS ip address.
DHCP configuration

Dynamic range ip is
mentioned here for
the client systems.
DHCP configuration

The ip is
the gateway for
the client

The ranges is specified
name for the
is mentioned
here machine to assign
as and ip
DHCP configuration

ip is mentioned for the

particular system by
mac address.
DHCP configuration

ip is added to the host

station33 by mac
DHCP configuration

In the client machine,

netconfig command is
used to assign the ip
DHCP configuration

Using space bar the #

(hash) symbol is checked to
enable the dhcp service.
DHCP configuration

Network service is
restarted to enable
the dhcp service.

p is viewed to check
the dhcp services
Now the gateway has
been assigned via
DHCP configuration

Open the
DHCP configuration

In the client machine the

above domain name and ip
address get assigned.